12 Best Zipline Adventure Parks and Tours in Puerto Rico (2024)

Puerto Rico has an abundance of ziplining experiences to choose from.

Did you know that the longest zipline in America is in Puerto Rico? 

Well, now you do! 

I’ve had the pleasure of ziplining in Puerto Rico, and I can tell you that it’s one of the most exciting adventures that the island has to offer.

Below are the 12 best zipline adventure parks and tours in Puerto Rico:


1. Toro Verde Adventure Park 

Toro Verde is the largest zipline park in Puerto Rico.

It is home to the longest zipline in America, known as “The Monster”. 

image of Toro Verde's zipline
View of Toro Verde’s zipline.

This zipline is 2.5-kilometer long and you can ride it like a superhero over the mountains of the central region. 

Toro Verde also has other attractions like Toro Bikes, zipline circuits, suspended bridges, and canopy zip lines. 

Below is a video that shows “The Monster” zipline in Toro Verde Adventure Park:

Toro Verde is located in Orocovis.

You can visit on a tour, or by driving yourself there in a rental car.

But beware! The mountain roads of Orocovis aren’t for the faint-hearted!

Below is a Google Map that shows the location of Toro Verde Adventure Park:

You can see the exact pricing and book your tickets by visiting Toro Verde’s website. 


2. Rainforest Zipline Park

Another popular zipline adventure park in Puerto Rico is the Rainforest Zipline Park in the Rio Grande.

This outdoor park offers a ride with beautiful views of El Yunque National Rainforest.

image of Rainforest's zipline
Passengers enjoying the zipline in the Rio Grande.

Visitors can choose from a variety of experiences including ziplines, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, and even a Tarzan swing. 

Their most popular zipline tour includes eight zip lines that cross the rainforest and a canopy.

See it in the following video:

The Rainforest Zipline Park is 35 minutes away from the airport. You can reach the park by taxi, private tour, or rental car.

Pin this location to save the Google Map address for The Rainforest Zipline Park:

Make your reservations and see the exact pricing on Rainforest Zipline Park’s website. 


3. JungleQui Zipline Park 

JungleQui is another zipline park you’ll find in El Yunque National Forest.

image of JungleQui's zipline
View of El Yunque from the JungleQui zipline.

This adventure park boasts 11 ziplines and a rappel 45 feet high. The circuit allows both adults and children to cross the rainforest in a fun and thrilling experience. 

Take a sneak peek at the following video:

The park offers daily tours and discounted pricing for kids.

JungleQui Zipline Park is located 35 minutes from the San Juan airport. The park offers pick-up for an additional fee, but taxis and rental cars are other transportation alternatives.

Here is the location exact location on Google Maps:

For detailed pricing and booking information, visit the JungleQui website. 


4. EcoQuest Campo Rico ziplining adventure

Visitors don’t have to go far from the airport to enjoy a Puerto Rico zipline adventure park.

image of EcoQuest Campo Rico's zipline
Person gliding down the EcoQuest zipline.

EcoQuest in Campo Rico, Carolina, includes seven zip lines, canopy bridges, hiking, and rappelling in their tours.

One of the ziplines is among the longest in Puerto Rico, with an extension of 1,000 thousand feet. 

The highlight of the tour for many is finishing the zipline tour at the bar in Hacienda Campo Rico.

Check out this video to see more of the tour:

Hacienda Campo Rico is 22 minutes away from the San Juan airport by taxi or rental car.

Here is the exact location of Hacienda Campo Rico on Google Maps:

You can book your zipline tour and find exact pricing on the EcoQuest website


5. Rocaliza zipline and waterfall rappelling adventure

If you’re truly looking for an exhilarating zipline adventure with much more than just zip lines, you should take a zipline tour with Rocaliza Adventure Tours.

image of Rocaliza's zipline
A person enjoying the zipline in the Carite forest.

The Rocaliza zipline and waterfall tour takes place in the Carite Forest, located in the mountainous center of Puerto Rico. 

In this full-day adventure, visitors will hike, climb up the river with ropes, do ziplining, and rappel down El Salto Waterfall.

See part of the adventure below:

They offer complimentary pick-up in certain hotels in San Juan, but you can do the 50-minute drive in a rental car.

You can see Rocaliza’s location here on Google Maps:

Book the tour and find pricing details on Rocaliza Adventure Tours website. 


6. Toro Verde Urban Park

If Toro Verde in Orocovis seems a little too far for you, then visit Toro Verde Urban Park in San Juan. 

image of Toro Verde Urban Park's zipline
Passenger riding the zipline at Toro Verde Urban Park.

The Blazing Bull and Sky Bull ziplines allow you to fly over different parts of the T-Mobile District with breathtaking views of the capital. 

