35 Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico (2024)

Are you wondering which local restaurants you should check out while you’re in Puerto Rico?

If you’re like me, eating new foods is one of the highlights of any vacation.

In Puerto Rico, whether you plan on sunbathing at one of the island’s gorgeous beaches or hiking through El Yunque National Rainforest, you’re sure to work up an appetite. 

Because I don’t want you to go hungry during your stay, I put together this list of the 35 best places to grab a bite in Puerto Rico. 


1. Lechonera El Rancho Original / Cayey

A Puerto Rico vacation isn’t complete without a visit to a lechonera, where you can taste roasted pork straight from the spit.

The drive from San Juan to Lechonera El Rancho Original is about 45 minutes, but it is well worth the trip to enjoy some of the best food on the island.

image showing what Lechonera El Rancho looks like
Lechonera El Rancho’s entrance.

You can either sit in the main dining area or at the family picnic area along a small creek. 

On the weekends, they have live music and dancing, which is when you’ll truly get to experience the unique essence of Puerto Rico. You’ll also have access to local artisan craft vendors nearby. 

El Rancho Original is about 25 minutes from Caguas, home to the Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden and FOK Brewery.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


Check out their Facebook page for more information.


2. Casa Vieja / Ciales

If you’re looking to escape the bustle of the metropolitan area, relax at Casa Vieja, a Puerto Rican kitchen tucked away in the Ciales mountains. 

image showing what Casa Vieja looks like
Casa Vieja entrance – Ciales.

Here, you’ll find traditional Puerto Rican food, a welcoming atmosphere, and a seriously remarkable view.

They often feature local talent as live entertainment, so it’s worth checking their social media pages for upcoming events. 

From San Juan, it’ll take about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Parking is available in front of the restaurant.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on Casa Vieja’s website.


3. Burger Social

Burger Social is the home of Puerto Rico’s best burger.

They are an all natural burger, shake and french fry stand with two locations in the San Juan area: one in Condado and another in Guaynabo.

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This popular burger spot offers something for everyone, and even has a few different vegetarian options.

The Bad Boy is a cheeseburger made with happy cow beef and deliciously topped with maple syrup, bacon, a fried egg, hash browns, grilled onions, and ketchup.

There are different sides available like french fries and onion rings, and freshly spin milkshakes to complement your meal.

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For the vegetarians, the Mushroom Burger features a crispy fried Portobello mushroom stuffed with melted Cheddar and Muenster cheese, and is finished off with fresh lettuce, tomato, and a dollop of Social Sauce.

As for the Quinoa Lentil Burger, it’s topped with fresh-cut veggies and crispy quinoa, finished off with white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Social Sauce.

See the exact location for the Condado location in the Google Map below:

See the exact location for the Guaynabo location in the Google map below:

Read our honest review in our article Burger Social – Puerto Rico’s Best Burger.


4. La Casita Blanca / Santurce

La Casita Blanca, unsurprisingly, is a homey restaurant within a little white house. The plentiful foliage and informal decor will make you feel like you’re sitting up to supper at your Abuela’s house.

With hefty portions of their savory dishes, you’ll be fed like you’re at Abuela’s house too.

Another reason to love La Casita Blanca–complimentary codfish fritters and soup will be dropped off at your table once you’ve been seated. 

image showing what La Casita Blanca looks like
La Casita Blanca’s interior is reminiscent of a grandmother’s house.

La Casita Blanca is not centrally located in the major tourist district. Instead, it sits in a residential area of Santurce, but don’t let that dissuade you.

The restaurant is only about a mile and a half from local hotspot Lote 23. 

image of the food in La Casita Blanca
Traditional food with a twist is served at La Casita Blanca.

Even though La Casita Blanca is not a fancy restaurant, they offer valet parking, which I recommend using. Finding street parking can be a challenge.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on La Casita Blanca’s Facebook page.


5. José Enrique / Condado

José Enrique Restaurant is the namesake for one of the island’s most famous chefs.

