Is Dorado Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Dorado is an affluent area of Puerto Rico, close to the capital San Juan.

It is home to many influential people, such as artists and celebrities. 

But is Dorado safe?

I have been visiting Puerto Rico since I was a child, and I can confidently say that Dorado is very safe for tourists and residents alike.

In this article, I will cover the following topics:

What is Dorado?
Is Dorado Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Is Dorado safe at night?
Is Dorado safe for solo travelers?
Is Dorado safe to walk around?
Is Dorado handicap accessible?


What is Dorado?

Dorado is a coastal municipality on the northern shore of Puerto Rico.

image of Dorado Beach's aerialview
Dorado is home to some of the most exclusive resorts in Puerto Rico.

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Is Dorado Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Dorado is absolutely safe for tourists.

It is a beach town that caters specifically to tourists and foreigners.

image of Dorado Beach
Dorado is located less than an hour drive from San Juan.

Many people from around the world have second homes in Dorado, and it is a common place for tourists to visit for its amenities, safety, and closeness to San Juan.


Is Dorado safe at night?

Dorado is very safe to walk around at night. 

image of Dorado Beach
Dorado Beach at sunset and after dark is safe for visitors to enjoy.

The town is very small, and the hotels and resorts are within minutes of walking distance of the beach. 

Plus, there are many luxury hotels, like the Ritz Carlton, which have high priorities for the safety and security of their guests.

You will have no issues walking from your stay to restaurants, bars, or clubs at night during your stay.


Is Dorado safe for solo travelers?


Walking around during the day is the safest time, and getting to the beach or to restaurants alone are very safe.

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Is Dorado safe to walk around?

Dorado is very safe to walk around.

It’s not exceptionally crowded, except for at the beach at times.

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There are large shoulders on highways (for backpackers and hikers to walk) and there is plenty of sidewalks as well.

The sidewalks are well-lit at night and clear during the day.


Is Dorado handicap accessible?

There are a few hotel options that are handicap accessible, like the Ritz Carlton. 

It might be difficult in some areas to access the beach, but many hotels have assistance with swimming pools and jacuzzis, and there are plenty of hotels that have pools right on the beach!

image of a resort in Dorado
Around the resorts in Dorado, sidewalks are well maintained making it easily accessible for all travelers.

For people who are prone to overstimulation, be aware that locals and visitors enjoy loud music on the beach.

Stimulation levels should be lower in places like luxury hotels, as they are extremely mindful of noise and make sure everyone has a good experience!


FAQ section

Is Dorado safe for female travelers?

Yes, I have heard of no issues of violence against women in Dorado. Just be mindful after drinking, and be cautious of strangers.

Is Dorado safe for families to stay in?

Yes, Dorado is a great place for families. For the hotels and resorts there, safety really is a top priority, and you can expect 24-hour security with places to lock up important belongings at night.

Is Dorado safe for LGBTQA+ travelers?

Yes! If there are concerns about you walking with your partner or of your gender presentation, you should not worry as harassment is very unlikely.


Final thoughts

Dorado is a very safe part of Puerto Rico.

Dorado’s crime rate is much lower than most places, and very rarely will you face any issues. 

Just be mindful of your belongings, text someone if you’re going out alone, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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Is Dorado Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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