30 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico (2024) – All You Need To Know

Puerto Rico has nearly 300 beaches.

Some of these beaches are considered to be the best in the world. 

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for over 14 years, meaning that I’ve been to all of the top coastal spots. 

In this article, I will cover 30 beaches in Puerto Rico that you can’t miss:


1. Flamenco Beach – Culebra

Flamenco Beach is an award-winning beach located in Culebra, Puerto Rico. 

image of Flamenco Beach
Flamenco Beach.

This is a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters, palm trees, diamond-dusted sand, and an Instagram-worthy abandoned tank.

You can view the exact location of Flamenco Beach on Google Maps below: 

You can learn more about this beach, how to get there, and its historic abandoned tank in our article Flamenco Beach – All You Need To Know.


2. Crash Boat Beach – Aguadilla

Crash Boat Beach is a favorite among all Puerto Ricans who visit.

image of Crash Boat beach
The pier at Crash Boat Beach.

Located on the west side of Puerto Rico, this beach offers clear waters, food kiosks, and fun activities such as jet skiing and other water sports rentals. 

Due to the popularity of this beach, it fills up quickly, especially during the morning. If you’re coming from San Juan, I suggest planning the road trip early in the morning. 

Below is a Google Map that shows the location of Crash Boat Beach: 

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3. Carolina Beach – Carolina

Carolina Beach is one of the best urban beaches in the Caribbean!

image of Carolina beach seashore
Carolina Beach.

Located near strips of hotels, restaurants, and even the airport, this is a famous beach among tourists and locals of Puerto Rico.

image of Carolina beach
Advisory sign at Carolina Beach.

You’ll even find a small water park for children at the end of the beach with a $4 entrance fee.

image of water park
Water park at Carolina Beach.

This beach is perfect for enjoying the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean without traveling far from the metro area. If you’re staying in Isla Verde, this is the perfect beach.

Here’s how you can get to this beach using Google Maps:

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4. Aviones Beach – Loiza

Aviones Beach is perfect if you love to surf.

image of aviones beach
Aviones Beach.

Located in Loiza, it’s close to the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and offers local festivals, music, and delicious local food.

Surfers love coming here. It’s not recommended for beginning surfers, but you can always have fun in the water and watch the pros do their tricks. 

You can visit the beach by following this pin on Google Maps:

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5. Balneario del Escambron – Old San Juan

Escambron Beach is a family-friendly beach near Old San Juan’s entrance.

image of Escambron beach
Lifeguard stands at Escambron Beach.

This beach offers the same charm and unique features the beaches on the West Coast have, without having to travel to the West Coast! 

My favorite thing about this beach is that it allows you to dive with Scuba Dogs.

I once saw a sea horse when scuba diving with them.

Find the exact location of this beach using the Google Map below:

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6. Playita del Condado – San Juan

Playita del Condado is one of the smallest beaches you’ll ever encounter!

image of Playita del Condado
Playita del Condado.

Hence the name Playita (small beach), this is the best family-friendly beach for swimming and relaxing under the sun.

The water is calm and has shallow spots perfect for your kids to swim in and for adults who want to float and enjoy the clear turquoise water.

There is no parking for this beach; you will need to park in the tourist district of Condado and walk towards Puente Dos Hermanos.

You can find directions to this beach by using the Google Maps pin below:

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7. Ocean Park Beach – San Juan

Grab onto your hats because this is one windy beach! 

image of Ocean Park Beach
Ocean Park Beach.

Ocean Park Beach is a laid-back beach that locals and tourists love to visit to enjoy a relaxing day.

There are plenty of shady spots for relaxing, and it’s famous for water sports like kitesurfing.

Find your way to Ocean Park Beach by using the Google Map below:


8. Cerro Gordo Beach – Vega Alta

Cerro Gordo Beach is one of the finest beaches you can visit!

image of Cerro Gordo beach
Cerro Gordo Beach.

This beach is very well-kept and maintained. It goes through biweekly water quality testing, and provides lifeguards, gated parking, a bathroom, showers, and even a snack bar!

Vega Alta is 45 minutes from San Juan, which is not very far. It has a local city vibe far from the metro area in San Juan. 

Save this pin when you take the trip to Cerro Gordo Beach:


9. Poza del Obispo Beach – Arecibo

This small beach is one of the unique beaches in Puerto Rico.

image of Poza del Obispo Beach
Poza del Obispo Beach.

The main attraction of this beach is the pool within the beach (La Poza).

This is one of my favorite beaches to visit; the big ocean waves crash into the coral reefs and cause a big, fun splash. 

Here is how you can get to this beach using Google Maps:


10. Jobos Beach – Isabela

This is another beach surfers love visiting.

image of Jobos Beach
Jobos Beach.

If you’re going to surf, paddleboard, or tan under the sun, this is the perfect beach for you.

There are beach bars and restaurants for you to visit, so you can sip away into paradise with a Piña Colada in one hand and a pincho in the other! 

