The Beach House In Rincón, Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know

They call Rincón “El Pueblo de Los Bellos Atardeceres,” or in English, “The Town of Beautiful Sunsets.”

There is a place in Rincón where you can see the sunset and enjoy great food and drinks, and that place is The Beach House.

I have been taking friends, family, and clients to The Beach House for quite some time now.

In this article, I will cover everything that you need to know about The Beach House in Rincón, Puerto Rico:

What is The Beach House?
Where is The Beach House located?
Is it worth visiting?
Is there an entrance fee?


What is The Beach House?

The Beach House in Rincón sounds like a place for accommodations, but it is more than that.

image of the The Beach House
A street view of The Beach House exterior.

At The Beach House, you can stay at what they call a boutique guest house. 

They have rooms with single or double beds overlooking Maria’s Beach and Desecho Island.

image of one of the rooms at The Beach House
Interior view of a room at The Beach House, overlooking the ocean and the nearby beaches.

The Beach House Rincón also has a restaurant.

They have a fresh, organic, market-driven menu focusing on daily caught seafood. All the ingredients they use are sustainable and local. Their seafood comes fresh off fishing boats from the harbor.

Local markets in Rincón supply The Beach House with the products they use.

image of the steak from The Beach House
A steak dinner at The Beach House.

The restaurant offers breakfast prepared by Executive Chef Luis Agront; my favorite is the Waffle Sandwich. For lunch and dinner, Executive Chef Heriberto Sanchez prepares a wide variety of appetizers, both hot and cold.

Try the coconut shrimp from the hot appetizers and the octopus salad from the cold ones.

You can choose from seafood, steaks, or hamburgers as your main dish (all of them are fantastic).

After eating you can relax at the bar and wait to watch the sunset.

image of the drinks from The Beach House
Cocktails outside overlooking the ocean at The Beach House.

In The Beach House’s Bar, you will find a wide selection of cocktails, artisanal beers, and frozen drinks.

The “Rincón Rum Punch” is The Beach House’s signature drink and is worth trying. At night, The Beach House offers a great atmosphere with live music.

You can relax, spend time with your significant other, or dance.

image of the Bar at The Beach House
The bar at The Beach House is the perfect destination for beautiful views any time of day.

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Where is The Beach House located?

The Beach House is on kilometer 2.8 of Route 413 Rincón.

The Beach House is located close to Maria’s Beach, one of the most famous beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Below is a Google Map that shows the location of The Beach House:


Is it worth visiting?

Yes, The Beach House is worth visiting. They offer excellent food, and a friendly and professional staff will serve you well.

image of the view from the Beach House
A view from the patio at The Beach House.

The location of The Beach House will give you one of the best coastal views.

Tacos are a popular dish at The Beach House where you can choose from meat, fresh fish or vegan options.

And as I mentioned before, their food is excellent!

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Is there an entrance fee?

No, there is no entrance fee. 

image of the sunset view from the Beach House
The beautiful sunset view over the ocean is one of the main attractions at The Beach House.

When there are sports events, you can go to The Beach House and watch those events for free.



FAQ section

Is The Beach House nice for families?

Yes, The Beach House offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Many families have Breakfast, lunch, or dinner; or enjoy the beautiful sunset.

When is the best time to visit The Beach House?

The best time to visit The Beach House in Rincón is in the afternoon. You can enjoy great food and discover why they call Rincón the town of the beautiful sunsets.


Final thoughts

The Beach House in Rincón is a place you will enjoy.

Great food and drinks and excellent service await you.

They also have one of the best views in Puerto Rico.

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The Beach House In Rincón, Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know
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