3 Best Local Food Tours In Puerto Rico (2024)

Food is one of the main pillars of Puerto Rican culture.  

Locals, as much as tourists, swarm towards the kiosks and restaurants to enjoy the island’s celebrated Caribbean cuisine.  

As a self-appointed Puerto Rican food ambassador, I have enjoyed all types of restaurants, kiosks, and culinary experiences on the island. 

In this article, I will cover the three best local food tours in Puerto Rico:


1. Old San Juan Food Tour by Flavors Food Tours

For more than a decade, this top-rated walking tour has guided hungry and curious travelers through the cobbled stone streets and treasured restaurants of Old San Juan.

image of Puerto Rican dish
Plantains are used in various ways for Puerto Rican cuisines.

Three hours, four to five stops, and one cocktail later, you’ll get to taste and know this historic zone and the island’s culinary history. 

The tour includes all the must-haves: mofongo, chocolate, coffee, ceviche, artisan popsicle tasting, and a rum cocktail.

Check out Flavors of Old San Juan Food Tour in the following video:

To book your tour, visit the Flavors Food Tours website.

Flavor Food Tours also offers shorter food and specialized rum tours


2. San Juan Drive Along Food Tour by SPOON

Hop into the Spoon van and explore Calle Loíza, Piñones, and Santurce in this four-hour Creole food tour through three of San Juan’s culinary gems.

image of Puerto Rican dish
Freshly made Puerto Rican bread is one of the culinary treasures of the island.

This tour provides a complete eat-like-a-local experience offering tastings and insight into the history and agriculture of the places visited. 

The tour includes talks about the cultivation and distribution of local harvests (i.e., mangoes, plantains, peppers) and rum, coffee, and seasonal specialties tasting.  

Here’s a video showing a bit of Spoon’s Calle Loíza Food Tour:

To book your tour, visit The Spoon Experience website.

Spoon also offers walking tours and cooking classes.


3. Chinchorreo Bus by Ángel L. Toledo Tours

With more than 15 routes, Chinchorreo Bus offers the ultimate, most authentic local food tour experience!

image of Chinchorreo Bus
Chinchorreo is one of the local ways to experience the island’s food scene.

Chinchorreo stands for “chinchorro (rustic street food restaurant/bar) hopping.” In short, an informal, stop-and-buy gastronomic road trip (lots of music and dancing included!)

Chinchorros specializes in local favorites such as fritters (i.e., piononos, alcapurrias, bacalaitos), alcoholic drinks, and signature dishes like rice with pigeon peas, beans, mofongo, chicken, and pork.

image of alcapurrias
Alcapurrias are a popular street food in Puerto Rico.

To book a tour and plan your route, email [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.

On a budget? If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a car and follow one of the most accessible and popular chinchorreo routes: La Ruta del Lechón (Pork Highway) at Highway 184 in Guavate, Cayey.

Check out the Pork Highway in the following video:


Final thoughts 

Food is one of the best ways to experience Puerto Rican culture, heritage, and history. 

Flavor Food Tours and Spoon offer the most family-friendly and accessible experience. Chinchorreo Bus is best for large groups of adults that can split the cost of renting the bus.  

Going on a food tour is a delightful (and delicious) way to navigate the island. Be it walking or driving, day or night, formal or laid-back, book a tour to explore the sazónes (flavors) of Puerto Rico. 

Study up on all the different Puerto Rican dishes by reading this article listing the 30 Best Puerto Rican Street Foods and check out the 35 Best Restaurants In Puerto Rico for more.

3 Best Local Food Tours In Puerto Rico (2024)
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