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If you want to taste the best food Puerto Rico has to offer, I recommend making a reservation in advance. 

The menu features a variety of dishes that are prepared using traditional cooking techniques.

image of the food in José Enrique
Traditional dishes at Jose Enrique.

From the restaurant, you can easily walk over to the Condado Lagoon to rent paddleboards or bicycles, or just sit in the sand drinking rum out of a coconut.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Make a reservation at José Enrique.


6. Bacoa Finca + Fogón / Juncos

Bacoa Finca + Fogón is a relatively new Puerto Rican restaurant inside a refurbished farmhouse hidden away in the Juncos countryside.

image showing what Bacoa Finca looks like
Exterior at Bacoa Finca.

Three chefs work together to provide their own creative take on traditional Puerto Rican food. 

image of the food in Bacoa Finca
Steak at Bacoa Finca.

Bacoa is less than an hour from San Juan. It is approximately 25 minutes from El Charco Hippie, a remote waterfall and swimming hole well known by locals.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Reservations are required and can be made on the Bacoa Finca + Fogón website.


7. Cocina Abierta / Condado

Cocina Abierta is the top high-end vegetarian culinary experience in the Condado area.

image showing what Cocina Abierta looks like
Cocina Abierta’s interior.

This popular restaurant offers three lavish six-course menus: vegetarian, pescatarian, and carnivore.

With each menu, you can opt for the corresponding wine pairing. Cocina Abierta is the foodie traveler’s dream. 

image of the food in Cocina Abierta
Mofungo with mushroom sauce at Cocina Abierta.

Located on Caribe Street, just off Ashford Ave, you can easily walk to dinner from a number of nearby beachfront hotels. If you’d rather drive, valet parking is available.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

For more information, visit the Cocina Abierta website.


8. Jota / Isabela

Jota restaurant is located at Royal Isabela luxury resort.

image of the food in Jota
Tacos at Jota.

The exterior stone design is gorgeous, and the atmosphere will make you feel as if you’ve been whisked away to an island paradise.

Chef Jeremy is famous for his use of local ingredients, and the menu features dishes from wagyu ravioli to more traditional Puerto Rican cuisines.

Jota is the perfect dining affair for a special event or to simply indulge while on vacation. 

image showing what Jota looks like
Exterior of Jota.

You can dine inside or outside. You won’t be disappointed either way. Reservations are recommended. 

During your stay at Royal Isabela, you can play eighteen holes on a stunning golf course along the ocean cliffs. Just try not to hit your ball into the water because you definitely won’t be getting it back.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more in our article where we review Jota by Chef Jeremie. 


9. Chef’s Creations / Ponce

Chef’s Creations in Ponce takes classic meals and cooks them to perfection.

With over 25 years of culinary experience, Chef Jorge Rivera has participated in multiple TV shows and competitions around the world. 

image showing what Chef’s Creations looks like
Interior at Chef’s Creations.

The restaurant has a classy rustic feel with outdoor patio seating. It’s just an overall great atmosphere for tasting local food and even offers a daily vegan dish.

This is not a place you want to skimp on dessert, so save room.

image of the food in Chef’s Creations
A dish at Chef’s Creations.

A five-minute walk away, you can pay a visit to Parque de Bombas, the site of Puerto Rico’s first fire station, which has been converted into a small museum.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

For more information, check out the Chef’s Creations website.

Learn more about the area in our article Ponce – All You Need To Know.


10. Casa Linda Panoramic Restaurant / Añasco

As soon as you arrive at Casa Linda, you’ll notice the view of the mountains.

Photo credit: Casa Linda’s Facebook

With the exterior terrace dining, you’ll feel like you’re sitting atop a jungle treehouse.

You’ll even be able to spot the ocean while you enjoy a cup of Puerto Rican coffee and chow down on the local cuisine. 

Casa Linda has a diverse menu and is an excellent option for family dining. Parking is available directly in front of the restaurant.

image of the food in Casa Linda
Traditional Food at Casa Linda.

