Is Cabo Rojo Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Cabo Rojo is a beautiful town in Puerto Rico.

But is it safe for tourists?

I’ve been traveling to Puerto Rico since I was a child, and safety was always a top priority for my family when we explored different towns.

In this article, I will cover:

What is Cabo Rojo? 
Is Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Is Cabo Rojo safe at night?
Is Cabo Rojo safe for solo travelers?
Is Cabo Rojo safe to walk around?


What is Cabo Rojo? 

Cabo Rojo is a town located on the southwest corner of the main island of Puerto Rico. 

image of Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo
The historic Cabo Rojo Lighthouse was built in 1881 and overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

The town is most notable for its beautiful beaches, the lighthouse and the red or pink hue of its salt flats.

Check out Cabo Rojo in the following video:

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Is Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Yes, Cabo Rojo is very safe for tourists and is a very popular tourist destination. 

The locals are welcoming and kind, and the town is known for being laid back and low-key. 

Playa Buyé is especially safe because of its calm water, making it very easy to swim almost all year round. 

image of Playa Buyé
Playa Buyé is a beautiful destination in Cabo Rojo known for its calm and clear waters.

When visiting the beach, be sure to leave valuables at your vacation rental, as this will minimize the risk of theft. 

Read Is Puerto Rico Safe for Travel? 12 Things You Need to Know for information on exactly what risks there are when traveling in Puerto Rico. 


Is Cabo Rojo safe at night?

Yes. In general, there is not a lot of activity, it’s not a very urban area. 

image of the sunset i n Cabo Rojo
Sunsets in Cabo Rojo are legendary. Watch it from the beach or the lighthouse.

Keep to well-known routes and travel in groups or with friends when you can, and you’ll have no problems.


Is Cabo Rojo safe for solo travelers?

Yes, solo travelers will have no issues here.

The locals are very kind, and you will have an easy time finding someone to talk with, as well as being able to enjoy the salt flats and beautiful beaches. 

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Always take caution and let a loved one or your host know where you are going and when you’ll return. 

Limit your alcoholic drinks if you’re at the bar alone, make sure to keep a close eye on your valuables, and always wear sunscreen! 


Is Cabo Rojo safe to walk around?

Yes, but Cabo Rojo is not a very walkable place.

Most locations require you to have a rental car to reach. 

image of the Pink Salt Lake
The salt flats and all the area beaches require a car to arrive.

The plaza is very safe to walk around, however, and very beautiful. 

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FAQ section

Is Cabo Rojo safe for female travelers?

Yes, it’s no more or less dangerous to travel as a femininely identifying or presenting person than it would be for any other gender. 

Is Cabo Rojo safe for families to stay?

Yes, in fact, it’s a great place for families to stay. The town is very easygoing and there are calm beaches with snorkeling and umbrellas available. 

Is Cabo Rojo safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Yes, there’s not an established club scene, but there is little to no risk of harassment. 


Final thoughts

Cabo Rojo is a beautiful town in Puerto Rico that you must visit. 

You’ll be able to enjoy snorkeling, pink salt flats and a quaint beachside town.

It is very safe for tourists. You can visit with your friends and family with no issues. 

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Is Cabo Rojo Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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