50 Best Vacation Rentals In Puerto Rico (2022)

Are you looking for that perfect home away from home on your trip to Puerto Rico? 

I know how annoying it can be to sift through thousands of listings on vacation rental sites. That’s why I have taken the time to compile a list of 50 of the best vacation rentals in Puerto Rico.

Prepare to be just as amazed as hundreds of other vacationers have been on their stays at these unique homes here on the Island of Enchantment. 


1. Change Your Latitude ~ Ocean Front Paradise 2 Bedroom

Wake up and drink your morning coffee next to the ocean!

This two bedroom two bath has direct view to the water from the front porch. It’s the perfect size for a small family getaway.

There is a cute kitchen window that slides open so that you can serve lunches to sandy kids outside. The decor is very modern and boho, creating that ‘tropical beach’ feel. 

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This is a fairly easy place to get to.

You can take an Uber and taxi to and from your stay to the San Juan Airport. Car rentals are also available just outside of the airport.

Ubers can be expensive, so renting a car might be the cheapest option for your stay.

Luquillo is about a 47 minute drive from the SJU and close to many attractions like two blue flag beaches.

One of the beaches is located in Luquillo and is a national park and the other is in Fajardo, just a 15 minute drive away.

There is also a Walmart and common fast food places in the city center of Luquillo. 

image of a beach house

image of beach view at the house


2. Mediterranean Style Ocean View Villa

This rental is equipped with everything you need for your stay.

Feel luxurious in this Mediterranean style villa with gated entrance, infinity pool access, gazebo, common areas to spend time in, and an amazing view from your private balcony.

There is also a full kitchen (full size refrigerator and stove/oven) and a cozy family area to curl up and watch tv in. 

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This rental is close to the airport in Aguadilla, so it will be easier to take a taxi if you choose to do so.

If you are looking to visit other parts of the island during your stay you should look into renting a car. There is plenty around the area, like restaurants, within walking distance as well.

Aguadilla is also very large and covers a good portion of the north western part of the island, so there are really many things to do in Aguadilla alone.

Renting a car would allow you to visit neighboring beaches and towns like Isabela, Jobos Beach, Rincón, Aguada, and more.

The closest places nearby are Isabella and Rincón, Isabela being a 30 minute car ride north away from Aguadilla center and Rincón being a 30 minute drive south.

Car rental is my best suggestion, as taxi fares on the west side of the island can be pretty steep. 

image of aerial view of villa

image of infinity pool


3. One of Rincon’s Finest Beachfront Villas

Get away from the business of everyday life with this private villa!

This rental sleeps seven people, so it’s perfect to bring your friends and family along. Not to mention, the spectacular views from the balcony!

Also, I should add that furry friends are welcome, so the whole family can really enjoy this place.

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If you are arriving at the Aguadilla airport, there are a few taxis available.

My suggestion would be to rent a car though, as public transportation on the west coast of the island isn’t really available most of the time and it’s expensive.

There is plenty within walking distance to this stay, like restaurants, beaches, and lots of surfing to watch! If you want to adventure elsewhere, I do suggest getting a car.

Some places close by worth visiting are Jobos Beach in Isabela about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive away, and Aguadilla about a 40 minutes drive north from this stay. 

image of a building

image of beach view


4. Private Villa on the Beach & Canal

You will never want to leave this place!

With 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, there is plenty of space for everyone.

This rental includes private beach access and a very large pool with a swim up bar. It’s also right alongside a canal and is located within a beach community right on the beach.

This stay is available for events or just large families. 

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It takes 48 minutes to get from the BQN to Rincón.

There are very few public transportation options on the west side of the island. There are no Ubers, and a few taxi options in Rincón.

The best option would be to rent a car at the airport, and you should have no issues getting to this stay, as it is not remote.

There are also plenty of restaurants, shopping, and other things to do within walking distance.

Some places that are worth traveling to around this area are Aguadilla center, which is about a 36 minute ride away and Mayagüez, which is also 36 minutes away. 

image of Casa Sagrado building

image of terrace with cozy chair


5. Villa Luna

This rental is a four bedroom, three bath villa in a gated community.

It is stocked with a full kitchen, in-home movie theater, games, and so much more. Not to mention the two private balconies that overlook the ocean!

There is also a clubhouse and basketball court for the kids to enjoy on the property.

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This one is a longer drive away from the airport, about an hour away from the San Juan airport.

It will be easy to drive there, but a little bit of a ride. An Uber might be able to take you to the listing, but might not be able to give you a ride back.

(Not to mention that they can be expensive). Renting a car would be the best option for this stay.

