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  • Ricky Martin Promoting Puerto Rico

    Ricky Martin was born in San Juan on 24 December 1971, and has become a role model for many Puerto Ricans. His determination to make a success of himself in the international music industry ...

  • Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico

    Operating as a private, non-profit organization, the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico (Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico) manages a number of the island's environmentally sensitive ...

  • Extremely Accomplished Musician José Feliciano

    José Feliciano was born in Lares, Puerto Rico, on 10 September 1945. Left permanently blind at birth as a result of congenital glaucoma, Feliciano rose above his adverse circumstances to ...

  • Sightseeing and Recreation Galore on Isla de Cabras

    San Juan, in Puerto Rico, is a favorite holiday destination for travelers, as its magnificent history that can be seen and felt in the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and its active ...

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  • Business


    We receive numerous inquires about Puerto Rico singles virtually every day from both people in Puerto Rico and from other countries throughout the world. Many of these people are looking for single Puerto Rico women or men who would be interested in dating online or even in real life. Puerto Rico's online community is quite large and many of these people are looking for the man or woman of ...

  • Museums

    Tropical Forest Center

    Inaugurated in 1996, the El Portal Rain Forest Center provides the perfect introduction to the wonders of a tropical rain forest. The Center, which was designed by the Sierra Cardona Ferrer architectural firm, is situated in amidst the Caribbean National Forest and can be reached by the PR 191. Its unusual use of architecture is meant to mirror certain elements of the forest and the whole ...

  • Attractions


    Puerto Rico is a beautiful island situated at the heart of the Caribbean. Surrounded by crystal clear, beautifully blue waters, this sizable island is home to a variety of natural habitats – from coastal forest to rock estuaries. Inland you will find farms and denser forest while along the coast you will find mangrove swamps, coral reefs and other watery areas. There are rocky coves complete ...

  • Hotels

    Hotels in Mayaguez

    Mayaguez Resort & Casino - Located in the town of Mayaguez on the west coast of Puerto Rico, the Mayaguez Resort & Casino lies nestled in picturesque surroundings with a stunning view of the bay. Set in twenty acres of land, the resort is conveniently located around fifteen minutes from the center of Mayaguez and the University of Puerto Rico, and fifteen minutes for the Eugenino Maria de ...

  • Activities


    If you’re a surfer who is thinking about visiting Puerto Rico soon, don’t forget to pack in your board. This island may be famous for tranquil blue Caribbean seas and great hospitality, but there are certain beaches which are perfect for surfing. In fact, Puerto Rico enjoys good quality waves for most of the year because of the tropical storms and low pressure areas which are common around ...

  • Hotels


    Four Points at Palmas Del Mar - Located on the beachfront, just 45 minutes from downtown San Juan, the Four Points by Sheraton Resort & Casino at Palmas Del Mar has plenty to offer holidaymakers visiting this scenic spot in Puerto Rico. With beautifully landscaped gardens, sparkling blue swimming pools, tall palm trees swaying in the breeze and a long stretch of sandy beach with waves gently ...

  • Regions

    If you are considering traveling to another country, you might well consider Puerto Rico as the ideal destination. Flights are constant and accessible and there are many vacation packages set up to cater for various needs.

  • Courses

    Caguas Real Golf Club

    Golfers will be happy to know that Puerto Rico has some fine golfing establishments where they can keep in top shape while visiting the country – whether they are visiting for business or pleasure. One of these golf clubs is the Caguas Real Golf Club located in Caguas. The resort features eighteen spectacular holes of golf and makes the perfect venue for a great day of golfing.


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