Use this pin to find Playa Jobos on Google Maps:

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11. Balneario de Rincón – Rincón

This is one of the best beaches on the West Coast!

image of Balneario de Rincón
Balneario de Rincón.

The town of Rincón is a favorite among tourists, so it’s no surprise that this beautiful beach is a favorite among anyone who visits. 

The best part of this beach is waiting until 6:00 PM to see the gorgeous sunset to finish the day, an everyday activity many locals love!

You can visit the beach by using this pin on Google Maps:

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12. Cayo Aurora – Gilligan’s Island – Guánica

This is an island you need to visit!

image of Cayo Aurora
Cayo Aurora.

Cayo Aurora (Known as Gilligan’s Island) welcomes you with diamond sparkling waters and Instagram-worthy moments you’ll never forget.

It has shallow waters, so it’s easy to swim in, and it’s perfect to snorkel, just don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear! 

This is not a beach you can drive to; you’ll have to park at a small pier and take a water taxi to get there. The cost is around $10 and there is an extra charge to bring a cooler.

Find the location of Gilligan’s Island on the map below:

It’s recommended to call them for updated rates and hours before arriving; their phone number is +1 (787) 821-4941 


13. Seven Seas Beach – Fajardo

This beach is famous for its camping facilities.

image of Seven Seas Beach
Seven Seas Beach.

Home to trailer parks and campsites, this is a favorite among tourists too.

Seven Seas Beach is a “blue flag beach,” meaning it promises water quality, service, and safety.

You can visit the beach by going here using Google Maps:


14. Mar Chiquita Beach – Manati

This beach is a natural pool beach!

image of Mar Chiquita Beach
Mar Chiquita Beach.

This beach is just 45 minutes away from San Juan. It’s a natural pool beach because, along the cliffs, there’s an opening that welcomes the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to rush into this pool, creating a fun beach for the family to enjoy.

Save this pin on Google Maps for your trip to Mar Chiquita Beach:


15. Isla Cardona – Ponce

This is another beach located on a tiny island!

image of Isla Cardona
Isla Cardona.

Located in La Guancha In Ponce, a 30-minute boat ride off of Ponce. You can also get a private charter boat to take you to the beach.

I went there for the first time with my father last year on my birthday, and it was a relaxing all-day experience.

To get to La Guanca, you can go here using Google Maps:


16. Politas Beach – Salinas

This is a beach surrounded by beautiful mangroves and perfect for the family.

image of Politas Beach
Politas Beach.

It offers an ocean-view bar, bathrooms, and showers. What’s fascinating about this beach is a smaller island, a key, that you can get to walking on foot! 

If you pack a light bag and easy-to-carry cooler, you’ll be able to reach this key by walking over a dune that takes you through this marine path. 

I used to grow up going to this beach many times with my father, and we loved spending the beach day on that tiny island.

There’s a small parking fee to enter the beach, which is about $5.00.

You can get to this beach by following this pin on Google Maps:


17. Guajataca Beach – Quebradillas

Guajataca Beach has a personality like no other.

image of Guajataca beach
Guajataca Beach.

This beach includes a beautiful river and a historic railroad tunnel called the Guajataca Tunnel

This is a perfect beach to seek peace, quiet, and personal time, not so much for swimming. It’s built like a nature lovers playground.

Find Playa Guajataca by using the pin below:


18. La Poza de las Golondrinas – Isabela

This is another family-friendly beach pool the family will love!

image of La Poza de las Golondrinas
La Poza de las Golondrinas.

It’s a shallow beach, similar to Mar Chiquita, with no access to the open sea. This beach is located on the east side of Montone’s beach. With crystalline waters, you’ll never want to leave!

Save this pin before you take your trip to find Las Golondrinas:


19. Domes Beach – Rincon

Domes Beach is another beach for surfers to enjoy.

image of Domes beach
Domes Beach.

Because it’s a surfer-focused beach, the waves are often high and robust.

It’s great to relax and enjoy the day but be careful when swimming. 

This beach is on the island’s west side, about an hour and a half drive from San Juan.

You can reach this beach by driving to this location on Google Maps:


20. Playa Buyé – Cabo Rojo

This beach is perfect for you if you’re looking for calm waters.

image of Playa Buyé
Playa Buyé.

When I lived in Mayaguez in 2018, I would always visit this beach with my college friends. It’s a beloved beach town in Puerto Rico.

You’ll fall in love with the stunning scenery and flirtatious waves. It’s a tucked-away gem compared to the other beaches listed here. 

Find Playa Buyé by following this pin on Google Maps:


21. Combate Beach – Cabo Rojo

Combate Beach is loved by locals, and you’ll love it too!

image of Combate beach
Combate Beach.

You can enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach during the day, and a fun, festive ambiance at night during the weekends.

It’s family-friendly, with calm waters and shallow areas to enjoy. You can also find local Puerto Rican cuisine at great affordable prices.