If you’re staying in the Rincón area, you can get to Casa Linda in about 15-25 minutes.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Visit Casa Linda’s Facebook page for more information.

Learn more about the area in our article Rincon – All You Need To Know.


11. Tavola Trattoria Local / Condado

Tavola is easy to miss if you’re walking down Ashford Ave, but it’s my favorite restaurant in Condado for several reasons.

Primarily, the food is outrageously delicious. Their Creamy Truffle Mac is the best mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted.

image of the food in Tavola Trattoria Local
Mac and Cheese.

Tavola has a dog-friendly outdoor patio, but if you choose to sit inside, ask for the back room.

The host will take you to a vending machine against the wall and pull it open to reveal a doorway, like some sort of Scooby Doo mystery mansion.

Inside, the room has the feel of a funky, exclusive club, but the staff is very welcoming, so you’ll feel like a member. 

image showing what Tavola Trattoria looks like
Interior at Tavola Trattoria.

There is no parking onsite, but there are several paid outdoor lots along Ashford Ave, only a few minutes away.

If you walk down Tavola’s adjacent side street, you’ll land right on Condado Beach.

Find the exact location in the Google Map below:


Learn more on the Tavola Trattoria website.

Read up on the area in our article Condado – All You Need To Know.


12. La Sombra – Longanizas Doña María / Orocovis

Located in Orocovis, La Sombra is well off the beaten path.

But don’t let that stop you from venturing to the center of the island to try their famous longanizas, or Spanish sausages.

image showing what La Sombra looks like
Exterior view at La Sombra.

The hour-and-a-half drive from San Juan takes you through the mountains, and the view from the restaurant is scenic as well. 

La Sombra makes six different types of longanizas, and you can try them all.

On their menu, they offer a variety of massive combination platters that serve up to eight people. If you prefer, you can order a mofongo stuffed with any of their longanizas. 

Seating is casual, and parking is available onsite. 

If you want to check out a local brewery while you’re in the area, Cacique Brewing Company is only seven minutes away.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Check out La Sombra’s website for more information.



13. Marmalade / Old San Juan 

Do you hate trying to pick just one dish off the menu?

image showing what Marmalade looks like
Interior at Marmalade.

Marmalade offers five courses and an optional wine pairing. The five courses include an appetizer, intermediate, entrée, ambrosial dessert, and liquid dessert. 

For larger groups of six or more, you’ll enjoy a fourteen-course tasting menu. That’s fourteen different delicious flavor combinations. Need I say more? 

image of the food in Marmalade
Food at Marmalade.

Marmalade is a fine dining experience, so it is on the expensive side, with five-course experiences costing $129 per person. Make your reservation in advance. 

From the restaurant’s location on Fortaleza Street, you’ll be within walking distance of all shopping and nightlife in Old San Juan.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Check out the menu at Marmalade’s website.

Learn more about the area in our article Old San Juan – All You Need To Know.


14. La Estación / Fajardo

You may think you know barbeque, but you haven’t tried La Estación’s Nuyorican-style barbeque.

image of the food in La Estación
Offerings at La Estacion.

They use local Puerto Rican ingredients and spices to create unique flavors that you just have to try. 

The building has been converted from an old gas station and gives off trendy tiki vibes.

The seductive smell of smoked meat is overwhelming in the best way. If you’re in Fajardo, do whatever you need to arrange your schedule to make time for La Estación. 

The restaurant does take walk-ins, but I recommend making a reservation.

image showing what La Estación looks like
Exterior view of La Estacion.

Parking is available.

La Estación’s location makes it easy to get to from Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay, the Vieques/Culebra ferries, and Hotel Conquistador.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on La Estación‘s website.

Explore the area in our article Fajardo – All You Need To Know.


15. Mario Pagán Restaurant / Condado 

If you’re looking for someplace upscale, Mario Pagán Restaurant offers a fine dining experience in the central Condado area.

image showing what Mario Pagán looks like
Interior at Mario Pagán.

