22 Best Things To Do In Rincón, Puerto Rico (2024)

Rincón is the surf capital of Puerto Rico.

But it has more to offer than just perfect waves. 

Being from Puerto Rico, I know Rincón well because it is my second home.

In this article, I will cover the 22 best things to do in Rincón, Puerto Rico:


1. Learn to surf

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy what Rincón offers.

But when you see all those surfers having fun, you will want to learn to surf.

image of a guy surfing at Rincon
Surfing in Rincón, with views of Desecheo Island in the background.

Rincón Surf School, Surf787, and Puntas Surf School are a few options.

For more information, check out my article on the Top Surf Spots In Puerto Rico (most are in Rincón).


2. Scuba dive

Scuba diving in Rincón is an activity you have to try.

You can scuba dive in Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, where you will meet some turtles, fish, and other marine life.

image of scuba divers in Rincon
Scuba diving is the perfect way to explore the underwater world of Rincón.

The most significant Elk Horn Coral Community of Puerto Rico is in Steps Beach — scuba diving among it is an unforgettable experience.

If you are not a certified SCUBA diver, don’t worry, you can become one with an open water diver course.

Read our article Best Dive Sites In Puerto Rico for more information.


3. Snorkel

One of the best snorkeling spots on the main island of Puerto Rico is Steps Beach at Rincón.

Tres Palmas Marine Reserve is home to parrot fish, blue tang, surgeonfish, and many others. 

image of 2 girls snorkeling at Rincon
Tres Palmas, or Steps Beach, is one of the best snorkel spots in Puerto Rico.

You will also interact with turtles and spiny lobsters.

Some companies offer snorkeling tours. Learn more about snorkeling by reading our article Best Snorkeling Spots in Puerto Rico, where Tres Palmas made the list.


4. Paddle board

In Rincón, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea unite.

Beaches are unique and suitable for several water sports.

Paddle boarding is one of the fastest-growing activities in Rincón.

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Some companies will rent you a paddle board, give you paddle board classes and even take you on tour.

Watching the sunset on a paddle board in Rincón is a great experience.

Maria’s Beach is an excellent place for paddle boarding and paddle board surfing. 


5. Fishing

If you like fishing, come to Rincón.

Rincón has the perfect fishing experiences, from rod and reel fishing on Kayak, spearfishing, and even deep-sea fishing near the uninhabited island of Desecheo.

Mahi Mahi, Tarpon, Snook, Sailfish, and Yellowfin Tuna are fish you can catch in Rincón waters.

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6. Swimming

El Balneario of Rincón (Rincón Municipal Beach) is a great place to swim.

A roped-off area is safe for kids and adults alike.

The Balneario offers free parking, restrooms, showers, and an option to rent gazebos.

image of El Balneario of Rincon
The Balneario is a great place for a family beach day.

Exercise caution while swimming — there are no lifeguards on duty on this beach.

Always remember the universal water safety rule; “never alone.” 

There is a small shopping center near the Balneario where you can buy souvenirs and food and have artisanal ice cream.


7. Whale watching

From January to March, humpback whales (Megaptera Novaeangliae) come to tropical waters to rest, mate, and care for their calves.

You can see these magnificent animals if you are patient and lucky. Some companies offer sunset boat whale-watching tours.

Check out whale watching in Rincón in the following video:

You can also try to see the whales from the lighthouse El Faro Punta Higuera.

If you are a Certified Open Water Scuba Diver, take the boat trip to dive at Desecheo. On that tour, chances are that you will encounter some humpback whales.


8. Mountain bike

If you like mountain biking, visit Rincón Domes MTB Trail.

This trail is about 3.8 miles (6 kilometers) and can be pretty challenging.

The uphill and downhill sections of the trail will test your abilities.

Below is a video showing Domes MTB trails at Rincón:

Go to Tres Palmas Marine Reserve/Steps Beach for a more relaxing and less challenging mountain bike trail.


9. Take a hike

If you are a walker, you will love Rincón. Take a refreshing morning walk or a relaxing afternoon hike.

You can walk in Sandy Beach, hike on Tres Palmas Marine reserve or stroll down the streets of the town square.

image of Tres Palmas Marine Reserve
Tres Palmas Marine Reserve (Steps Beach), not only has great snorkeling, but it is an excellent place to walk along the coastline.

Córcega Beach stretches for more than a mile for a great walk.


10. El Último Brinco (The Last Jump)

On road 411, you will find El Ultimo Brinco waterfall and swim hole.

The last jump is like an oasis in the middle of a residential area.

Steep rock walls surround the waterfall.

image of El Ultimo Brinco waterfall
El Ultimo Brinco is a nice spot for a picnic and taking in the nature of Rincón.

Sometimes you will see locals jumping off the rock to the swimming hole. 

El Ultimo Brinco is one of Puerto Rico’s best waterfalls.

For more information, check out the Best Waterfalls In Puerto Rico.


11. Visit the lighthouse

 A trip to Rincón is only complete with a visit to Faro Punta Higuera. There is a small park around the lighthouse.

image of Faro Punta lighthouse
Faro Punta lighthouse is a must visit spot in Rincón.

You will get a great view of Domes and Marías Beach, and you can also buy refreshments and artisan-made souvenirs.

The lighthouse is the best place to watch whales from January to March. They have free parking space at the lighthouse.

On Weekends there is a piraguas (shaved ice cone) cart. Try the coconut-flavored piragua. 


12. Eat fresh seafood

There are several restaurants in Rincón where you can eat the catch of the day.

Go to Maria’s Beach if you like oysters, clams, and octopus salads. Close to the beach, you will find what looks like a hot dog cart but is an oyster stand. In addition, several places sell empanadillas de mariscos (seafood turnovers).

