15 Best Waterfalls in Puerto Rico (2024)

There are over 60 waterfalls with natural pools that you can visit in Puerto Rico.

I have been taking people to some of these waterfalls since my years in college.

In this article, I will show you the 15 best waterfalls in Puerto Rico. 

Disclaimer: PuertoRico.com wants you to be safe. Before going to the waterfalls, check the weather. Rainfall in upper streams may cause flash floods that can put you in harm’s way. 


1. Salto Collores, Juana Diaz 

Salto Collores is seventy miles south of San Juan.

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The access to the waterfalls is through Don Lemuel’s property. He will charge you a small parking fee.

The waterfalls are about 35 feet in height and fall into a nice pool with various depths.

Watch the video below of Salto de Collores:

In some areas, the water is shallow enough for you to sit. In other areas, the water is deep enough to jump to the water from the tall rocks.

To the fall’s right, you can walk a steep trail that leads to a swimming spot.

Be careful, the road is slippery and muddy.

The Google map below shows the exact location:


2. La Coca Falls, El Yunque

image of La Coca Falls
La Coca Falls in El Yunque.

La Coca is one of the most famous waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

Located on El Yunque’s main road, the waters of La Coca Falls drop 85 feet (25 meters) onto a massive rock formation at the bottom.

Watch the video below of La Coca Falls:

The place is excellent for taking photos and is the most accessible waterfall in Puerto Rico. Try to be there when El Yunque opens; it gets pretty crowded. Reservation is required before entering El Yunque.

If you want to get closer to the waterfall, be careful, those wet rocks can be very slippery.

Below is the exact location in Google Maps:

For more information, read our article El Yunque National Forest – All You Need To Know.


3. Cascada La Mina, Rio Grande

La Mina Waterfall is the most famous in El Yunque.

image of Cascada La Mina
Cascada La Mina in Rio Grande.

A 45-minute hike down the La Mina trail will get you to the falls.

See La Mina in the video below:

La Mina is an exquisite waterfall that drops over 35 feet into a beautiful pool where you can swim in the cool refreshing water or merely rest and enjoy the view.

The trail is challenging, especially on the return when you have to climb several concrete steps.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


4. Juan Diego Falls, Rio Grande

Juan Diego Falls is not one but two waterfalls in El Yunque. You will find the small one after a ten-minute easy hike.

image of Juan Diego Falls
Juan Diego falls in Rio Grande.

Located near kilometer 9.8 of Road 191.

To get to the big waterfall, you will have to climb a steep muddy road that is quite challenging.

Watch the video below of Juan Diego Falls:

But believe me, once you get to the waterfall, you will thank yourself for being brave enough to climb. Refresh yourself in the cold water before you head back.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


5. Las Paylas, Luquillo

Water coming down from El Yunque forms this natural water slide.

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There are two slides; the small and slower one is about 15 feet long, and the big and fast one is about 30 feet long.

Check out Las Paylas in the video below:

Once Google Maps indicates that you have arrived, look for a gated house. Park there, and they will charge you a small fee worth every penny.

Do not leave Las Paylas without getting into the small waterfall cavern.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Read more about the area in our article Luquillo – All You Need To Know.


6. El Survivor Waterfall, Patillas

Carite Forest is magnificent. It spreads across five towns; Cayey, Caguas, San Lorenzo, Guayama, and Patillas.

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Los Tres Chorros and El Survivor Waterfalls in Patillas are part of this forest.

Three small waterfalls feed three natural pools. Tall rocks from which some daring people jump to the water surround these swim holes.

See El Survivor in the video below:

The best way to get to El Survivor is to park next to Los 3 Chorros Sports Bar on Road PR 184 Kilometer 12.3, walk down the street, and follow the path. El Survivor is a trendy place, so it gets crowded.

See the exact location of El Survivor in the video below:


7. Mete Miedo Falls, Orocovis 

The name says it all, “scary falls”.

image of Mete Miedo Falls
Mete Miedo falls in Orocovis.

You can see this waterfall from Road 157 but unfortunately is by far the hardest one to access in all of Puerto Rico.

It would be best if you had a guided tour and equipment to get there.

See Salto Mete Miedo in the video below:

Nevertheless, just seeing this natural wonder from the street is worth the trip.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


8. Doña Juana Falls, Orocovis

image of Dona Juana Falls
Doña Juana falls in Orocovis.

You will not drive to Orocovis to see a waterfall from afar.

