Burger Social Review (2024) – Puerto Rico’s Best Burger

Puerto Ricans love hamburgers; we have many US Burger Franchises on the island and a lot of local independent burger joints like Burger Social.

Burger Social has two locations: one in Condado and one in Guaynabo.

I went to Guaynabo’s branch with my son and daughter.

In this article, we will share our experience at Burger Social: 

What is Burger Social?
What type of food do they serve at Burger Social?
Our experience at Burger Social
Where is it located?
Is this a good restaurant for tourists?
Is it expensive?


What is Burger Social?

When we arrived at Burger Social, one thing that caught my attention was that they carved their logo on all their wooden tables.

They took the time and effort to leave their mark.

That is Burger Social; time, effort, craft, and pride.

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Another thing that stood out was their employees.

The one on the counter greeted us with a smile and treated us like we were his friends and regular customers. He clarified all our doubts about the menu and patiently waited as my kids decided what they wanted.

image of the friendly staff of Burger Social
The staff at Burger Social is friendly, attentive and welcoming.

Burger Social is not fast food. Don’t get me wrong; the service is agile, but this differs from your ordinary burger joint.

Burger Social has a “hipster” feel; the decoration is minimalistic and makes you feel like you are in a familiar place.

The bathroom was clean, and the whole place was tidy.

As a “foodie,” I liked that you could see the cook preparing your meal.


What type of food do they serve at Burger Social?

Burger Social offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, hot dogs, veggie patties, fries, onion rings, sodas, milkshakes, and beers.

Let’s elaborate on Burger Social’s menu.

The Social Burger has meat that “comes from happy cows,” American cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onions, dill pickles & Social Sauce. 

The Bad Boy is a happy cow Cheeseburger topped with Maple Syrup, Bacon, Fried Egg, Hash Browns, Grilled Onions & Ketchup.

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You can also have The BYO Burger: You can choose from “free” toppings, add extra toppings, or “premium toppings” for a small fee.

Burger Social has two veggie burgers: The Mushroom Burger is made with Crispy Fried Portobello Mushroom filled with melted Cheddar & Muenster cheese topped with Lettuce, Tomato & Social Sauce. The Quinoa Lentil Burger has Crispy Quinoa & fresh-cut veggies topped with White Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Social Sauce.

The Southern Hen is a chicken sandwich made with Southern Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Herb Mayo, Sliced Pickles & Shredded Lettuce. Burger Social’s Social Chicken Tenders are Southern Fried Chicken tenders, Buttermilk and Herb Mayo. 

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For those of us who like hot dogs, Burger Social offers four kinds: The Kobe dog (plain), The New York Dog (Mustard and Sauerkraut), The Chicago Dog (Cucumber, Pickle, Sport Pepper, Raw Onions, Mustard, Tomato, Relish & Celery Salt), and The Texas Style Dog with Chili, Cheese Sauce, Raw Onions & Hot Sauce.

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They have Hand Cut Idahoan Potato French Fries or Crinkle Cut Fries. For an additional cost, you can add several toppings to your fries. Sweet potato fries are another side you can have at Burger Social.

The Onion Rings at Burger Social are Vidalia onions that are house cut, bathed in buttermilk, dipped in beer batter, and then fried to crisp perfection. If you need help deciding between French Fries or Onion Rings, you can have the Half and Half, an order of French Fries topped with three onion rings.

At Burger Social, you can have milkshakes, Floats, Sodas, or your choice of import, domestic or craft beers.


Our experience at Burger Social

We arrived at Guaynabo’s Burger Social at Noon on a Friday. 

A few people were eating, and another person was ordering before us.

The employee at the counter greeted us with a smile and treated us as if we were regulars at the place. He also clarified some doubts we had about the menu.

image of the kids enjoying Burger Social's burgers and fries
My kids enjoying their burgers and fries.

My son ordered the Social Burger, my daughter ordered The Southern Hen Sandwich, and I went with the Bad Boy.

For sides, my daughter chose french fries with cheese sauce and bacon, my son chose regular fries, and I ordered the onion rings.

The kids ordered soft drinks, and I got a strawberry cream hand-spun milkshake.

We did not have to wait long for our food; they prepared it quickly.

image of myself enjoying Burger Social's burger
Me enjoying Burger Social’s Bad Boy Burger.

Even before tasting the Bad Boy Burger, I knew it would be good.

Have you noticed that when you receive your order in some restaurants, it doesn’t look like the pictures on the menu?

You get what you see on Burger Social’s menu and commercial photos.

The Bad Boy Burger looked great, but it tasted even better.

The combination of flavors compliment each other; it is like a dream brunch. You can taste the homemade burger bun, the cheeseburger with maple syrup, bacon, hash brown, grilled onions, and an egg. You get the sweet, salty, crispy, tender, and juicy all at once. 

image of the Bad Boy Burger and Onion Rings
My order: the Bad Boy Burger and Onion Rings.

My son described the Social Burger as “great.” The burger buns are homemade, the meat is tender and cooked to perfection, and the lettuce, tomato, raw onions, and dill pickles are fresh.

The Social Sauce enhances all the flavors!

When I asked my daughter how her Southern Hen Chicken Sandwich was, she replied: “Can’t talk; I’m enjoying this sandwich.” She said that the chicken was perfectly fried on the outside but tender on the inside; the shredded lettuce was crisp, and the sliced pickles and buttermilk herb mayo gave the sandwich an extraordinary flavor.

image of Burger Social's Onion Rings
My order of Burger Social’s Onion Rings.

The beer-battered onion rings were one of the best I’ve ever had.

The hand-spun strawberry cream milkshake was perfect. It was thick but not too thick like those that make a vein pop on your forehead.

image of Burger Social's Strawberry Cream Milkshake
Enjoying Burger Social’s Strawberry Cream Milkshake.

And you could tell that they used premium ice cream to make the milkshake.

I had high expectations about Burger Social; they had a lot of positive reviews on social media.

Let me tell you, they delivered.

The quality of the ingredients, the way they prepared the food, the friendly staff, and the “hipster atmosphere” the place has will make you want to come back.

You can order by the internet and pick up your food or deliver it by Uber Eats.


Where is it located?

Burger Social has two locations in Puerto Rico.

The address for the Condado location is 1567 Ashford Ave Suite 200-A, San Juan.

See the exact location for the Condado location in the Google Map below:

The address for the Guaynabo location is Garden Hills Plaza Shopping Center, 1355 Av. Luis Vigoreaux, Guaynabo

See the exact location for the Guaynabo location in the Google map below:


Is this a good restaurant for tourists?

Burger social is a good restaurant for tourists and locals alike.

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The food is fresh and tasty, the place is welcoming, and the staff is friendly.


Is it expensive?

Burger Social is not expensive; you will pay for great quality food and excellent service.

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For more information, visit the Burger Social website or social media page.


Final thoughts

If you like hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, and onion rings, visit Burger Social.

They take pride in what they do.

For more ideas on where to eat in Puerto Rico, check out our 35 Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico article. 

Burger Social Review (2024) – Puerto Rico’s Best Burger
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