With its chic atmosphere, fantastic food, and great service, Mario Pagán is the total package.

I recommend making a reservation to secure your table as this area is a hotspot for evening dining. 

Valet parking is available at the restaurant.

image of the food in Mario Pagán
Plating at Mario Pagán.

If you plan on spending the evening in the area, there is a paid parking garage nearby on Ashford Avenue, fifteen minutes walking or five minutes driving.

The restaurant is located on Magdalena Ave, which forks off Ashford Ave, a popular street for nightlife. After eating, you’ll be a short five-minute walk from Casino del Mar on Ashford Ave.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more by visiting the Mario Pagán website.


16. El Quenepo / Vieques 

If you choose to visit Vieques, I recommend dining at El Quenepo on the island’s south coast.

image of the food in El Quenepo
A dish at El Quenepo.

You’ll experience fine dining in a quaint, romantic setting. The diverse menu features fresh local seafood and mouth-watering desserts.

image showing what El Quenepo looks like
Exterior of El Quenepo.

The seating is inside, but the open doors provide a comfortable flow of ocean air.

It is less than a ten-minute walk to the charming Esperanza Beach.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on El Quenepo‘s website

Read up on this magical island in our article Vieques – All You Need To Know.


17. Casa Bavaria / Morovis 

You probably didn’t plan on going to a German restaurant in Puerto Rico, but you should!

image showing what Casa Bavaria looks like
Exterior at Casa Bavaria.

At Casa Bavaria, you can try authentic German schnitzel, bratwurst, and more while taking in the beautiful Morovis mountain scenery.

Don’t leave without ordering one of their delicious homemade desserts. 

image of the food in Casa Bavaria
Puerto Rican and German food.

Casa Bavaria is only open Thursday through Sunday, so plan accordingly. 

Pair your trip to Casa Bavaria with a ziplining excursion at Toro Verde Adventure Park, which is only about ten minutes away.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on the Casa Bavaria website.


18. Bottles / Guaynabo

Bottles in Guaynabo is a fine dining experience.

While you wait for your table, you can browse the restaurant’s perimeter, which is lined with an enormous selection of bottles of wine for purchase. 

image of a wine and steak
A meal at Bottles.

The menu is updated often, containing entrees like Lobster Risotto and the Australian Rack of Lamb.

If you’re not too stuffed after your main course, I highly recommend you order the Banana Fosters for Two. 

Valet parking is available onsite. The San Patricio shopping mall is less than half a mile away.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on Bottles website.


19. Caficultura / Old San Juan 

At Caficultura, you can enjoy breakfast or lunch in the historic Plaza Colón. The cafe is designed in the style of a classic Old San Juan apartment and offers indoor and outdoor seating. 

image showing what Caficultura looks like
Outside at Caficultura.

Here, you can try a Mallorca sandwich, a local classic, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

For coffee lovers, Caficultura is a must-visit. 

When you’re finished, explore the colorful Old San Juan architecture and abundant shopping.

image of the food in Caficultura
Breakfast at Caficultura.

The National Historic Spanish Fort, El Morro, is a scenic ten-minute walk away.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


Learn more on the Caficultura website.


20. Lote 23 Gastronomic Park / Santurce

If you’re looking for a laid-back place to grab a bite to eat and hang out for a while, head to Lote 23, or Lot 23, in Santurce.

image of the food in Lote 23
Deserts at Lote 23.

This trendy outdoor dining location features multiple kiosks, so you can walk around and taste a little of everything. You can even order cocktails from a refurbished Airstream trailer. 

There are plenty of tables for outdoor seating and a stage that sometimes hosts local entertainment. 

image showing what  looks like
Lote 23 Gastronomic Park.

A six-minute walk will get you to The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, and a twelve-minute walk will land you in La Placita, a local nightlife hub featuring bars and dance clubs.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on the Lote 23 website.