See Dona Juana in the video below:

Mete Miedo is almost inaccessible, but Doña Juana Falls is on Road 149 Kilometer 41.5; you can park at the side of the road and descend at the bridge to get to a swimming hole.

See the exact location on the Google Map below:

Three small chutes make this breathtaking natural wonder. Not only is the view stunning, but once you get out of your vehicle, the sound of the water falling is mesmerizing.


9. Salto Curet, Maricao

Hidden Gem, indeed.

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It is not easy to get to Salto Curet. First, you have to drive through the mountains on narrow roads. Once you get to the parking spot, you must walk for half an hour to get to El Salto.

Check out Salto Curet in the video below:

The last 10-minute hike is upstream.

It would be best if you were in good physical shape to make the trail. But once you get there, you will say it was worth it.

A hundred feet of waterfalls drop into a beautiful pool. The tranquility of the place is unsurpassed.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

10. Las Tinajas, Ceiba

Las Tinajas Waterfalls are in Rio Fajardo but in the town of Ceiba.

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Many people and some sites wrongfully place Las Tinajas in the town of Fajardo.

See Las Tinajas in the video below:

It is easier to park on the pink house’s lot at the end of the road and walk to the waterfalls.

Las Tinajas has two parts; the lower section has a deep pool with a rope swing, and the upper part with a deep pool, two waterfalls, and a small waterslide into a pool.

See Las Tinajas Falls exact location in the Google Map below:


11. Gozalandia, San Sebastian

The western town of San Sebastian has two accessible waterfalls.

Gozalandia is the most popular, and it gets crowded.

image of Gozalandia Waterfall
Gozalandia Waterfall in San Sebastian.

The waterfalls drop 60 feet into a deep pool. This pool also has an underwater cave.

See Gozalandia in the video below:

Getting into that cave is an adrenaline rush, not for everybody. You have to pay a parking fee, but once you are there, you can walk on a cement path that will take you to the central falls.

If you take the other cement path uphill, you will find a smaller pool with a rope swing.

Be careful if you see the locals jumping from the rocks to the water; they make it look easier and safer than it is.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


12. Salto Collazo, San Sebastian

Salto Collazo is a tall waterfall, about one hundred feet, and is located east of San Sebastian on the way to Lares on Route 111 at KM 26.8.

image of Salto Collazo
Salto Collazo Waterfall in San Sebastian.

It’s right near the intersection of Route 111 and Road 448.

See Salto Collazo in the video below:

As you cross the bridge, the waterfall will be right there. Park on the side of the road and descend to the base of the natural pool.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:


13. La Planta, Arecibo

La Planta was a hydroelectric power plant that is no longer in use.

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This waterfall is perfect if you don’t want to hike much.

If you arrive early, you can park in front of the old plant. You will see somebody charging a small fee to look after your vehicle.

See the La Planta in the video below:

I recommend that you spare a few dollars. In a couple of minutes, you will find the first waterfall. You can walk upriver to an even bigger waterfall in five minutes.

La Planta is an excellent place for families.

See the exact location in the video below:


14. El Ultimo Brinco, Rincon

Few people know about this waterfall.

image of El Ultimo Brinco
El Ultimo Brinco In Rincon.

Follow the GPS, but when it tells you: “you have arrived,” continue on road 411 until kilometer 17.9; there, you will find a narrow road leading you to the falls.

See El Ultimo Brinco in the video below:

The waterfall is about 30 feet tall and drops to a beautiful swim hole. A Cross is on the top as a reminder that one should be careful; after all, El Ultimo Brinco means The Last Jump.

See the exact location in the Google Map below:

Photo used with permission from the owner of Jen There Done That


15. Salto Doña Justina o Salto La Loca, Aguada

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Salto Dona Justina is also known as Mad Lady’s Falls because the legend says that a woman jumped from the waterfalls to a certain death.

See Salto Dona Justina in the video below:

El Salto de Atalaya must be (until the publishing of this article) the less-known waterfall in all of Puerto Rico.

Leave your vehicle on the side of the road. Walk 15 minutes on a very challenging path, and you will find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

The peace and the connection with nature you find at Salto Dona Justina are worth the long trip to get there.

See the exact location of this waterfall in the Google Map below:


Final thoughts

When visiting Puerto Rico, going to a waterfall is a must.

Which one is the best? For the family, Gozalandia. For adventure Salto Curet. Las Tinajas for a natural waterpark. Need time with nature? Salto Dona Justina. 

No matter which waterfall you choose; you will have a wonderful time, and you will get out of the water, hungry.

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15 Best Waterfalls in Puerto Rico (2024)
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