Culebra, Puerto Rico (2024 Guide) – All You Need To Know

Culebra is an island in Puerto Rico.

Many people say that Culebra is home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Visiting Culebra with my family was a big part of my childhood and I am happy to share my experiences with you.

In this article, I will cover all you need to know about Culebra:

What is Culebra?
Where is Culebra located?
What is the best way to get to Culebra from San Juan?
What is Culebra Puerto Rico Known for?
Can you walk around Culebra?
Is Culebra worth visiting?


What is Culebra?

Culebra is a small island in Puerto Rico.

Culebra is an archipelago that consists of 23 other smaller islands and cays off of its coast.

image of Culebra Island
Aerial view of Culebra Island, a popular destination for boating and snorkeling.

The small islands and cays are all classified as nature reserves. There are also nature reserves on the main Culebra island. 

One of the oldest bird sanctuaries in the United States was established in Culebra in 1909, by President Teddy Roosevelt.

Culebra was colonized in 1880 by Don Cayetano Escudero, but the island was inhabited by Taínos and Arawaks long before that.

The entrance to Flamenco Beach, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Before its colonization, the island was mainly used by pirates to hide away.

Culebra residents are known as ‘Culebrenses’, and as of 2020, only 1,792 people live there.

Below is a video that shows the best parts of Culebra:


Where is Culebra located?

Culebra is located off the east-coast of the main island in Puerto Rico. 

Map showing the location of Culebra in relation to the main island of Puerto Rico.

It’s just a little ways past the island of Vieques.

The location is only accessible by ferry or small plane.

Below is a Google Map that shows the location of Culebra:


What is the best way to get to Culebra from San Juan?

The best way, in my opinion, is to arrive in Puerto Rico through the international airport in San Juan (SJU) and either rent a car or take a taxi/Uber to Ceiba, which is where the ferry terminal is.

image of Culebra's aerial view
Views from the air, Culebra. If you love small aircraft, flying in can be a treat.

Another good option, especially if the ferry isn’t working, is to book a flight on Flamenco Airlines and fly to the island.

Here is a YouTube video of someone flying to Culebra:

If you would prefer to take the ferry, make your way to the ferry terminals from wherever you are on the main island. 

Below is a Google Map that shows the location of the Ceiba Ferry Terminal:

Avoid delays by getting your ferry tickets ahead of time.


What is Culebra Puerto Rico known for?

The number one thing Culebra is known for is its beaches. 

Many people travel to the island to experience the white sand beaches and teal water that Culebra has to offer.

image of Flamenco Beach
Flamenco Beach, located on Culebra is easy to access from the ferry terminals via taxi.

This includes a famous beach that is frequently listed as one of the best beaches in the world — Flamenco Beach!

This beach has calm water and lots of marine life to explore, making it a popular destination for travelers all over the world.

There are so many other beaches on the island as well that are definitely worth visiting like Tamarindo beach, Zoni beach, and Brava beach.

Here is a YouTube video showing the famous Flamenco Beach:


Can you walk around Culebra?

Public transit is scarce in Culebra, so when you arrive at the ferry terminal a shuttle will bring you to either Flamenco Beach or to the Jeep rental location.

image of people walking along Culebra
If you decide to walk instead of drive around Culebra & its beaches, be sure to bring sunscreen and water.

The island is very small though so if you wanted to walk around the small city of Culebra or walk to the Jeep rental, you definitely could.


Is Culebra worth visiting?


Culebra has so much to offer and is the perfect getaway for a family, couple, or solo traveler.

Not only are there beaches, but there is so much more to explore!

image of Flamenco Beach
Flamenco Beach is famous for turquoise waters and white sands.

You can do many excursions from the mainland to Culebra like all-day snorkeling trips, kayaking with sea turtles, or even electric scootering around the whole island!

The versatility of the island is what makes it so popular in my opinion, like being able to stay on Culebra or the mainland of Puerto Rico for the majority of your stay.

There is also something to do for everyone on your trip!

Here is a YouTube video of a traveler snorkeling in Culebra:


FAQ section

How long is the ferry ride from Puerto Rico to Culebra?

The ferry ride is 45 minutes. Taking the ferry is the most popular way to travel to Culebra.

How long should you spend in Culebra?

It depends on what you’re planning on doing during your stay, but seven days would definitely be enough to experience Culebra and not feel like you missed out on anything.

When is the best time to go to Culebra?

For travelers, especially ones coming from colder places, the best time is from November to March or the winter season. The water will be beautiful, and the air will be perfect.


Final thoughts

If you visit Puerto Rico, then you must spend at least a couple of days in Culebra.

Culebra has so much to offer, such as Flamenco Beach, which is regarded by many to be one of the best beaches in the world.

Puerto Rico is home to three bioluminescent bays, and Culebra’s neighboring island, Vieques, is home to the brightest bio bay in the world. You should consider visiting both Culebra and Vieques to get the full Puerto Rican experience!

If you are still deciding where to stay, then check out our article about the 13 best places & areas to stay in Puerto Rico.

Culebra, Puerto Rico (2024 Guide) – All You Need To Know
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