17 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico With Kids (2024)

Puerto Rico is the perfect place for a family vacation. 

You can visit the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, walk through the only rainforest in the United States, and even zipline through a nature reserve!

I grew up on the island, and I’ve done almost every one of the items on this list.

In this article, I will cover the 17 best things to do in Puerto Rico if you have kids:


1. Bioluminescent bays (5+)

Kids will feel surrounded by magic when they see the glowing water of a bio bay.

image of two people kayaking with bioluminescence around them
Kayakers experiencing bioluminescence in Mosquito Bay.

Keep in mind kayaking tours may not be suitable for younger kids.

Boat tours are available and may be more accessible for babies, toddlers, or larger families. 

Below is a video showing bioluminescence in Puerto Rico:

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2. Beaches (all ages)

Going to the beach is the number one thing to do when you visit Puerto Rico!

image of Isla Verde Beach
Isla Verde Beach is right next to the San Juan airport.

Out of our 30 favorite beaches, I’d recommend swimming in the South and Southwest.

The water is calmer and clearer, so supervising kids is easier. 

If you’re traveling with little ones, avoid rocky beaches with strong currents or beaches that require boat access. 

Check out the safest swimming beaches in the video below:

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3. Movie night (all ages)

Movie night doesn’t have to be exclusive to your living room. 

image of the theater lobby at Plaza Las Américas
The decorative movie theater lobby at Plaza Las Américas

Caribbean Cinemas has theaters across the island, offering every current major blockbuster. 

Kids are sure to love the theater lobby at Plaza Las Américas.

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Photo credit: @autocinesantana

There’s also Auto Cine Santana — a drive-in theater in Arecibo.

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4. Toro Verde Adventure Park (10+)

Toro Verde’s main attraction is America’s longest zip line!

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At a minimum, kids must be 4 feet tall and 100 pounds, so smaller children may not be able to participate.

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5. Las Cascadas Water Park (all ages)

Located in Aguadilla, Las Cascadas Water Park is the perfect place to visit if you want a break from the ocean.

image of Las Cascadas
Las Cascadas is generally only open in the summer months.

There are several slides, obstacle courses, a lazy river, and pools for both kids and adults.

Keep in mind some slides or sections can have height restrictions for safety. 

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6. Toro Verde Urban Park (all ages)

Toro Verde has a second location in San Juan with more variety. 

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Aside from smaller zip lines and indoor climbing, Urban Park has a giant arcade with both traditional games and VR experiences. 

It’s the perfect place if your kids are of mixed ages or interests — there’s something for everyone!


7. Carabalí (all ages)

This is another adventure park more fit for older kids.

Carabalí excursions include ATVs, horseback riding, and go-karts!

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Younger kids can have fun on their tractor-pulled hayride.

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8. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving (6+) 

If your family loves the beach, take it a step further and go snorkeling or take a scuba tour.

image of a sea turtle swimming close to a scuba diver
Green sea turtles, hawksbills, and leatherbacks are three types of turtles you can find while snorkeling in Puerto Rico.

Kids need to be 6+ to go on snorkeling tours and 10+ for scuba tours. 

Remember to follow all your guide’s instructions, and keep the ocean clean. Our turtle friends will thank you!

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9. Summit Trampoline Park (all ages)

This indoor park in Mayagüez is an action-packed experience your kids will love.

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Some of the larger areas include climbing walls, dodgeball, wipeout, and more!

There are also soft-play areas, so young children can have fun in a safe space.


10. Museums (all ages)

Not as action-packed as some of the other items on this list — visiting museums. 

image of Cemí's replica
Museo El Cemí in Jayuya is a unique place to learn Puerto Rico’s native history.

If your children aren’t fans of high-energy activities, take them to the Children’s Museum, the Puerto Rico Art Museum (MAPR), or the Ponce Art Museum (MAP). 

My absolute favorite is Museo El Cemí in Jayuya. It’s a one-of-a-kind look into Puerto Rico’s native history. 

I’m sure many kids like myself will find the experience unforgettable. 


11. Ice Cream! (all ages)

Heladería Lares is famous for its unusual ice cream flavors!

image of different ice cream flavors in Heladería Lares
Arroz con Gandules is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular dishes. You can try the ice cream version here.

Here you can try flavors like sesame, rice and beans, codfish, garlic, and more! 

Common flavors like vanilla and chocolate are also available if you have picky eaters.

Check out Lares, Puerto Rico in the following video:


12. El Yunque (5+)

Hiking across El Yunque is the perfect plan if your kids love exploring.

These trails can be long and steep, so take lots of breaks or ask your guides for kid-friendly paths.image of a jungle path through El Yunque

Remember to bring water, snacks, and bug repellent.

The rainforest can be overwhelming so make sure you’re prepared. 

Read everything you need to know about the forest in our guide to El Yunque


13. La Marquesa (all ages)

La Marquesa is located in Guaynabo, not far from San Juan.

image of the aerial tram at La Marquesa
Aerial tram at La Marquesa.

This forest park is great for animal lovers.

image of a pair of Blue Macaws at the aviary
Blue Macaws at the aviary in Guaynabo.

After taking a gondola over the forest, there’s a large aviary with lots of colorful birds.


14. Arecibo Lightouse (all ages)

If you have little pirates in your house, you can’t miss the Arecibo Lighthouse

image of Arecibo Lighthouse
Arecibo is a town on the north coast. It is a one-hour drive west of San Juan.

The historic lighthouse is attached to a pirate-themed waterpark, complete with pirate ships, an aquarium, and a mini zoo. 

This spot was a childhood favorite of mine — the perfect mix of sightseeing and kid-friendly fun. 


15. Visiting Old San Juan (all ages)

Old San Juan is the most frequented tourist destination in Puerto Rico. 

image of the colorful street of Old San Juan
Walking down the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan is an exciting history lesson for kids.

The colorful buildings, restaurants, and shops can be a fun time for kids of any age. 

Here’s our tell-all guide to visiting Old San Juan.


16. Flying Kites at El Morro (all ages)

El Morro’s green hills are known for being the perfect spot to fly kites.

image of people flying kites at El Morro
People fly kites almost everyday at El Morro.

Kids can even choose their own kite from the local vendors and have a fun time playing. 

El Morro is a historic fort located in Old San Juan.


17. Kayaking (4+)

Older kids will love kayaking at La Parguera. 

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Tours are available throughout the day.

You can also just rent the equipment if a tour isn’t your style. 

La Parguera is also home to one of three of Puerto Rico’s bio bays.


FAQ section

What can you do in Puerto Rico with a baby?

Very young babies (2 and under) may have very limited options, or be easily overwhelmed. Every item on this list marked as All Ages is good, no matter how little!

Is Puerto Rico a good place to take kids?

Absolutely! Most day-time activities in Puerto Rico are great for all kids, from toddlers to teens. This island is a perfect family-friendly landscape for fun and relaxation.


Final thoughts

Puerto Rico has lots of fun activities for families with kids.

There are countless beaches, parks, water sports, and museums to choose from.

I recommend that you experience the bioluminescent bays that Puerto Rico has to offer. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and it’s great for kids and adults alike.

If you are still deciding where to stay, then check out our article where we cover the 13 best places and areas to stay in Puerto Rico.

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17 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico With Kids (2024)
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