21. Bistro Café / Isla Verde

If you love brunch and big portions, you need to check out Bistro Café.

image showing what Bistro Café looks like
Inside Bistro Cafe.

You can order massive stacks of pancakes, colossal omelets, and elaborate specialty coffee drinks.

Located on Isla Verde Avenue, Bistro Café is a five-minute walk from the beach.

image of a coffee drinks
Coffee drinks at Bistro Cafe.

Bistro Café is a popular local spot, so make sure you get there early to avoid a long wait and to have plenty of time to look through their extensive menu.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more at Bistro Café’s website.


22. Lolita’s Mexican Food / Fajardo

Imagine a plate of nachos where each freshly baked chip is individually loaded with toppings.

image of the food in Lolita’s Mexican Food
Lolita’s Mexican Food.

At Lolita’s, you can finally enjoy the nachos of your dreams. Large plates, reasonable prices, and great service make this a great option if you are in the Fajardo area. 

image showing what Lolita’s Mexican Food looks like
Outside Lolita’s Mexican Food.

Located on Highway 3, it is only a few miles from El Conquistador Resort and Laguna Grande, one of Puerto Rico’s most popular bioluminescent bays for kayaking tours.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on Lolita’s website.


23. La Cambija / Rincón 

La Cambija is a lowkey open-air restaurant with picnic table seating, but don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you.

image showing what La Cambija looks like
Dining are at La Cambija.

La Cambija serves up some of the best seafood on the west coast. They’ve got fresh fish filets, fish tacos, and even fish pinchos.

This is the perfect option if you want to eat five-star tasting seafood on a comfortable budget. 

image of the food in La Cambija
Lobster at La Cambija.

While you won’t have an ocean view while you dine, it’s only a five-minute walk down to the water.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on La Cambija’s website.


24. The English Rose / Rincón

If you’re looking for a British-inspired luxurious hilltop brunch spot where you can enjoy mimosa flights, The English Rose is a must.

image of the food in The English Rose
Brunch at The English Rose.

They serve breakfast/brunch and lunch all week at reasonable prices. 

If you’d like to stay, you can reserve one of The English Rose’s five unique guest rooms.

On Saturdays, you can call ahead and purchase a day pass over the phone, so you can spend the afternoon lounging around the poolside. 

image showing what The English Rose looks like
Views at The English Rose.

Maria’s Beach and Domes Beach are both a five-minute drive away.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more at The English Rose‘s website.


25. Passiflora Cocina Vegana / Rincón

Passiflora serves up colorful Instagram-worthy vegan dishes half a mile away from Rincon’s Playa Doña Lala Beach.

image of the food in Passiflora Cocina Vegana
Instagram worthy dishes at Passiflora Vegan.

But you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy their loaded fries or one-of-a-kind cheesecakes. 

The restaurant is in the Centro La Paz building, which offers yoga classes, massages, and more, making it the perfect spot for a day of complete relaxation. 

image showing what Passiflora Cocina Vegana looks like
Entrance to Passiflora.

Passiflora is open Wednesday through Sunday.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on Passiflora‘s website.


26. El Cerro de Juaco / Rincón

El Cerro de Juaco is only open on Saturdays, but if you’re in Rincón for the weekend, you should check out the family-style lechonera.

image of the food in El Cerro de Juaco
Food with a mountain view at El Cerro de Juaco.

What better way to experience authentic Puerto Rican food than with a panoramic island vista?

Seating is outdoors, and you’ll have a view of the beach, which is a fifteen-minute drive away. 

image showing what El Cerro de Juaco looks like
Exterior porch at Cerro de Juaco.

Plenty of parking is available onsite.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


Learn more on the El Cerro de Juaco Facebook page.


27. The Beach House / Rincón

The Beach House boasts freshly caught seafood from the Rincón harbor.

image of drinks
Drinks and ocean views at The Beach House.

