Best Times To Visit Puerto Rico (Explained By A Local)

Puerto Rico is beautiful year-round.

However, December to June is the best time to visit the island.

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for over 20 years, so I can tell you about the pros and cons of each season.

In this article, I’ll help you decide when to visit Puerto Rico. 

December to March
April to May
June to August
September to November


December to March

Winter is my favorite time of the year on the island.

December falls right in the middle of Puerto Rico’s extended holiday season.

image of traditional vibrant street
Old San Juan at Christmas is the most festive time of year.

The weather is cool, and Christmas decorations make the island an even prettier place.

January has Three Kings Day, a cultural celebration you can’t miss.

Las Octavitas are 15 extra days of a holiday celebration, full of music and delicious food. 

image of christmas lights
Three Kings Holiday takes place in early January and extends the Christmas season past December for the island.

February is the perfect month for couples to make a romantic trip down to the island. 

Warmer weather in March marks the beginning of spring making it the perfect month for discovering nature.

Keep an eye out for Puerto Rico’s national flower, Flor de Maga.

image of Flor de maga
Puerto Rico’s national flower, the Flor de Maga, is related to Hibiscus.

Winter is also the best time to visit Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent bays!

The dry weather helps the glowing algae sit undisturbed so it’s easier to see. 

image of two people in a kayak in the water with bioluminescence glowing around them
Winter is a great time of year to experience kayaking one of Puerto Rico’s bio bays.

You can read all about these unique places in our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico or explore 15 Romantic Things To Do In Puerto Rico For Couples for your Valentine’s Day Trip.

Here are the pros and cons of the winter season: 


  • Holiday season
  • Cool-weather
  • Bioluminescent bays



  • Beaches are colder
  • Less open establishments
  • Spring allergies in March
  • Higher flight and hotel costs around Christmas 


April to May

April has great weather but isn’t the best choice if you have allergies. 

This is also peak time for spring break, so prices go up and beaches are usually full.

image of Puerto Rico beach
Spring in Puerto Rico is perfect beach weather.

Puerto Rico starts to heat up in MayBeaches are crowded as kids finish school, and travel costs stay high. 

Places like Old San Juan are usually crowded, but there are lots of shops and restaurants to relax in the A/C. 

image of narrow street in old san juan with tall trees
Old San Juan in spring is perfect for walking, not too hot or cold.

For more information, read our tell-all guide about Old San Juan and take a look at our 30 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico to find a beach you’ll love.

Here are the pros and cons of the Spring season: 


  • Generally great weather
  • Blooming flowers and fruit trees
  • Great time for beaches



  • Allergies
  • Spring break crowds


June to August

These summer months are perfect for beach lovers. 

image of Boat day Icacos Island PR
Summer water temperatures in Puerto Rico are great for swimming.

June is the hottest month of the year in Puerto Rico. Sunscreen, shaded areas, and lots of water are must-haves. 

Condado and Isla Verde beaches have umbrella rentals to help beat the sun.

image of Isla Verde resort in San Juan
Condado and Isla Verde have some shaded areas with umbrellas to protect visitors in the hotter months.

July is a close second with high temperatures. Beaches are still very full, but there are plenty of activities to choose from.

Kayaking is a great option if you like the beach but want to avoid crowds. 

image of tourists kayaking
In the summer, kayaking is a good way to avoid the summer beach crowds and enjoy the outdoors.

August in Puerto Rico is warm, but it’s not too bad. 

People of all ages can enjoy outdoor activities with less risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

I recommend Paseo de la Princesa in Old San Juan. This spot has lots of shade, seating, and nearby restaurants to enjoy. 

image of Paseo de la Princesa
Paseo de la Princesa in Old San Juan is a lovely place to spend the afternoon in the shade.

Summer trips are popular with families, so check out our 17 Things To Do With Kids In Puerto Rico for some fun ideas! You can also read our article on What To Pack For Puerto Rico to prepare for the weather. 

Here are the pros and cons of the Summer season: 


  • Best season for beaches
  • More open restaurants
  • Little to no rain and storms



  • It’s hot (some days can get to over 100°F)
  • Flight and hotel prices go up
  • Large crowds


September to November

I do not recommend visiting Puerto Rico in September

On the one hand, flights and hotels are the cheapest during this month.  

image of Hurricane Maria
Hurricane season peaks in September in Puerto Rico.

On the other hand, September is the top month for hurricanes and tropical storms.

These can cause supply shortages and power outages, so being a visitor isn’t ideal.

October is still in the hurricane season.

Visitors should research possible storms before making any bookings. Safety first!

image of a jungle path through El Yunque
El Yunque in October is perfect for hiking due to lower temperatures.

If you’re all set with a safe visit, take advantage of the cooler weather to do some hiking and exploring!

November marks the beginning of the long holiday season in Puerto Rico!

image of Rincon
November in Puerto Rico has great temperatures for exploring the outdoors.

Keep an eye on the weather channel, but enjoy everything the island has to offer.

The video below shows the holiday fun starting on the island:

Here are our 45 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico if you’re looking for ideas.

Here are the pros and cons of the Fall season: 


  • Cooler temperatures.
  • The holiday season begins in November!
  • Cheaper flights and hotels.



  • Hurricane season.
  • Lots of rain.


FAQ section

What is the best month to go to Puerto Rico?

March is the best month to visit Puerto Rico. The weather is nice, and all tourism attractions are ready to enjoy!

What is the worst month to go to Puerto Rico?

September is the riskiest month to visit Puerto Rico. Most hurricanes happen at or around this month, so avoiding a visit would be best.

When is the best time of year to visit Puerto Rico?

Spring is the best time to visit Puerto Rico. It’s the sweet spot between the heat of Summer and the rains of Fall.


Final thoughts

December to June is the best time to visit Puerto Rico.

There’s warm weather, clear skies, and blooming nature. There are also no hurricanes during this period, and the bioluminescent bays glow brightest during these months. 

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Best Times To Visit Puerto Rico (Explained By A Local)
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