Lots of hiking and beaches are very close by. Blue flag beaches in Fajardo are 40 minutes away and the ferry in Ceiba that will bring you to Vieques and Culebra is about 30 minutes drive away. 

image of villa luna

image of room with beach view


6. Luxurious Home with Ocean Views

This luxurious 5,511 sqft home on the remote island of Vieques is sure to be one that creates lasting memories.

It has a huge pool and is just a five minute walk to the beach Malecón area of Esperanza. This home has beautiful art and views to the ocean from both the second and the third floor.

Cycladic architecture really gives this stay a tropical feel, a perfect reflection of the island of Vieques. 

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Vieques is a remote island, so take that into account when planning your stay.

You either need to take the 30 minute ferry ride from Ceiba to the island or you need to fly on a separate plane.

There is plenty of information online to help aid with ferry bookings and also a place to reserve spots online.

I also recommend renting a car when you get there as there are very limited options for taxi services on Vieques.

As for driving to this listing after arriving on the island, you should have no problem.

image of The Pink House

image of a kitchen area


7. Hidden Paradise Near Beaches

Tell everyone you know about this place, because it sleeps 15 people!

It’s actually two homes with separate entrances connected. There is a beautiful rustic pool with thoughtful touches of Mexican mosaic tiling throughout the home.

It sits up on a hill, and overlooks the mountains and the sea. 

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It is very easy to get to this location by car, Uber is available to and from the stay to the airport as well as taxi services. It is about a 40 minute ride to the San Juan Airport.

If you’re looking for something more reliable and cost efficient, then I suggest renting a car. You can also get to the ferry in Ceiba that will take you to the neighboring islands Culebra and Vieques.

Fajardo and the Big Lagoon are about 15 minutes away and the disabled friendly beach ‘Mar Sin Barreras’ in Luquillo is about a 20 minutes drive away. 

image of an exclusive villa

image of mountain view


8. Round Hilltop Home with Endless Water Views

You have to check this one out. This is the perfect romantic getaway for anniversaries or honeymoons.

It’s a circular home with a 360 wrap around porch giving you complete unhindered views of the island. Feel perfectly tucked away in nature with everything you need to be comfortable!

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This is an extremely remote location!

You will need to take the ferry from Ceiba (30 minutes.) or take a separate flight. This rental is in the mountains, so you might need to rent a car that can handle that sort of road.

There is a Jeep rental close by, a few gas stations, and restaurants. Three beaches are close to this listing, within minutes.

Flamenco Beach is not too far of a drive away either, only about 8 minutes. 

image of round hilltop

image of deck view


9. iL Sognatore

This place is just too cute! It’s a good price and sleeps up to eight people.

It’s full of vibrant colors that reflect the tropical vibes of Puerto Rico. It’s also got a beautiful garden of native Puerto Rican plants.

The host offers surfing, snorkeling, and spear fishing lessons! Overall, this is such a cute quirky place, you have to check it out.

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This stay is easy to get to from the Aguadilla airport, only about a 15 minute drive away.

A taxi will be able to take you there, but if you want to visit other parts of the area, you will need to rent a car.

There are plenty of beaches within, at most, a 20 minute drive like: Shacks Beach, The Lone Palm, Punta Borinquen, Jobos Beach, Crash Boat, Survival Beach, and Surfers Beach.

There is also a golf course nearby, as well as Ramey’s Skate and Splash park which are big hits.

image of cottage

image of front lawn


10. Casa Parguera

What a unique stay!

Take a trip to a floating cabin on the southwest part of the island! It’s quiet and peaceful, and sure to be something you haven’t experienced before.

You can bring your own boat or you can speak with the host to rent a boat from them during your stay. 

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This rental might be a bit more difficult to get to.

It would be a three or four hour ride from the San Juan airport and about an hour ride from the Aguadilla airport. You probably won’t be able to take a taxi there, so I suggest renting a car.

La Playita Rosada is a 7 minute drive from this location, and the restaurants around are about 30 minutes drive away.

There is a small town that it’s located in that has a few places to explore as well. 

image of Casa Parguera floating cabin

image of a floating cabin



11. Stunning And Spacious Beachfront Pool House Near Rio Mar Resort

This next rental is amazing! It’s three bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

The place sleeps eight people and is close to many attractions in Luquillo and Fajardo. It is a gated community with a private pool and beach access.

It’s a great option for the location and the amenities!

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This is a very easy rental to get to, and it’s not too far away from the San Juan airport which is a 37 minute drive away.

You can take an Uber to and from this stay, or you can rent a car. There are plenty of restaurants and fast food places in the area and within walking distance like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Taco Maker, and a Walmart. 