Many diners go for the food but stay for the live music and vibrant evening ambiance. The Beach House provides lawn chairs for its visitors to watch the sunset.

You can even spot the small island of Desecheo from the dining patio. 

From the restaurant, you can walk down to the beach or head into Downtown Rincón, which is about a mile and a half away.

image showing what The Beach House looks like
Exterior at The Beach House.

Room reservations are available at The Beach House’s boutique guesthouse.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on the The Beach House‘s website.

Check out our article The Beach House – An Honest Review for more information.


28. La Marina de Rancho / Arecibo

Dos Bocas Lake is about an hour and fifteen minutes from the San Juan area, and if you are willing to make the drive, you can enjoy tapas and drinks along the water at La Marina de Rancho.

You can either park at Dos Bocas Lake Marina or board a boat from El Embarcadero dock, which will also take you to the restaurant. 

image of the food in La Marina de Rancho
Food at La Marina de Rancho.

Cueva Ventana, a popular hiking tour, is about fifteen minutes away.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more at La Marina de Rancho’s Facebook page.


29. Buena Vibra Bar & Tapas / Cabo Rojo 

If you’re staying in the Cabo Rojo area, Buena Vibra Bar & Tapas should be on your list.

image of the food in Buena Vibra
Food at Buena Vibra.

The open-air restaurant encompasses the relaxing island vacation vibes you were fantasizing about when you booked your flight to Puerto Rico.

With great Puerto Rican food, tropical drinks, and friendly service, the experience will make you want to extend your stay. 

image showing what  Buena Vibra looks like
Interior at Buena Vibra.

If you are willing to make the 37-minute drive down to the southwest corner of the island, I highly recommend the walk up to Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

The cliffside ocean view is gorgeous, and you can access Playa Sucia, a remote sandy beach.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Check out the menu on the Buena Vibra Bar & Tapas Facebook page.

Learn more about the area in our article Cabo Rojo – All You Need To Know.


30. Deaverdura / Old San Juan

Deaverdura is a casual restaurant in Old San Juan that serves some of the best authentic Puerto Rican food in the area.

image showing what  Deaverdura looks like
Inside Deaverdura.

The Puerto Rican Sampler is a popular menu item, but really, you can’t go wrong with anything you order here. 

On the weekends, Deaverdura can fill up, and there is limited seating, so either visit outside of peak dining hours or be prepared to wait.

image of the food in Deaverdura
Sampler platter at Deaverdura.

It’s located on the corner of Calle de la Cruz and Calle Sol. If you walk one block up the hill, you’ll find a variety of popular bars on Calle de San Sebastián.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on the Deaverdura website.


31. Panadería España / Isla Verde

This popular Isla Verde bakery is always packed with both visitors and locals.

image of the food in Panadería España
Seafood and rice at Panadería España.

At Panadería España, you can order a delicious deli sandwich, colorful pastries, or a heaping plate of paella.

This is the perfect spot for the sweet tooth wanting to try a fresh quesito.

To order, you’ll need to walk up to the counter.

image showing what Panadería España looks like
Inside Panadería España.

Their cafeteria-style seating is well suited for the constant flow of customers. The panaderia’s parking is limited, but it is usually possible to find a spot.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on the Panadería España website.

Explore the area in our article Isla Verde – All You Need To Know.


32. Ocean Lab Brewing Co. / Carolina

Interested in visiting one of Puerto Rico’s most famous breweries? 

image showing what Ocean Lab Brewing Co. looks like
Views at Ocean Lab Brewing.

Ocean Lab Brewing Co. is collocated with Vivo Beach Club on Carolina Beach. Ocean Lab offers upstairs seating in their outdoor taproom.

The menu is small, but you’ll love their guava bbq glazed chicken wings and surf & turf tacos. 

You can order a flight to sample their selection of beers on tap.

I highly recommend the Ocean Mambo (passionfruit), Blood Orange Blonde, and Ocean Blue (blueberry). 

