Is Ponce Safe For Tourists In 2023? – All You Need To Know

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico.   

But is it safe for tourists?

In my 22 years of living in Puerto Rico and visiting Ponce, I have never had a bad experience. 

In this article, I’ll share all you need to know about being safe in Ponce so that you can enjoy your trip worry-free.

What is Ponce? 
Is Ponce Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Is Ponce safe at night?
Is Ponce safe for solo travelers?
Is Ponce safe to walk around?


What is Ponce? 

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico, located on the southern coast. 

image of Museo Castillo Serralles
Museo Castillo Serralles is one of the most popular places to visit in Ponce.

Famous for its Spanish Creole and neoclassical architecture (think Old San Juan with a Caribbean twist), Ponce best preserves the island’s history under Spanish rule.


Is Ponce Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Yes, Ponce is very safe for tourists. 

Although, as with all cities, theft, homelessness and vandalism are recurring issues. It’s best to keep your belongings with you and avoid leaving objects in plain sight inside your car. 

image of Ponce Plaza Hotel
When visiting Ponce you will see many lion statues in the plazas, which are the main symbol of the city.

The safest times to visit Ponce’s external attractions are during the day till late afternoon. At night, it’s best to stick to crowded places or indoors.

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Is Ponce safe at night?

Ponce is less safe at night, but still relatively low-risk. 

image of Ponce at night
Plaza Las Delicias is one of Ponce’s safest areas to visit at night and is home to Puerto Rico’s first fire station.

Due to a declining population and a series of intense earthquakes, abandoned, dark spaces cover a large part of the city center. Seek populated, well-lit places to maximize your safety. 

The safest places to visit at night are Plaza Las Delicias, Plaza del Caribe, and La Guancha.

The main town square, Plaza Las Delicias, is a beautiful spot to visit at night, filled with activities for the whole family. During the weekday, the Plaza tends to get lonely.

Below is a video of Ponce at night:


Is Ponce safe for solo travelers?

Ponce is a safe, welcoming, and accessible place to walk around. 

image of a female traveler in Ponce
There are seven islands making up the region of Ponce that you must visit, like Caja de Muertos and Isla de Cardona.

With plenty of cultural, historical, and recreational attractions, Ponce has excellent options for solo travelers. 

People and businesses in Ponce speak English and Spanish. Therefore, feel free to ask anyone for help or directions. They’ll be glad to help! 


Is Ponce safe to walk around?

Ponce is a safe and pleasant place to walk around. 

image of Plaza Las Delicias
The streets around Ponce and Plaza Las Delicias are lovely and safe to walk around.

Clean sidewalks, proper lighting, accessible parking, and fluid traffic make Parque Urbano Dora Colón Clavell, Paseo Antocha, Plaza Las Delicias, and La Guancha excellent spots for a stroll.

Below is a walking video through Downtown Ponce:



FAQ section

Is Ponce safe for female travelers?

Ponce is a safe and welcoming place for female travelers. Stay at a nice hotel or resort and commute to the city center for the best experience.

Is Ponce safe for families to stay?

Ponce is a great place to stay as a family. This safe, dynamic, and beautiful city has activities for all age groups and preferences.


Final thoughts

Ponce is one of the safest cities to visit in Puerto Rico.

If you avoid dark, narrow and isolated places, and keep your valuables at hand, you can confidently explore this beautiful city. 

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