Luquillo is only a 15 minute drive to Fajardo, which has other really beautiful beaches. You can also get to Ceiba in under 30 minutes and take the ferry to Culebra or Vieques.

image of a house with pool

image of pool side


12. Pool, Panoramic Ocean Views & 5-minute Walk To The Beach

If you’re looking for a remote experience that’s not too out of the way, this is the perfect spot for you.

This Villa is equipped to handle lots of people so invite your friends! It has sweeping views over the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, and you can see neighboring islands Culebra and St. Thomas. 

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Vieques is a separate island, so you will need to plan to take another flight to Vieques or to take the 30 minute ferry ride from Ceiba.

This stay is not too far of a ride from the ferry stop, only a few minutes, and shouldn’t be too difficult to get to.

You will have to rent a car on the island, of which there are plenty of rentals very close to the ferry stop. Vieques is very small, so it’s easy and quick to get around!

image of turquoise sea view

image of deluxe sofa


13. Private Pool Bar in Paradise with Panoramic Caribbean View

Talk about a romantic getaway! This rental is perfect for a pair.

It is located on the remote island of Vieques, where it sits atop a hillside and overlooks the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge.

There are no other listings on this property, so you can expect some privacy. There is also a private pool and poolside bar!

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To get to this listing, you will need to either take a separate plane to the island or the ferry from Ceiba.

There are a few taxi services on the island, but if you’re looking for something more reliable I suggest renting a car.

There is a Jeep rental on the island as well as a few others. Vieques is a tiny island, so everything is only a few minutes away.

The closest beaches are: Caracas Beach, Blue Beach, and Secret Beach.

image of a view of the mountain

image of terrace with chairs


14. Palmas Del Mar

This listing is perfect for a couple or a small family.

It’s located within a gated community with a golf course, private pool, and even has horseback riding lessons available!

This stay is sure to have everything you need to feel comfortable and more.

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I would suggest renting a car to get to this listing.

It is a 50 minute drive away from the San Juan Airport. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate.

Guayanés Beach is 12 minutes away and Guayanes Dry Forest is a popular tourist attraction. Plus, there is plenty of hiking available as well as

the Pterocarpus Forest to visit in the area. 

image of oceanfront villa

image of beach view


15. My Country Beach House

This Vrbo rental is a country beach house located next to the beach!

It’s also within walking distance to the famous Naguabo boardwalk. There is plenty to see and do in this area like exploring El Yunque rainforest or visiting the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo

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This stay is relatively easy to get to.

You can easily take a car, and it’s only a 50 minute ride from the San Juan airport. Uber or taxi will get you there, but if you’re looking to adventure elsewhere on your own terms, I suggest renting a car. 

image of Country Beach House

image of view of the indoor villa


16. Breezy House

Experience Puerto Rico at a perfectly central location.

Feel like you’re a part of the city without actually being in it! This home has a jacuzzi, garden, and beautiful terrace for pictures.

It’s four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is in a very quiet and safe neighborhood. 

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When booking this rental, the host will help arrange car rentals for you so it’s super quick and easy.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any places within walking distance, but there is a grocery store only 1-2 minutes drive away, as well as plenty of restaurants in the city that are not too far. 

You can also take the public transit like the metro or metro bus up into the city.

Plus the San Juan Mall is a few minutes drive away. Ubers are available in this location as well, and they can easily take to Old San Juan, or other places in the metropolitan area. 

image of the front of house

image of Jacuzzi view


17. Isla Verde Beachfront Condo

Are you looking for a more luxurious stay? Or looking to stay very close to the city?

This might be the perfect place for you! This condo sleeps up to four people and is perfect for couples. It is in a gated community with 24 hour front desk security.

Everything is included in your stay, including private beach access and the use of the tennis courts and all other facilities.

Plenty is within walking distance, and you can find both casual and upscale restaurants easily. 

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This listing is very walkable! You can really experience San Juan city life comfortably.

It is located very close to the San Juan airport and Ubers are very frequent in the area. Old San Juan is only a very short Uber ride away.

If you’re looking to explore outside of San Juan, then there are rental cars available just outside the airport. 

image of Isla Verde Beachfront Condo

image of sofa set


18. Beachfront Paradise with Breathtaking Ocean Views

Get ready for an amazing location!

This rental is located on the Mar Chiquita beach and has its own private beach access. Sip wine or coffee from the deck that looks out over the shore.

If you don’t want to go to the beach, there is also a poo on the property for you to enjoy.

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This listing is located on the northern shore, not too far away from the San Juan airport.

It is about a 50 minute drive away.