To get there, you’ll pass through the front gate and park in the paid lot. During your visit, you can play a game of beach volleyball with friends.

Beach access is available from the same parking lot.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


Learn more on the Ocean Lab Brewing Co. website.


33. Luquillo Kiosks 

Along Luquillo Beach, which is on the northeast side of the island, you’ll find a strip of about sixty kiosks.

image showing what Luquillo Kiosks looks like
A Kiosk in Luquillo.

The different vendors sell food, drinks, and souvenirs.

This is a great option if you want to try a variety of local favorites, including empanadillas (turnovers), bacalaítos (fried cod fritters), surullitos (corn sticks), chicharrones (fried pork), and many others. 

Plenty of parking is available in front of the kiosks. If you plan on spending the day at Luquillo Beach or hiking in El Yunque National Rainforest (fifteen minutes away), make sure to add Luquillo Kiosks stop to your list.

image of the food in Luquillo Kiosks 
Food at the kiosks.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


Learn more in our article about Luquillo Beach and read our article about the 30 Best Puerto Rican Street Foods before you go.


34. Alambique Beach Lounge / Isla Verde 

Alambique Beach Lounge is a local restaurant situated along Isla Verde Beach.

image of the food in Alambique Beach Lounge
Food at the Alambique Beach Lounge.

If you go early in the day, you can enjoy their brunch menu. In addition to good food, they’ve got a full bar with a great cocktail selection. 

Alambique is located in Jose. M Tartak Avenue, accessible from Isla Verde Avenue if you turn towards the beach at the intersection with the CVS Pharmacy.

There is no parking lot, but there is street parking available nearby.

image showing what Alambique looks like
Exterior view at Alambique Beach Lounge.

In the evenings, Alambique does get a crowd, so you may experience long wait times and difficulty finding a parking spot. It’s worth splurging on an Uber.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


Learn more at the Alambique Beach Lounge website.


35. Denko Asian Eatery / San Juan 

If you’re looking to make the most of a night out, check out the T-Mobile District in San Juan.

image of the food in Denko Asian Eatery
Sushi at Denko Asian Eatery.

You’ll find a collection of contemporary bars and restaurants, a movie theater, and an arcade. You can even take an aerial tour of the T-Mobile District from Toroverde’s urban ziplines. 

The area is worth visiting for the fun atmosphere alone, but I recommend making dinner reservations at Denko Asian Eatery.

Their menu includes sushi, noodle dishes, pretty cocktails, and boba tea. The best part: your food will be delivered to your table by their rocket ship conveyor belt system. 

image showing what Denko Asian Eatery looks like
Interior at Denko Asian Eatery.

T-Mobile District does get very crowded, and wait times for tables can be long, so definitely make a reservation if you plan on dining.

Paid parking is available at the lot on site.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Learn more on the Denko Asian Eatery website.


FAQ section

What are the top three restaurants in Puerto Rico?

Cocina Abierta, Bacoa Finca + Fogón, and José Enrique offer the best overall experience for enjoying the island’s local cuisine.

What are the best restaurants in Puerto Rico with a sea view?

Alambique Beach Lounge and the Luquillo Kiosks are great options for enjoying a meal by the ocean. For the best place to watch a seaside sunset, head to The Beach House in Rincon.


Final thoughts

In this article, I named the 35 best restaurants in Puerto Rico. 

If you’re looking for the most authentic Puerto Rican food, you should visit Lechonera El Rancho Original, Deaverdura, or Casa Vieja. 

If you’re looking to dine in a place with a lot of character, check out La Casita Blanca, Chef’s Creations, or La Estación. 

If you want to make the most of a night out, I recommend heading to Lote 23 Gastronomic Park or Denko in T-Mobile District for dinner and drinks. 

From fine dining to roadside kiosks, there are so many ways to sample the unique flavors the island has to offer. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone–McDonald’s will still be there when you get home!

If you are looking for fun activities to do during your vacation, then check out our article where we review the top 45 things to do in Puerto Rico.

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