3 Best Cheesemaking Classes & Tours In Puerto Rico (2024)

Cheesemaking can be a fun and tasty activity. 

With around 317 dairy farms in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans know (and love) cheese.

As a local foodie, I know the top places where you can experience cheesemaking in Puerto Rico. Below are the three best cheesemaking classes and tours in Puerto Rico:


1. Vaca Negra, Hatillo, P.R.

The crème de la crème of cheese confection. 

Located in Hatillo, the dairy capital of Puerto Rico, Vaca Negra is the largest and most known cheese factory on the island.  

image of Vaca Negra
Vaca Negra.

All three of Vaca Negra’s tours include an overview of Puerto Rico’s dairy industry, cheese and wine tasting, a walk-through of the facility, and, most importantly, a group cheesemaking class where you’ll get to make and personalize your cheese with your favorite partner.

This tour is fun for couples seeking a unique experience.

You can visit the Vaca Negra website to book your tour.


2. Frutos del Guacabo, Manatí, P.R.

Frutos del Guacabo is the place to go for an immersive farm-to-table and cheese-tasting experience. 

The tour includes a guided walk through Frutos del Guacabo’s hydroponic fields and a cheese tasting made from the local goats. You can pet, feed, and milk, the goats as well. A rustic full-course meal made with the freshest ingredients from the local harvest is included in the tour. 

Dining area at Frutos del Guacabo.

Unfortunately, cheesemaking classes are only occasionally given. 

A trip to Frutos del Guacabo is perfect for families wanting to connect with nature and each other.

For more information, visit the Frutos del Guacabo website.


3. De la Crema, Hatillo, P.R.

Revive your inner child with this wholesome barn experience. 

De la Crema’s guided tour focuses on cultivating and promoting an ethical production of quality dairy products. Visitors will go behind the scenes of the dairy industry, from caring for the cows to making artisanal cheeses and yogurts to shipping products. 

image of De la Crema
De la Crema.

At the moment, De la Crema doesn’t offer cheesemaking classes. But, a fine selection of cheeses and yogurts are available to taste and buy. 

This tour is perfect for a quick, informative stop.

For more information, visit the De la Crema website.


Is cheesemaking a fun activity for families?

Cheesemaking is a dynamic, scientific, and deliciously fun activity for families to enjoy. Frutos del Guacabo and De la Crema are the best choices for children, while Vaca Negra is optimal for couples.

Which cheesemaking class is nearest to San Juan in Puerto Rico?

Frutos del Guacabo is a one hour drive from San Juan. Vaca Negra and De la Crema are located in Hatillo, around one hour and thirty minutes from San Juan.


Final thoughts

Cheesemaking is a unique, tasty and beautiful way to experience the island’s rich culture. 

Vaca Negra offers the industry’s most established and accessible tour and is the only dairy farm and factory on the island that provides renowned year-long cheesemaking classes. 

Frutos del Guacabo is a fantastic alternative for a more general agrarian, farm-to-table experience, followed by De la Crema’s educational tour. 

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3 Best Cheesemaking Classes & Tours In Puerto Rico (2024)
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