I would recommend renting a car for this stay, only because there are a few restaurants and other things in Manatí, but to get to other parts of the island close by you would need a car.

There is a shopping plaza in the city as well as some nice restaurants to visit about a 14 minute drive away.

image of condo building

image of balcony with 2 chairs


19. Amazing Golf, Beach, & Hotel Villa

Two words: Spiral staircase!

This is a perfect villa for a family of four. It’s located on a golf course and is close to the blue flag beaches in Luquillo and Fajardo.

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This location is very easy to get to from the San Juan Airport. It’s about a 20 minute drive away.

You can take an Uber there and back to the airport just fine. If you’re looking to adventure to other parts of the island then there is a car rental just outside the airport.

Río Grande also has beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls like Cascada La Mina and Juan Diego Falls within a few minutes drive. 

image of living room with furnitures

image of view from the balcony


20. Enchanted Jewel

Wake up to the crashing waves at this stunning beachfront condo.

This home is equipped with everything you need, plus the decor is just beautiful. You really can’t beat the ocean view from the balcony either!

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This listing is very easy to get to. It is very close to the airport, (5 minutes) and everything is just a short cab or Uber ride away.

Carolina has many places within walking distance, including the beach, restaurants, and shopping.

Ubers can add up though, so if you’re worried about the spending, then you should consider renting a car outside the San Juan Airport. 

image of Enchanted Jewel room

image of window with beach view


21. Costa Azul Suite

For the price, this is a fantastic option for couples.

It’s a small apartment, but it comes with everything you need to be comfortable and more. The decor is beautiful and you are sure to relax here after a long day at the beach! 

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This listing is in a perfect location. It’s very close to the Aguadilla airport, less than a 10 minute drive.

The beach is also within walking distance, as well as other beaches a short ride away like Crash Boat beach and Survival Beach.

There are plenty of restaurants and there is a grocery store nearby.

If you are looking to visit surrounding areas like Jobos, Isabela, or Rincón, then I recommend renting a car because they are a 20 minute ride away or longer. 

image of Costa Azul Suite

image of the backyard


22. 2A – Welcoming Apt near Crashboat Beach/BQN

I personally liked this rental because it has a unique charm. It’s got a relaxing hammock on the porch and is close to the beaches in the area. It sleeps four people so it is perfect for the family. 

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This stay is located very close to the Aguadilla airport. Expect a 5-10 minute ride.

You would need to either rent a car or take a cab. Cab fares can be pretty expensive, so it’s my best recommendation to just rent a car, that way you can explore other parts of the island as well.

Aguadilla also extends pretty far, but the beaches that are close by are at most a 15 minute drive away. 

image of a blue color house

image of view of balcony


23. Oceanfront Resort Condo

This condo is located within a gated community.

Enjoy amenities like a community pool and jacuzzi. This listing also includes private beach access and an outdoor kitchen! 

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This listing is not too far away from the airport but not too close either. It is a 48 minute drive to the airport.

I suggest renting a car so that you can venture to surrounding landmarks with ease. Places like Crash Boat beach and others in Aguadilla are a 30 minute drive away. 

image of Oceanfront Resort Condo

image of condo beach view


24. Ocean-Front PH w/ Deck

Another wonderful oceanfront home!

This is a two story penthouse that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s located in the beautiful and peaceful Isabela, only eight minutes away from the airport.

All rooms have ocean views and on the terrace you can see 180° of the Atlantic Ocean, and even catch glimpses of the mountains nearby.

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You could take a cab to and from this stay.

It is located 20 minutes away from the BQN airport. There are no Ubers here and you would need to plan for the taxi ahead of time.

I suggest renting a car for this area especially to get to Isabela town center, the other surrounding beaches, or the grocery store.

There are some restaurants within walking distance like Palo, which is a semi-formal restaurant. Junior Pizza, a family friendly artisan handmade pizza shop.

Plus, there are a lot of bars within walking distance as well.

image of a living room

image of balcony with chairs


25. Charming Historic Spanish Colonial Home

Finally, a home in Old San Juan!

This house is absolutely gorgeous, full of Spanish architecture and plants that set the mood for relaxation.

This is a four bedroom home and sleeps eight people comfortably. There is plenty to see right outside your door by walking around Old San Juan which is rich with history. 

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Take a cab or an Uber to the other parts of San Juan, like Condado and Santurce!

5 minutes or less of a drive. Everything is very easily accessible from this location, though if you want to explore more of the island, you will need to rent a car.

You can get to the beach on foot, as well as many restaurants, shops, and more. The airport is only a 5 minute drive away, which is also a plus! 

image of Spanish colonial home

image of Spanish colonial home living room


26. The Nest at Crash Boat

A tiny home on the beach!

