Where To Stay In Rincón (2024) – 7 Best Places & Areas

They named Rincón the town of beautiful sunsets, and surfers come to Rincón to ride the waves.

Rincón is the town for you if you are looking to relax, enjoy nature, good food, and meet friendly locals.

I’ve been taking tourists, friends, and family to Rincón for decades. As they say, “location, location, location.” When visiting Rincón, where you stay can help you enjoy your trip the most.

Below are the 7 best areas and places to stay in Rincón, Puerto Rico:


1. Barrio Puntas

The Puntas neighborhood is where you will find the most United States residents and tourists.

You will find Puntas in the northwest of Rincón.

image of Barrio Puntas lighthouse
Barrio Puntas is a beautiful area that is a popular place for tourists to stay and hang out.

The best thing about Barrio Puntas is that you can stay at mountaintops just minutes away from the beach.

In Barrio Puntas, you can visit The Puntas Lighthouse, Domes Beach, Maria’s Beach, and the Rincón Mountain Bike Trails.

Below is a video of Domes Beach:

If you are staying at Barrio Puntas, consider the Lazy Parrot Inn, a family-friendly hotel, Casa Verde Hotel, or choose from various short-term rentals and Bed and Breakfasts.

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2. Ensenada

Ensenada is the perfect place for nature lovers.

image of the Marine Reserve
The Tres Palmas Marine Reserve (Steps Beach) is a popular beach located in Ensenada.

If you like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, or simply relaxing on the beach, go to Steps Beach.

Tres Palmas Beach has the biggest waves in Puerto Rico.

Surfers from different countries go to Tres Palmas during surfing season.

Below is a video of snorkeling in Steps Beach:

Villa Ensenada Inn and Tres Palmas Inn & Villas are two places where you can stay in the Ensenada Area.

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3. Rincón Pueblo

Pueblo Means Town Center in Puerto Rico. Pueblo is the cultural center of the town of Rincón.

On Thursday nights, you can go to Rincón’s Gallery Nights.

image of Rincon Town Square
Every Thursday night in the town square, local artists and musicians come together for one of the towns most popular events, Art Walk.

Over 50 exhibitors, including artisans and artists, offer their work in a festive environment with live music.

From the Town Center, you can walk to Balneario Rincón (Rincón’s public beach) and Lala’s Beach.

Below is a video of Rincón Gallery Night:

If you want to stay in the Town Center, there are several short-term rentals, and there is also Rincon Plaza Hotel, an Inn at 17 Munoz Rivera Street, right in the middle of the town.

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4. Barrio Pueblo

Barrio Pueblo is the neighborhood close to Rincón’s Town Center.

image of Lala Beach
Lala’s Beach is one of the most swimming friendly beaches in the area.

The best family-friendly beaches are in Barrio Pueblo.

If you want to spend time at the beach and stay in a place within walking distance from it, then you should stay at Barrio Pueblo.

Dive shops, surf shops, restaurants, and Food Trucks are in Barrio Pueblo.

And since Barrio Pueblo is in the middle of Rincón’s town, you can easily access any other amenity in the city if you stay there.

Below is a video of Balneario de Rincón:

You will find Rincón of the Seas Grand Caribbean Hotel at Barrio Pueblo. Villa Cofresi and Coconut Palms Inn are more budget-friendly accommodations.

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5. Corcega

In Playa Corcega, you will find long white sandy beaches, palm and almond trees, and hawksbill turtle nesting grounds.

image of Corcega Beach
Corcega Beach is lined with almond trees and offers visitors a tranquil swimming experience.

People stay in Corcega to relax on the beach and enjoy nearby restaurants.

The calm waters of Corcega Beach are perfect for swimming, kayaking, and Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

Check out Corcega in the following video:

In Corcega, several condos offer short-term accommodations. If you prefer something more private, you can stay at Inns like Corcega Beach House.


6. Road 429

Road 429 will take you to the mountains along the coast of Rincón.

image of the view from Road 429
The views from Road 429 will be perfect when it’s time to experience the areas legendary sunsets over the water.

This road is the perfect spot for those who like to relax but want to avoid getting on the beach.

While staying on Road 429, you can see why they call Rincón the town of beautiful sunsets.

And because Rincón is a small town, you will always be 15 to 20 minutes away from any of Rincón’s amenities. 

Here’s a video of Rincón’s Sunset:

Road 429 has a lot of short-term rentals and Inns that will help you enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation.


7. Barrero

Barrio Barrero is in the southeast of Rincón, close to the town of Anasco.

Playa Los Almendros is in Barrio Barrero. It has countless almond trees that give the beach its name.

For history enthusiasts (like me), there is an exciting place to visit at Barrio Barrero, The Rincón Tunnel.

When Puerto Rico produced sugar cane in the early 20th century, a railroad system carried cane throughout the island. 

They made many tunnels to divert rainwater away from the tracks to protect them.

You can see one of those tunnels at Barrero.

Below is a video of the hidden tunnel in Rincón:

You can stay at a few Inns like Lemmon Tree Ocean Front or Rincón Beach House.

The Rincón Beach Resort is in the town of Anasco but only a few minutes from Rincón.


FAQ section

What is the best area to stay in Rincón, Puerto Rico?

Barrio Pueblo is the best area to stay in Rincón. You are in the middle of the town and minutes away from everything Rincón offers.

What is the best place to stay in Rincón for families?

Corcega is the best place for families who want to stay in Rincón. The calm waters, restaurants, and other things you can do in the area are great for families.


Final thoughts

Rincón is an excellent destination for those seeking a slow-paced, relaxed vacation.

Barrio Pueblo is the best place to stay in Rincón since it is in the middle of the town, making it close to everything that Rincón has to offer. 

You can drive across Rincón in 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, where to stay depends on the type of environment you prefer. 

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Where To Stay In Rincón (2024) – 7 Best Places & Areas
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