13 Best Tours & Excursions In Rincón, Puerto Rico (2024)

Rincon is known for surfing, great beaches and the most beautiful sunsets in Puerto Rico.

There are lots of tours & excursions to experience here. 

I have lived on the west coast of Puerto Rico my entire life and have visited Rincón countless times.

In this article, I will cover the 13 best tours & excursions in Rincon.

Disclaimer: Puertorico.com offers information about tours but, for the moment, is not endorsing any particular tour, nor has it received compensation from any of the companies mentioned in this article.


1. Learn to surf

If you are going to the surfing capital of the Caribbean, you should learn to surf.

image of surfers at the beach
Catch some waves in the Caribbean’s most popular surfing destination, Rincon.

Several surf schools operate in the Rincon Area. Certified professionals run these schools.

You will be ripping waves like a pro in no time.

For the most advanced surfers, these schools offer surf tours taking you to the best spots in Rincon.

Check out this video of one of Rincon’s surf schools:

Here are some of the companies where you can take surfing lessons:


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2. Scuba diving tours

Rincon is home to the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in Puerto Rico.

image of scuba divers
Experience some of Puerto Rico’s best dive spots in the waters around Rincon.

Several companies in Rincon offer Scuba Diving Tours.

If you have never scuba-dived before or are an experienced open-water diver, there is a tour for you in Rincon.

Below are some of the companies that offer Scuba Diving Tours:


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3. Snorkeling tours

There are many reefs in Rincon where you can see tropical fish, elkhorn coral, octopi, and stingrays.

image of a woman snorkling
Snorkeling around Rincon’s reefs is an experience you won’t regret.

Some scuba diving companies offer snorkeling tours.

They provide snorkeling gear and take you on an unforgettable underwater adventure. 

Check out these companies for more information on snorkeling tours.


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4. Paddle board excursion

Learn to paddle board in Rincon. 

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After a couple of classes, you will be paddle boarding like the best.

The paddle board tours can be for individuals, couples, groups, or families. 

The tour will take you to one of Rincon’s calm-water beaches.

Well-trained instructors will keep you safe at all times. 

Below is the company that specializes in paddle boarding tours.


5. Whale watching excursion

From January to mid-March, you can spot humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) whales in Rincon.

image of Humpback whale tail
Humpback whales pass through the waters surrounding Rincon every year January – March.

These magnificent mammals swim through Mona’s Passage to breed and care for their calves.

Some companies take you on a boat trip to see the whales up close but not that close.

These tours could be pricey, but trust me, they are worth every penny you pay.

This video shows the whale-watching tour experience:

Visit these companies for more information about whale watching:


6. Deep Sea Fishing tours

Rincon is located in “Mona’s Passage”, which is the spot where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet.

The convergence of these bodies of water is a breeding ground for many fish.

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ESPN’s Billfish Extreme Release League rated the waters of Mona’s Passage number three in the world for Blue Marlin fishing.

You can also find Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna in the waters near Rincon.

There are several fishing charters with professionals who know where the fish are.

Here is a video of one of the fishing charters:

Below is the link to a fishing charter’s website:


7. Desecheo excursion

Desecheo is the small uninhabited island that you can see from Rincon.

image of Desecheo Island
Desecheo is an uninhabited island off the coast of Rincon that is not allowed to be explored by visitors on foot.

The United States Fish And Wildlife Service manages Desecheo Island.

People are not allowed to go into the 0.6 square mile wildlife refuge. Because few people go to Desecheo, its reefs are in excellent shape. 

Visibility is about 80 feet on any given day.

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, you must dive in Desecheo.

This video will make you want to scuba dive in Desecheo:

For additional information, you can visit the websites below.


8. Mountain biking tours

 Rincon Domes Mountain Back Trail is approximately six miles long.

image of Mountain Bike
Mountain biking is a great way to explore the natural areas around Rincon.

You will find Rincon Domes MTB Trail Near Punta Higuera Lighthouse Park and Domes Beach. This riding area hosted the 2019 Puerto Rico MTB Cup 2019.

The trail offers  R\roots/rocky sections and has two steep downhills for those who love the adrenaline rush.

Mountainback Stores can rent you a bike to go to RMBT on your own, or they can arrange a tour and accompany you.

Visit the companies below to rent a mountain bike and to get information on RMTBT tours.


9. Conservation excursions

image of Surf Rider Foundation logo
Become a water quality monitor for the day and learn how to provide important information to the public about what areas are safe to swim.

Rincon Surf Rider Foundation does not offer a tour per se.

But they can arrange for you to volunteer for a beach cleaning activity. 

You can also become a water quality monitor for a day.

Surfrider Foundation allows you to be part of the most significant conservation effort in Puerto Rico.


10. Sunset boat tour

Rincon is a town of beautiful sunsets.

image of a yacht during sunset
One of the best ways to experience Rincon’s famous sunset is from the water.

One of the best ways to enjoy the sunset in Rincon is on a sunset boat tour.

As the sun sets, it paints the sky and the ocean with beautiful colors. 

For more information, visit the company links below:


11. Glow Night Diving tour

Scuba Diving is exciting at night.

image of Glow Night Diving
Experience Rincon’s underwater life with ultraviolet lights and filters on your mask for a different type of night dive.

But some companies go beyond an ordinary night dive and offer Glow Night Diving. They provide unique ultraviolet lights and filters on your masks to intensify the colors of the reefs and fish. Glow Night diving is a different way to observe marine life. 

Be aware that you will need PADI night diver certification for this tour.

Click on the company links below to book the glow night diving tour:


12. Horseback riding excursion

Picture yourself enjoying Rincon’s beautiful scenery while riding a horse.

image of people riding a horse
Explore Rincon’s coastline on horseback with an experienced guide.

A professional guide will ride with you on well-trained and better-behaved horses.

These companies can manage tours for individuals, couples, and small groups.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience Rincon’s beauty differently.

One company even has a wedding package where the bride and groom arrive at the ceremony riding horses.

You can check out the company link below to find out more about horseback riding tours in Rincon.


13. Bioluminescent Bay tours

Rincon does not have a Bioluminescent Bay.

image of two women swimming
Only a hour from Rincon, you can swim in one of Puerto Rico’s three bio bays.

If it did, it would be the perfect tourist destination.

But, Rincon is only an hour’s drive from La Parguera Bio Bay.

Of the three bioluminescent bays Puerto Rico has, La Parguera is the only one where you can go in the water.

For more information about La Parguera, check out our article La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay – All You Need To Know.

Below are some companies to book Bioluminescent Bay tours at La Parguera:


What is the best tour in Rincón Puerto Rico?

The whale-watching tour is the best in Rincon. This tour is a little pricey, but when you see a whale, you will agree it was worth it.

What is the best tour in Rincon for couples?

The horseback riding tour is the best for couples. Rincon's scenery, the gentle horses, and watching the sunset with your significant other will create a memory you will cherish forever.


Final thoughts

Rincón is not only the surfing capital of the Caribbean, this town offers a variety of tours for you to enjoy.

My favourite trips in Rincón are the surfing lessons and bioluminescent bay

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13 Best Tours & Excursions In Rincón, Puerto Rico (2024)
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