This is a beautiful home in an even more beautiful location. Walk right from your bed to the beach!

After a swim, you can rinse off with a private outdoor shower and take a nap in the shade with the hammock on the deck. 

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This Airbnb is very close to the airport, only a 15 minute drive away, and is easily accessible by car or taxi.

Taxis are less reliable in this area and can be pretty expensive, so you might consider renting a car.

There are plenty of things to do within walking distance as well, like restaurants and historical sights.

If you rented a car, you could easily get to neighboring places like Rincón to watch the surfers or Jobos beach. 

image of The Nest beach house

image of a wonderful beach view-


27. Sunset Hill

Here is a beautiful property you will want to check out.

It sleeps up to four people, so it’s perfect for couples or small families.

One of the bedrooms has a balcony, the kitchen has a balcony, and there is a rooftop terrace. You can also take time adventuring in the treehouse on the property.

Sitting on the hill, you will truly feel like you’re on top of the world when you experience one of Puerto Rico’s fantastic sunsets!

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This home is less than 20 minutes drive away from downtown Rincón and the beach.

You can take a taxi to the home, but if you want more freedom to go where you please I suggest renting a car.

The closest beach in the area is Playa Escalera or otherwise known as Rincón of the Seas, which is about a 5 minute drive.

There is also a Balneario called Balneario de Rincón, where you can expect lifeguards, about a 10 minute drive away.

image of Sunset Hill with deck view

image of Sunset Hill living room


28. Villa di Mare

Relaxation awaits with this beautiful stay! The decor is modern and inviting.

It is equipped for everything you would need to have a good stay, like a private pool, private deck with comfy deck chairs, and private beach access to name a few! 

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This listing is easy to get to by taxi, Uber, or car rental. The SJU is only a 44 minute drive. The rental is located in a little beach town.

There is not a lot listed for restaurants on the map, so it might be best to rent a car. The luxurious town of Dorado is a 30 minute drive away as well.

There is gated private parking, and it is steps away from the beach. There is a grocery store in the area that is only a three minute drive away. 

image of Villa di Mare

image gazebo with ocean view


29. Casa Maya

You don’t want to miss this! Experience a different side of Puerto Rico on the small, remote island Culebra.

This Airbnb has some pretty awesome amenities like an infinity pool with a miniature waterfall, outdoor seating, and don’t get me started on the stone shower.

This home creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere after exploring all day. 

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Since this is a separate island off of Puerto Rico you will have to take a flight there or take the ferry from Ceiba which is about a 30 minute ride.

The drive from the airport in San Juan to Ceiba is about 48 minutes. When you arrive on Culebra, you will want to rent a car so that you can visit around the island at your own pace.

There is a Jeep rental on the island, which would be perfect to travel around in.

The island is very small, you could probably travel around it in one day if you wanted!

This makes it easy to get to places like the beach, because it will only be a few minutes drive. I suggest checking out favorites like Flamenco Beach to start! 

image of Casa Maya

image of view from a deck


30. Serendipity House

This luxury home is called the Serendipity House, and now I know why!

It has beautiful white furniture and very modern decor. It also includes a private pool, and outdoor cooking area. You might just never want to leave this home!

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This is a perfect location if you’re looking to stay close to the airport. The airport is at most, 10 minutes away.

Ubers and taxis are available to bring you to and from your stay, though they can be expensive.

The beach is very close by, and the restaurants in the city of San Juan and Old San Juan are only a short trip away by Uber or car rental.

Carolina Public beach is very close by as well as Pine Grove Surfing beach. 

image of Serendipity House

image of Serendipity House terrace


31. Breezy, Beautiful, Oceanfront Home in Rincon

This comfortable suite has perfect views of some of the best sunsets on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Sit outside on the balcony or enjoy some alone time indoors.

This rental comes fully equipped with a kitchen and spacious full bathroom. 

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This listing is located very close to all the best attractions in Rincón.

If you want to see other parts of the west coast or the island, then you will need to rent a car. (Which is my best recommendation as taxis are hard to come by in this area and can be very expensive.)

The closest beach is Playa Corecega which is located very close to Stella. The Rincón Art Walk is also worth checking out, that’s within a few minutes drive.

You can expect lots of art, food, shops, and more there. 


32. Lunabelapr

What a perfect couple’s retreat!

There is everything you need to relax and enjoy your vacation, and more.

Watch your favorite movie while you swim in a beautiful private pool, enjoy the afternoon on the sundeck playing pool, fall asleep dreaming of the beach in a luxurious king size bed. It doesn’t get better than this!


