11 Best Beaches In Aguadilla (2024) – All You Need To Know

Aguadilla is a town on the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico.

The area is famous for its undisturbed beaches and world-class surfing.

I live in Aguadilla, and grew up visiting the beaches I am about to share.

In this article, I will cover the 11 best beaches in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico:


1. Crash Boat Beach

Crash Boat ranks top three in every top ten Puerto Rico beaches list.

image of Crash Boat beach
Crash Boat is consistently ranked as one of Puerto Rico’s top beaches.

White sands, crystal clear water, and a pier to jump off the water make Crash Boat Beach a favorite among beach lovers.

You can also practice several water sports at Crash Boat Beach.

Check out Crash Boat Beach in the following video:

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2. Peña Blanca

Peña Blanca is a beach for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and seeing turtles.

image of Peña Blanca beach
Peña Blanca is perfect for snorkeling or surfing, depending on the time of year.

Wishing Wells (surfers call this beach) is a secluded beach, but it is worth your time.

The water in Peña Blanca is so clear that you can see the fish at the bottom.

Check out Peña Blanca in the following video:

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3. Survival Beach

Survival Beach is simply the best hiking beach in all of Puerto Rico.

A forty-minute hike will take you to this spectacular beach.

image of Survival Beach 
If you want a hike with a magnificent view, visit Survival Beach.

You will see giant rock formations and caves on your way to Survival Beach.

Survival is not the best beach for swimming, but it is excellent for taking pictures.

Check out Survival Beach in the following video:

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4. Canto de Las Piedras

In front of Aguadilla’s old Urban Cemetery is a beach with giant boulders.

The name of the beach translates to the singing of the boulders.

image of Canto de Las Piedras
Sunsets at Canto de Las Piedras are not to be missed.

For poet Jose de Diego, the waves hitting the rocks sounded like the stones were singing.

There is a rock formation that resembles a jaguar’s head.

Below is a video showing Canto de Las Piedras:


5. Parque Cólon

Most of us raised in Aguadilla have fond memories of Parque Colon’s Beach.

Calmed shallow turquoise waters, a long stretch of white sand, and a view of the Aguadilla Bay make Parque Colón’s Beach a must-visit spot in Aguadilla.

image of Parque Colon Beach
Parque Colon Beach in Aguadilla is great for families.

In front of the beach is Columbus Park with its famous tree house.

Check out Colón Beach in the following video:


6. Rompeolas

Rompeolas Beach is an excellent beach for the whole family.

The artificial breakwater protects the beach from currents and waves.

image of Rompeolas Beach
Visit Rompeolas Beach for calm waters.

Rompeolas is a safe beach to swim, kayak, and paddleboard.

Try to visit on weekdays, because the beach gets crowded on weekends.

From Rompeolas Beach, you can visit El Parterre (Aguadilla’s water spring) and the colorful houses of Pintalto.

Below is a video showing Rompeolas Beach:


7. Playa India 

Playa India is a must-visit if you are a Certified Open Water SCUBA diver.

The pristine water invites you to dive in.

image of Playa India
Playa India is a must-visit for divers.

There are turtles, squids, lobsters, and a wide array of fish in the waters of Playa India.

Be aware that there are better swimming beaches in Aguadilla.

Exercise caution at Playa India — it has strong currents and sharp reefs.

Check out Playa India in the following video:

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8. Wilderness 

Wilderness is one of the best surfing beaches in Aguadilla.

People from all over come to Wilderness to surf.

image of Wilderness Beach

The access to Wilderness is through an unpaved road. Be careful when driving to Wilderness Beach.

Wilderness Beach is for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Waves rise over ten feet tall and rip currents are strong at Wilderness.

Below is a video showing surfing at Wilderness:

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9. Punta Borinquen Beach

Punta Borinquen Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Aguadilla, if not in all of Puerto Rico.

An enormous cliff surrounds the Beach and protects it from the wind.

The clear turquoise waters of Punta Borinquen Beach and the cliff’s rocks make this beach perfect for photos. When the tide is low, you can walk along the rocks.

The Volunteers of Rescate Playa Borinquen have done a fantastic job taking care of this beach.

Parking is free at Punta Borinquen.

Close to the beach, you will find Poderosa Lighthouse remains, or as we locals call it, Las Ruinas.

Check out Punta Borinquen Beach in the following video:


10. Surfer’s Beach

The name says it all! Surfer’s Beach is the most famous Beach for surfing in Aguadilla.

The 1988 World Surfing Championship took place at Surfer’s Beach.

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That event gave Surfer’s Beach worldwide fame and recognition

Surfer’s Beach extended and “glassy” rights are great for beginners and expert surfers.

Be careful with sea urchins, they thrive at Surfer’s Beach.


11. Bridges

Bridges is a surfing beach close to Aguadilla’s town square.

Two characteristics set Bridges Beach apart from other surfing spots in Aguadilla.

image of Bridget Beach
Bridges is not for swimming, but great for surfing.

Waves in Bridges only break to the right, and the line-up gets crowded like nowhere else.

Bridges is not a swimming beach — it has too many rocks on its shoreline.

Bridges Beach is in front of Paseo Real Marina. After you finish surfing, you can grab something to eat in one of the kiosks. 

Check out Bridges Surf Beach in the following video:


FAQ section 

What is the best Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

Crash Boat is, hands down, Aguadilla's best beach! You can swim, surf, snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, paddleboard, and even jump from the pier to the water in Crash Boat.

Which Beach in Aguadilla is best for swimming?

Crash Boat again. If Crash Boat was the only Beach in Aguadilla, it was still worth the trip from San Juan.


Final thoughts

Aguadilla is home to some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

My favorite beaches in Aguadilla are Crash Boat Beach and Peña Blanca Beach.

If you are looking for more beaches, then check out our article 30 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico.

The only thing Aguadilla lacks is a bioluminescent bay, but Aguadilla is only an hour drive from La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay in Lajas.

Puerto Rico has three bio bays. You can learn more about Puerto Rico’s bio bays in our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.

11 Best Beaches In Aguadilla (2024) – All You Need To Know
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