You can visit the beach by driving here:


22. Cayo Icacos – Fajardo

Cayo Icacos is a small, inhabited island off the coast of Fajardo. 

image of Cayo Icacos
Cayo Icacos.

You can only get to Cayo Icacos on a boat and with reservations, but it’s worth every second of your time.

Perfect to swim, snorkel, or just lay out under the sun and get that nice Caribbean tan. 

View the location of Cayo Icacos on the map below:

You’ll need to book your tickets first by going here or visiting http://www.icacosislandwatertaxi.com/


23. La Monserrate – Luquillo

Just by the scenery of this beach, you’re going to fall in love!

image of La Monserrate
La Monserrate.

This blue flag beach meets the highest water quality standards, facilities, and more. 

You have a recipe for a perfect day with lots of palm trees, fine-dusted sand, and perfect sun. 

The beach is currently open Wednesday – Sunday. 

You can visit the beach by following this Google Maps pin:


24. Montones Beach – Isabela

Montone’s Beach is a natural pool with shallow waters perfect for everyone to enjoy.

image of Montone's beach
Montones Beach.

Out of all the natural pool beaches Isabela has to offer; this is the biggest one. 

This is a relatively unknown place for tourists and is crowded by locals; it’s perfect for an authentic Puerto Rican beach experience. 

Find the exact location of Montones Beach by following the pin below:


25. Sun Bay Beach – Vieques 

This is one of the best beaches Vieques has to offer.

image of Sun Bay Beach
Sun Bay Beach.

This pretty beach has all the facilities needed to ensure you have a pleasant day trip. 

To get to this beach, you’ll have to take the ferry to Ceiba, an hour-long drive from San Juan. Once the ferry arrives at Vieques, take a taxi van that will direct you to this beach.

Here’s how to get to the ferry terminal in Ceiba using Google Maps:

It’s highly recommended to reserve your tickets beforehand, you can get your reservations by going here.


26. Balneario de Boquerón – Cabo Rojo

If you ask any local or tourist which is the best beach in Cabo Rojo, they will always say Boquerón beach. 

Boquerón Beach offers a unique landscape, full of hundreds of coconut palm trees that make you think you’re in a postcard. 

You can visit this beach by following the Google Maps pin below:


27. Tortuga Beach – Culebrita

Tortuga Beach is located in Culebrita, a small island off the east coast of Culebra. 

image of Tortuga beach
Tortuga Beach.

The name comes from all the turtles who would visit the island for feeding purposes.

It’s an excellent beach for swimming and even better for snorkeling.  

This beach also offers excellent hiking trails that lead to other beaches and tidal pools. 

View the location of Culebrita Beach on the map below:


28. Survival Beach – Aguadilla

Survival Beach is the gem of Aguadilla. 

image of Survival beach
Survival Beach.

This is not a beach great for swimming, but for hiking lovers, you’ll have a splendid reward that awaits you at the end of the trail. 

To visit this beach, you can drive to this location using Google Maps:

Learn more in our article about Survival Beach. 


29. Caña Gorda – Guánica

Caña Gorda is one of the most visited beaches in all of Puerto Rico. 

image of Caña Gorda
Caña Gorda.

This beach is famous for snorkeling, swimming, and hiking.

It’s ideal for families to bring their children as it offers a children’s play area, restrooms, and lifeguards, and you can find several food vendors to enjoy local Puerto Rican cuisine.

Find the exact location of this beach using the pin below:


30. Poza de las Mujeres – Manatí

Saving the best for last, Poza Las Mujeres is the perfect summer beach to visit. 

image of Poza de las Mujeres
Poza de las Mujeres.

This natural pool is a dream come true; with clear water, clear blue skies, and soft golden sand, it’s a favorite among locals and residents of Manati.

Forget your worries and all your cares; Poza Las Mujeres is the beach to relax and have an unforgettable beach day.

You can save this pin before your trip for the exact location of Poza Las Mujeres:


FAQ section

What is the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico?

The most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico is the award-winning Flamenco Beach, in Culebra.

What is the best beach in Puerto Rico?

The best beach in Puerto Rico is Crash Boat beach.

Which part of Puerto Rico has the best beaches?

The north shorelines have the best beaches in Puerto Rico.


Final thoughts

In this article, I listed the 30 best beaches in Puerto Rico.

It’s impossible to visit all of these beaches in a single vacation. 

However, I recommend that you take a day trip to visit the following beaches along the north coast of Puerto Rico’s main island: Carolina Beach, Cerro Gordo Beach, Poza Del Obispo, and finish in Crash Boat Beach

If you’re staying in the San Juan area, Playita Condado Beach, Carolina Beach, Balneario del Escambron Beach, and Ocean Park Beach are the best beaches to visit.

If you are looking for other fun activities, then check out our article about the 15 best outdoor activities in Puerto Rico.

30 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico (2024) – All You Need To Know
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