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This vacation rental is located in Isabela, on the northwestern shore.

There are no taxis, and if you do happen to get a hold of one, they are expensive. Not to mention they are hard to find online and elsewhere.

Uber is not available either, so I recommend renting a car, as this is the easiest way to see the nearby attractions of Isabela.

Jobos beach is within a 30 minute drive, as well as Middles beach, Playa Montones, and so many other hidden beach paths that take you to some pretty amazing private beach spots.

There is also lots of hiking in this area, as well as a three mile bike path called Paseo Lineal where you can rent bikes and electric bikes/scooters.

There is also plenty to do in the town of Isabela, like a beautiful plaza to spend the day in, small local food stands, ice cream and Pale Fruita, and  a grocery store.

The Aguadilla airport is about 40 minutes away. 


33. Pasavento

Perfect for a weekend away, this listing comes with a pool right outside your bedroom, where you can watch television while you swim, cool led lights and blue-themed decor, two beautiful beds, and a 4.9 star rating!

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This rental is within a 15 minute drive to the Aguadilla airport, and is within walking distance of the beach and restaurants.

You can take a taxi from the airport to the rental, but there are no Ubers available, and if you’re looking to travel to nearby attractions, it’s a good idea to rent a car.

Taxis are also very expensive in the area, so it might be more in your budget to rent a car for your stay. The closest beach is Playa del Tamarindo.

There is also the best photo op stop to take a picture at the ‘I heart Aguadilla’ sign at Letras Aguadilla. 


34. Bohemian Suites

This studio is perfect for a couple’s retreat or even a honeymoon!

You’ll feel like you’re really in the rainforest with this plant filled decor and outdoor pool and couple’s bathtub surrounded by tropical plants.

After a dip, you’ll enjoy a comfortable king sized bed and cozy kitchen with everything you’ll need— even an espresso machine!

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The studio is located in Rincón, where you will be able to take a taxi from the airport, but Uber is unavailable.

Taxis are also expensive in this area, as well as hard to locate online and can be unreliable.

There are beaches and restaurants close by in the area, but a rental car will be the easiest way to explore more attractions. The BQN airport is about 40 minutes away.

There are several beaches in the area worth checking out like: Domes Beach, Sandy Beach, Maria’s Beach, and Playa Escalera. All of which are within a 10 minute drive from one another. 


35. Bohemian King Bed Suite

This spacious suite with a king sized bed, heated pool, and outdoor bed for tanning is amazing.

Private pool access makes it an ideal place to spend some time away from everything for couples, along with an inviting bathtub and stunning decor!

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Located in Carolina, there are many options for travel.

Taxis and Ubers are available, so Old San Juan and central San Juan are just a short trip away (10 minutes tops).

Carolina Public beach is within walking distance, as well as grocery stores, restaurants, nightlife activities, pharmacies, etc.

If you’re looking to explore outside of the metropolitan area, there are car rentals just outside the airport in Carolina. The airport is also less than a 5 minute drive away. 


36. Oceanfront 2bedroom

If you’re looking to stay for three months or more then you should consider this condo.

It’s been recently redone, with new paint and new furniture. It’s very beautiful, and close to the beach. 

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This stay is located close to the airport, to San Juan, and to Old San Juan.

You can easily take an Uber around or walk to restaurants. There are two beaches in Carolina as well as a couple in San Juan like Condado beach.

Depending on where you are you can easily walk to the beach in Carolina within minutes. The airport is also only a 5 minute drive away or less making transportation to and from your stay very easy!


37. Mesmerizing Beach Front Studio

This condo is really all you need!

A 21st floor view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, fully equipped kitchen and laundry room, and all the amenities, for a steal price! Your next couple’s vacation would be perfect with this rental. 

Book here!

This condo is located on the coast in Luquillo, where there are plenty of restaurants and beaches within walking distance, and where an Uber or a taxi will get you to places like Fajardo, San Juan, and the Big Lagoon.

There is a disabled accessible beach in Luquillo called Mar Sin Barreras, which is a beautiful blue flag beach attached to Monserrate beach with direct views of El Yunque.

From the airport, it’s about a 40 minute ride. Ubers will be around $60 or more, depending on availability, so it might be more within your budget to rent a car just outside the airport. 


38. Canary Castle

This is the best family getaway home.

It’s beautiful, without feeling super luxurious. It’s got a huge pool for the kids (and for the adults) and plenty of space to lounge around. 

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I suggest renting a car to get to this listing. Ubers and taxis are not really frequent in the area.

The beach is close by, just a short drive. Restaurants and other attractions are also close, you will just need a car. Playa Las Criollas is the closest beach about a 10 minute drive away.