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If you are staying in an Airbnb or another place where you have access to a kitchen, try buying freshly caught fish at La Pescaderia (Rincón Fish Market)


13. Join a conservation effort

Steps Beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

The community has been fighting to protect it for decades. On January 2004, the government designated the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve to protect this area, a huge win for nature enthusiasts.

The TPMR is the most significant conservation effort in the Islands of Puerto Rico. 

image of Steps Beach, PR
The famous steps at Tres Palmas.

Surfrider Foundation Rincón Chapter has an army of volunteers that conserve the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. You can join the conservation effort by volunteering, donating, or buying something at The SRF Rincón store.

Surfrider Foundation Rincón allows you to become an environmental protector and be part of a larger-than-life movement.

For more information, visit Rincón Surfrider.


14. Relax

If you arrive in Rincón with a lot of stress, this town will help you. Rincón is a laid-back place. 

Time goes by slowly in the town of beautiful sunsets. 

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Get a beach chair or a hammock and head to the beach.

Let the sound of the waves and the sea breeze help you relax.


15. Yoga

Many people from the United States mainland have moved to Rincón and brought their lifestyles with them. Yoga and Pilates are big in Rincón.

There are several places where you can practice yoga in Rincón.

image of yoga class in Rincon
Try a yoga class by the beach in Rincón.

You park, walk a few steps to the beach and immerse yourself in this ancient practice.

The beach will enhance your yoga session.

If you practice Pilates, you can join a class and work out with a certified teacher.


16. Workout

You will notice that people in Rincón are very fit. They have plenty of places to exercise. You can walk, run, jog, hike, or visit a gym.

Rincón has one of the most committed CrossFit communities in Puerto Rico. If you are into Crossfit, go to one of Rincon’s Boxes, and you will have a great workout.

Check out the video below to see one of the free, outdoor tracks in Rincón:


17. Farmer’s Market

El Mercado Agro-Ecologico or The Rincón Farmers Market opens on Sunday at 9 am.

In The Farmer’s Market, you will find various locally grown products.

image of Rincon Farmers Market
The farmers market is a must-visit destination while you are in Rincón.

Most, if not all, of the products you find in RFM, are organic. They also have locally prepared food and pastries. 

Who would have thought they could find Falafel and Jack fruit in Rincón?

Don’t have breakfast before going to the Farmer’s Market.


18. Artisan Night

Every Thursday in Rincón’s Town Square, they have The Art Walk. El Paseo de Los Artesanos is something you must experience.

From 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, artisans and artists sell their artwork at the plaza.

image showing the art walk in Rincón
The Art Walk in Rincón is famous across the island.

There is live music and fun in a safe environment. You can pick a few gifts for your loved ones back home. They also have good food freshly prepared there.

You can even get a relaxing massage. 

The Art Walk is an excellent opportunity to see the festive spirit of Puerto Ricans.


19. Enjoy the view

Rincón’s landscape is unique.

There are mountains and hills very close to the shore.

image of El Faro de Rincon
The unique landscape of Rincón makes it the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the view.

From these hills, you will get a stunning view of the ocean. Try driving down road 115 to Domes beach, and you will love the scenery.

Many people go to Rincón Beach House Bar & Grill to enjoy the view from there. On clear days, you will see Desecheo Island from any beach in Rincón.


20. Sunset

Rincón’s nickname is El Pueblo de Los Bellos Atardeceres, the town of beautiful sunsets.

You will agree with the town’s nickname when you see the sunset at Rincón.

The combination of colors painting the sky will leave you speechless.

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There are many places where you can see Rincón’s sunset.

My favorite place to see this natural wonder is Punta Higueras Lighthouse.

A sunset boat trip is one of the best ways to enjoy Rincón’s sunset.


21. Go extreme

Extreme water sports enthusiasts will have a great time in Rincón. Fly over one of Rincón’s beaches on a parasail. 

image of a parasailing experience in Rincón
Rincón offers many experiences for adrenaline seekers.

Rise above the ocean on a hydro flight (a personal watercraft pushes pressurized water up a hose and then splits into multiple jet nozzles that create a lift for the device and the rider).

Glide above the water on an eFoil (and an electric-powered surfboard that needs no waves).

Kite surf or speed up on a watercraft along the waters of Rincón. 

Adrenaline seekers can choose from plenty of options.


22. Bioluminescence Tour

Rincón does not have a bioluminescent bay, but it is just a short drive from La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay in Lajas.

Rincón is only 28 miles from La Parguera Bio Bay.

image of 2 girls swimming in La Parguera Bioluminescence Bay
Two women swimming in a bio bay.

Puerto Rico has three different bio bays. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and can’t be missed. 

You can learn more about Puerto Rico’s bio bays in our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.


FAQ section

What to do in Rincón, Puerto Rico when it rains?

When it rains, you can have a hot cup of coffee in one of Rincón's many coffee shops. The coffee aroma mixed with the petrichor (the earthy scent produced by rain) will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

What are some romantic things to do in Rincón?

Walk on Sandy Beach and pick up some sea glass as a reminder of your time in Rincón. Watch the sunset together, and you will see your significant other in a different light - pun intended.


Final thoughts

If you are planning to visit Puerto Rico, then you should definitely spend time in the town of Rincón

My favorite things to do in Rincón are surfing and kayaking in the nearby bio bay.

Rincón has a prominent expat community; you will feel welcomed and have a great time in this peaceful, beautiful town.

For more activities in Puerto Rico, you can read our article 45 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico.

22 Best Things To Do In Rincón, Puerto Rico (2024)
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