Visitors can also enjoy other activities in the area like rock climbing, a rope circuit, and an arcade.  

See Toro Verde Urban Park in the video below:

You can either drive yourself there or take a 15-minute taxi ride.

Find the Google Maps location below:

Find more photos on their Instagram and make a reservation on the Toro Verde Urban Park’s website.


7. Don Frappe & Don Maceta

For kids without any experience with zip lines, the best zipline adventure park is Don Frappe in Añasco. 

image of Don Frappe & Don Maceta's zipline
View of the parking lot under the zipline at Don Frappe.

Don Frappe has a simple canopy-style zip line that goes over the park. But, the park also has a rope circuit, restaurants, and bumper carts.

You can preview the experience in the following video:

You don’t need reservations and the park is open daily. You can reach Don Frappe by renting a car and driving two hours to the west of Puerto Rico.

Pin the location in Google Maps below:


8. Ziplines of the Aerostatic Balloon

The Ziplines of the Aerostatic Balloon in Jayuya are one of the best zipline adventure parks in Puerto Rico. 

image of Aerostatic Balloon's zipline
A person preparing to ride a zipline at Aerostatic Balloon.

Very few visitors know these ziplines exist and miss out on this hidden gem. 

The Ziplines of the Aerostatic Balloon are the tallest in the Caribbean, with an altitude of over three thousand feet above sea level.

See them in this video:

To get there you need to rent a car and drive around 2 hours to Jayuya.

Below is the exact location in Google Maps:

The pricing at The Ziplines of the Aerostatic Balloon is great value. Find more information by accessing their Facebook page. 


9. Jerry’s Adventures

Jerry’s Adventures Zipline Tour is another alternative to ziplining on the base of El Yunque.

image of Jerry’s Adventures zipline
Person gliding on a zipline with Jerry’s Adventures.

This tour includes 11 ziplines and 8 rappelling stations. The tour lasts about 5 hours and visitors can choose between two time slots. 

Although you can reach this destination 40 minutes away from the airport in a taxi or a rental car, the Jerry’s Adventure Zipline Tour offers transportation.

Below is a Google Map pin for El Yunque National Forest:

Check out videos on Jerry’s Adventures’ social media to see videos of the tour, and visit their website to book a tour.  


10. Westside Adventures cave tubing

Westside Adventures offers a mixed tour that combines ziplines with cave tubing and rappelling. 

The 250-foot-long zipline gives visitors a thrilling view of two caves followed by tubing through the canyon, exploring a submerged cave, swimming, and climbing. 

Check out part of the tour in the video below:

If you’re driving a rental car, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to Arecibo.

Westside Adventures offers transportation for an additional fee.

See the following location in Google Maps:

You can book a tour and find pricing information here


11. Yunque Zip Lining

Yunque Zip Lining is in Luquillo City. It offers visitors 5 ziplines between 400 and 1,000 feet long. 

image of a beachYunque Zip Lining's zipline
View from the zipline in Luquillo.

Besides ziplining, tour guides will hike with you through the rainforest explaining your surroundings and fun facts about El Yunque. 

Below you can see the tour in this video:

You will also cross a canopy bridge ideal for snapping your Instagram picture.

Pin the following location in Google Maps to get there:

You can book a tour and find pricing information on the Yunque Ziplining website.


12. Batey Zipline Adventures 

Batey Adventures offers one of the best Puerto Rico zipline tours. Their tour combines 5 zip lines, hiking, rappelling, kayaking, and swimming in natural pools.

image of Batey Adventures zipline
A person on a zipline at Batey Adventures.

With this tour, you can even visit one of the top hanging bridges in Puerto Rico, La Jamaka, and the astonishing Cueva del Arco.

The tour is somewhat demanding, but even kids over 8 years old can do it. Discounted pricing is offered to children.

See the tour’s highlights in this video:

An important note you should know is that as of September 2022, this tour is temporarily unavailable, as they are renovating the facilities. 

Reaching Utuado from San Juan takes about 2 hours and you need to rent a car to get there.

Pin the exact location below in Google Maps:

Keep an eye on their website or call (787) 484-3860 for future updates, booking, and pricing details.


Final thoughts

Ziplining is a must-do activity in Puerto Rico for people who like adventure. 

For a unique zipline experience, Toro Verde Adventure Park and the Ziplines of the Aerostatic Balloon in Jayuya are your best options.

However, the Westside Adventures Cave Tubing and Batey Zipline Adventures offer the best value for money.

Finally, Rainforest Zipline Park, JungleQui Zipline Park, and Yunque Zip Lining are fun ways to explore El Yunque.

Are you interested in more outdoor adventures? Check out our guide that shows the top outdoor activities in Puerto Rico.

12 Best Zipline Adventure Parks and Tours in Puerto Rico (2024)
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