There aren’t a lot of restaurants close by, but the neighboring town, Arecibo Pueblo, has a supermarket and places to shop about 10 minutes away.

If you venture a little bit farther you can get to Manatí beach which is definitely worth seeing and about a 20 minute drive. 


39. La Terapia

Stunning, surrounded by mountain views in the center of the island, this listing includes a very unique “glamping” experience.

Fall asleep looking at the mountains, relax in a sky bed after a swim in the infinity pool, or enjoy cooking your partner a meal in the fully equipped kitchen!

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This cabin is located centrally and remotely, so transportation is a bit difficult.

A taxi or Uber may be available to drive you from the airport, but to travel to attractions in the area it is best to get a rental car. The listing does offer food delivery during the week, so it is also an option to stay at the cabin for your whole vacation.

Taxis are very expensive and you might be able to get an Uber there but no Uber back to the airport. Rental cars are available just outside the airport for your convenience. 

It is a 2 hour drive from the Aguadilla airport and a 1 hour and 30 minute drive from the San Juan airport.

There are not many beaches near this location or on the southern shore. The closest beach is Playa Tamarindo which is a 1 hour drive away. 


40. A-frame cabin with breathtaking views

This cabin is the only cabin on the island that is designed with an “alpine” feel.

Sit by the simulated fireplace with cozy cushions and blankets and enjoy a warm, wooden decor while overlooking beautiful mountains and valleys. 

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There are supermarkets and restaurants 10-20 minutes away from the cabin, but a rental car is needed to be able to get to them.

A taxi or Uber may be available from the airports in San Juan or Ponce, but are not available around the rental.

Taxis are pretty expensive here as well and an Uber might be able to get you to the location but not back. It is a 2 hour drive from the BQN in Aguadilla and a hour and a half ride from the SJU in San Juan.

The closest beach is also an hour away. 


41. Villa del Campo

What a dream retreat!

4.97 stars for the review average, this villa comes with a pool just a step outside of the door, a swing over the side of the mountain, waterfalls into the pool from the house, provided breakfast, and more! 

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The villa is located on the western side of the island, where there are few taxis and no Ubers.

It is best to get a rental car, so that you can explore! The Aguadilla airport is just over an hour drive away.

Playa “Tres Tubos” Beach is about a 30 minute drive. There is also a Sam’s Club and the Mayagüez mall within a 30 minute drive.

Plus, the Balneario Tres Hermanos which is a popular beach and Rincón, which is the surfing center of Puerto Rico, are located very close by. 


42. Bubble Room with a View

This is something I bet you’ve never seen before.

It’s glamping in a bubble! You get 360° views and there is even a jacuzzi. This is perfect for an adventurous couple who want to experience something truly unique. 

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This stay is located just outside the San Juan border, so it is perfect if you still want to visit the city!

You can easily take an Uber or a taxi into San Juan and Old San Juan, and just as easily get to the airport (About a 20 minute drive).

Ubers can be pricey in the area depending on the time you book and the availability of the cars.

Some beautiful beaches to visit nearby are Condado beach which is about a 10 minute drive, as well as all of the restaurants in the luxurious area of Condado and Santruce. 


43. Spectacular Private Cabin with Pool

Ugh, this one is just so gorgeous.

A wonderful and quaint cabin that just gives you all of the cozy feels. The decor is thoughtful and modern.

There is even a private pool for you to enjoy during your stay. 

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Uber and taxis are almost non-existent in this area, so it’s recommended that you rent a car.

Especially because there is so much to explore around this area, like waterfalls and hiking!

Guajataca Forest reserve and lake is an 18 minute drive away, which has a beautiful waterfall that you can swim in.

There is also Isabela or Aguadilla (where the airport is located) which are about an hour away. You can find plenty of beaches in those municipalities and plenty of restaurants too!


44. Be Happy Little Beach House

Have you ever wanted to stay in a tiny home? Well, this Airbnb will allow you to do just that, but there is nothing you’ll be missing out on here!

This is a shipping container that is the ultimate luxury. With a jacuzzi within steps from the beach and a private pier, you’ll never want to leave.

I don’t know, maybe you’ll just want a container home too!

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You will want to rent a car to get to this location, as Ubers and taxis aren’t available. You’ll also want your own car to get to other places around like Ponce.

Playa Clavellina is the closest beach, within walking distance. There you can do many water sports like wind surfing.

This area was also rated great for children. Ponce is only a 30 minute drive away, which also has the Balneario El Tuque.

The Aguadilla airport is 2 hours away and the San Juan airport is just a little bit over an hour away from the area.


