Jota Restaurant At Royal Isabela, Puerto Rico – Honest Review (2024)

Home to Jota Restaurant, Royal Isabela is one of the most stunning resorts in Puerto Rico.

Built on top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Royal Isabela offers one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful golf courses.

I have been going to Jota and taking clients there for quite a while.

I will review Jota Restaurant at Royal Isabela in Puerto Rico in this article and answer these questions:

What type of food is served at Jota Restaurant?
Where is it located?
Is this a good restaurant for tourists?
Is it expensive?

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What type of food is served at Jota Restaurant?

At Jota by Chef Jeremie Cruz, they serve a fascinating blend of international cuisine blended with Chef Jeremie’s “criollo” and Spanish influence.

image of Royal Isabela restaurant
The entrance area to Jota, Royal Isabela restaurant.

The concept of Jota by Cher Jeremie is “from farm to table.”

Chef Jeremie takes this concept and raises the bar, adding organic and sustainable to the mix. They put in hard work and grow their ingredients and produce.

Royal Isabela gives Chef Jeremie the space to plant, grow and care for the organic ingredients they use. You will find sauces, reductions, and desserts made with fruits and vegetables of the current season.

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What to order

They serve breakfast; my favorite is steak and eggs, churrasco, patatas bravas (a spicy potato recipe from Spain), garlic aioli, and avocado.

You can have pizza for lunch at Jota; try the “Carnosa” meaty pizza. The meaty pizza has churrasco (skirt steak), chorizo, pepperoni, sweet ham, and applewood bacon.

For dinner, my favorite dish is Seared Muscovy duck breast, pumpkin risotto, and organic lion mushroom from Aguada.

Chef Jeremie is a believer and sponsor of local agriculture. When the recipe requires ingredients they don’t grow on site, they buy them from local farmers.

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If you like wines, you are in for a treat at Jota by Chef Jeremie. They have wines from Spain, Russia, Argentina, Chile, France, California, New Zealand, Italy, and Portugal. 

There are wines for every budget, from a $35 bottle of Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, to 97 points WA-rated Bordeaux Blend Red 2017 Napa at $650 per bottle.

Below is a video showing Jota Restaurant at Royal Isabela:


Where is it located?

Jota by Chef Jeremie is in Royal Isabela resort. 

Royal Isabela is at 396 Noel Estrada Avenue, Isabela Puerto Rico.

Below is a Google Map with the location of Jota Restaurant:


Is this a good restaurant for tourists?

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Jota by Chef Jeremie is an excellent restaurant for tourists and locals alike.

I have written about their ingredients and Chef Jeremie’s passion for and commitment to local agriculture.

But what you will like the most about Jota is the intimate atmosphere they have.

If you are looking for an intimate, quiet place for a romantic dinner, Jota is the place for you. You will be far from the city’s fast pace and enjoy the food, scenery, and ambiance.


Is it expensive?

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Merriam-Webster defines expensive as “commanding a high price and especially one that is not based on intrinsic worth or is beyond a prospective buyer’s means.”

According to this definition, Jota by Chef Jeremie is not expensive.

You will pay a little more than you spend at a regular restaurant, but you are getting fresh organic ingredients grown on-site or bought from local farmers.

All the meat, poultry, and fish they serve at Jota by Chef Jeremie is the best they can get: grass-fed, free range, and freshly caught. 

And the wines are some of the best that you can find in Puerto Rico.

One thing is sure; Jota by Chef Jeremie is not cheap, be prepared to spend knowing that you will be paying for quality.


Final thoughts

Jota By Chef Jeremie at Royal Isabela is one of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico.

Chef Jeremie Cruz has taken the concept from farm to table to a new level.

The restaurant is not inexpensive, but you will pay for quality.

For more information about restaurants in Puerto Rico, please check out our article 35 Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico by Erin Reynolds.

Jota Restaurant At Royal Isabela, Puerto Rico – Honest Review (2024)
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