Nightlife In San Juan | Where To Go Out In 2024

San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital city.

This is the most lively city in Puerto Rico. There are exclusive nightclubs, dive bars, karaoke spots, beachside pubs, bar-hopping venues, block parties and much more.

I grew up in Puerto Rico, so I can tell you that if you’re looking for fun, you are bound to find it in San Juan!

In this article, I’ll cover:

Does San Juan have good nightlife?
Where in San Juan is the nightlife?
Does Old San Juan have good nightlife?
What are the best bars and nightclubs in San Juan?
Where do locals party in San Juan?


Does San Juan have good nightlife?

San Juan has the best nightlife in Puerto Rico!

The top three areas to visit are Old San Juan, Condado and La Placita.

image of Condado lagoon at night
The Condado area offers some of San Juan’s most luxurious clubs and resturants.

You can feel the party atmosphere just by walking down the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.

At night, almost every restaurant turns into a nightclub and/or pub.

As soon as you arrive, you can hear the music spilling out onto the streets. 

Below is a video of the nightlife in Old San Juan:

Only three miles from Old San Juan is Condado, turning it up with its famous beachfront spots, hotel nightclubs, and the Miami South Beach vibe of Ashford Avenue.

Below is a video of the nightlife in Condado:

Just as close is La Placita in Santurce offering a bar-hopping setting that includes karaoke bars, nightclubs, and dive bars all in one place.

Below is a video of the nightlife in La Placita:


Where in San Juan is the nightlife?

The nightlife is pretty much everywhere in San Juan!

Each of San Juan’s neighborhoods offer different types of nightlife options.

image showing nightlife in San Juan
The streets of Old San Juan come alive at night, attracting international and local visitors.

Old San Juan offers a mix of rustic bars, block parties, and hanging spots filled with music and cocktails.

Santurce has La Placita, one of the hottest party places in Puerto Rico. There are bars and pubs for every kind of genre.

Condado has exclusive nightclubs and beachfront spots. If you’re looking for a more exclusive night out this is your place.

Hato Rey and Rio Piedras have more of a local or “chinchorreo” (as locals call it) kind of energy.


Does Old San Juan have good nightlife?

Old San Juan’s nightlife is nothing short of epic.

image showing nightlife in Old San Juan
A night out in Old San Juan is not something you should miss if you like to dance and have a drink.

The combination of lounges and rooftop bars with ancient architecture is spellbinding.


What are the best bars and nightclubs in San Juan?

There are so many excellent bars and nightclubs that it’s hard to choose. 

Here are the most popular bars and spots per area:


La Factoría

One of the most frequented nightspots in Old San Juan is La Factoría which has been among the World’s 50 Best Bars five years in a row.

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This unusual rustic site is full of secret passages that lead to six other bars. Each bar offers a different ambiance for your enjoyment. 

You will love the best craft cocktails and music around!

Check out this video about La Factoría:



The 7eight7 NightClub was designed by clubbers, for clubbers. This hot nightclub is located in Santurce close to La Placita.

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Experience an unforgettable night and enjoy the performances of the best artists of reggaeton, hip-hop, house, and more.

If you’re looking for a place to let loose while enjoying life and performances 7eight7 is what you’re looking for.

Check out this video of 7eight7 Nightclub:


La Milla Restaurant

La Milla Restaurant is a very cheerful dive bar and restaurant.

image of La Milla Restaurant
La Milla Restaurant is a great place to check out if you are looking to experience San Juan with the locals.

If you are looking for a place to chill and have a few drinks with friends while trying amazing cuisine, La Milla restaurant is the spot.

Here is a video of La Milla Restaurant:

This night spot is very popular among the locals. Located in La Milla de Oro (a main central business district). 


Aguardiente Bar

Aguardiente Bar is the hottest party spot in La Placita, Santurce.

image of Aguardiente Bar
Aguardiente Bar in La Placita is the spot to go to dance and drink all night long.

Aguardiente is where you go to dance all night. This is not a place to sit down and talk, here you will hit the dance floor all night long!


La Cantina Karaoke Bar & Restaurant

This nightspot is also very popular with the locals. 

You will enjoy a variety of delicious dishes including Mexican food, Puerto Rican cuisine, and the famous NY Style Parrilla.

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Besides its tasty food, La Cantina also offers live performances, Karaoke competitions, and drag presentations.



You will enjoy an amazing dinner while dancing and drinking.

Chinchorreando is the biggest outdoor dive bar in San Juan!

image of Chinchorreando En Hato Rey
Chinchorreando in Hato Rey offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the night with the locals in San Juan.

If you’re looking for a Puerto Rican way to hang out, this is the best place! 

Chinchorreando offers over 40 types of local, imported, and craft beers, tasty lunches, snacks, and drinks.


Where do locals party in San Juan?

For the locals, there is a tie between La Placita and Old San Juan as the go-to party place. 

Condado is also very frequented by Puerto Ricans. 

Check out this video about Puerto Rico’s nightlife:



FAQ section

What is the best bar in San Juan for tourists?

The most popular bar in Old San Juan is La Factoría. If you want a more exclusive night spot, I suggest 7eight7 in Santurce, and for all-night partying, Aguardiente in La Placita.

Is it safe to party in San Juan as a tourist?

Yes, Puerto Rico has a lower crime rate than most of the modern cities of the US and is one of the safest Caribbean islands to travel to. When it comes to partying at night in San Juan, as long as you stay away from drugs, guns, and don’t go looking for trouble you’ll have a blast!


Final thoughts

San Juan is the best place for nightlife in Puerto Rico.

As a local, I can assure you that you will not run out of bars and clubs to visit in San Juan.

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