45. La Casita @Hacienda El Infinito

This beautiful home has ivy growing on the outside and lovely textiles on the inside.

Plus, there is plenty of room to hang out outside on the deck with modern wicker swings and jacuzzi. 

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I suggest renting a car to get to this location, as it is more central. When you rent a car you can get to nearby places like the Gurabo trampoline park, or to nearby sights like Rio Grande or Luquillo!

The SJU is only a 50 minute drive away. The beaches in Luquillo are about a 50 minute drive as well.

There are grocery stores, shops, pharmacies, and restaurants within a 10 minute drive in the municipality, if you’re looking to not venture too far. 


46. Escarada Diferentes

Are you looking for something more all inclusive?

This stay is technically a B&B and what they offer you is amazing for the price! They bring you breakfast to your door, there is a lounge, a marquee, a jacuzzi, and a spectacular view!

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This is a great location if you’re looking to stay just a little bit out of the city. It’s just on the outskirts of San Juan, so if you wanted, you could drive or take an Uber into the city or even into Old San Juan.

It is a 36 minute drive to the airport and a 30 minute drive to places like Condado and Santruce.

Condado had a beautiful beach worth checking out and Carolina also has a beach just behind the airport. 


47. Waves & Sand

You will love this location!

It’s got perfect views of the mesmerizing sunsets and endless sights of the sand. It’s the best mix of comfortability and luxury, making sure all types enjoy their stay. 

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You will be able to walk to the restaurants around this small town and easily walk to the beach. It’s just below Aguadilla, so if you want to adventure to more of the island I recommend renting a car.

Playa Espinar is the closest beach within walking distance. The airport is a 30 minute drive away.

There are no Ubers available in the area and taxis are limited. There is a supermarket within walking distance to the stay as well. 


48. Rancho del Gigante

This eco-lodge is a great getaway option for a couple.

Beautiful mountain views in the countryside, private pool access, an elevated deck with a fire pit, along with everything you need to cook and enjoy a nice meal before settling down in a comfy bed.

The best part is you’re surrounded by panoramic views!

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North of Ponce, this lodge is fairly remote.

You may be able to take a taxi or Uber from the airports in Ponce or San Juan, but it’s recommended that you rent a car to visit the surrounding areas, like the supermarket and restaurants nearby.

The San Juan airport is one hour and thirty minutes away and the Aguadilla airport is two hours away by car. 


49. Blue Door Exotic Cabin

What a view! This cabin in the southern mountains has everything a couple would need for a romantic vacation.

Surrounded by mountains, overlooking the ocean, sit in the jacuzzi and relax.

An outdoor bed to enjoy the view with your other half, a fully equipped kitchen— espresso machine included!— and a luxurious bedside bathtub, how romantic!

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Located on the southern shore, this cabin is fairly remote. Accessible by taxi or Uber from the airports, you will probably still need a rental car to visit nearby restaurants, stores and coastal attractions.

This stay is just a little bit over a hour drive away from the SJU airport.

The Pozuelo Exclusive Beach is within a 20 minute ride. There is also a Walmart near this location. 


50. Villa Renata

Beachfront access, and an ocean view from the pool? Wow!

Spend your day with friends at the beach, and come home to an outdoor shower, barbecue by the pool, and premium cable.

At a 4.9 stars average rating, it’s no wonder this place has such good reviews! 

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The beach house is located on the northern coast, near attractions in Arecibo and Isabela.

Taxis and Uber are available (though difficult to locate and book. Plus they can be very expensive.) from the airports in Aguadilla and San Juan, but it’s recommended that you rent a car for your stay, so that you can visit the fun places nearby.

Playa Peñon Brusi is a 5 minute car ride away or about a 20 minute walk. From the San Juan airport it is one hour and forty minutes. From the Aguadilla airport it is fifty two minutes away. 


Final thoughts:

In this article, I listed the 50 best vacation rentals in Puerto Rico. 

If you are looking for luxury during your stay, definitely check out Isla Verde Beachfront Condo or the Serendipity House.

I personally like to book a cheaper rental when I travel, so my top picks for people on a budget are: iL Sognatore, Costa Azul Suite, or the Mesmerizing Beach Front Studio in Luquillo!

And lastly, my top recommendations for the most unique rentals in Puerto Rico are: the Round Hilltop Home with Endless Water Views, Bubble Room with a View, La Terapia, Villa del Campo, and Rancho del Gigante.

I hope this article helped relieve some of the stress of finding a vacation rental, and that you’ll find the perfect place for all of your adventures in Puerto Rico!

Also, check out our article about the 30 best hotels in Puerto Rico.

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