5 Best Chocolate Tours & Farms In Puerto Rico (2024)

Chocolate is a beloved Puerto Rican staple. 

In fact, Puerto Rico’s cocoa ranks among the top 50 in the world. 

As a local explorer and chocolate lover, I frequently visit the island’s cocoa farms and chocolate factories to taste and learn more about one of my favorite goods. 

Below are the five best chocolate tours & farms in Puerto Rico:


1. Hacienda Chocolat, Fajardo, P.R.

Hacienda Chocolat will have your taste buds dancing.

Chocolate tasting at Hacienda Chocolat.

This tour includes a guided walk through the foothills of El Yunque with an expert farmer and chocolatier and a bountiful tasting at Hacienda Chocolat’s factory.

You’ll try all their products: raw and toasted cacao, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, and cacao marmalade.  

A true culinary escapade fit for the adventurer and chocolate enthusiast. 

Below is the location of Hacienda Chocolat on Google Maps:

To book your tour, visit the Hacienda Chocolat website.


2. Montadero Chocolate, Caguas, P.R.

Montadero Chocolate is a family-owned business born from a grandson’s wish to preserve his grandmother’s secret recipe. 

image of Montadero Chocolate
Montadero Chocolate.

In addition to offering a tour through their factory and shop, you can test your skills and expand your knowledge with their chocolate-making workshop.  

Check out this video of Montadero Chocolate: 

This tour is perfect for those interested in an urban expedition.

Below is the location of Montadero Chocolate on Google Maps:

To book your class, visit Montadero Chocolate website.


3. Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolat, Aguada, P.R.

A wholesome hands-on experience.  

image of Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolat
Cacao pods at Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolat.

Described as “An eden for chocolate lovers,” Jeanmarie Chocolat offers two unique tours, one to learn the basics of grafting cocoa trees and a complete walkthrough and product-tasting excursion with the founders.

This place is a perfect alternative for those interested in channeling their inner farmer.

Below is the location of Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolat on Google Maps:

To book your class, visit the Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolat website.


4. Hacienda Buena Vista, Ponce, P.R

Return to the 19th century with a trip to this historic plantation.

image of Hacienda Buena Vista
Hacienda Buena Vista.

Founded in 1833, Hacienda Buena Vista remains an important site of production and preservation.

This tour includes a guided walk through the coffee and cacao farms, the historic homes of the founders and workers, and the factory. 

Check out this video of Hacienda Buena Vista:

This tour is perfect for those seeking a well-rounded experience focused on past agrarian systems. 

Below is the location of Hacienda Buena Vista on Google Maps:

To book a tour, call: +1 (787) 722-5882  


5. Loiza Dark, Carolina, P.R.

Tradition and innovation mix in this small family business.

image of Loiza Dark
Loiza Farm.

This tour takes you to the farm and factory of the first organic chocolate maker and cacao grower in Puerto Rico.

This experience is ideal for those wanting to stay in the metropolitan area. 

Below shows the location of Loiza Dark on Google Maps:

To book a tour, call: 1 + (787) 791-113   


Is this a fun activity for families?

Visiting a chocolate farm is a wholesome, tasty, creative, and inexpensive activity that families can enjoy together.

Which chocolate farm is closest to San Juan in Puerto Rico?

Montandero Chocolate in Caguas is the closest farm and factory to get to from San Juan at around a 30-minute drive (21 miles).


Final thoughts

Visiting a chocolate farm is a fantastic form of eco-tourism, perfect for families and individuals alike. 

If visiting from San Juan or searching for the best experience, your top options would be Hacienda Chocolat in Fajardo and Montandero Chocolate in Caguas.

Are you looking for more ideas on how to spend your time on the island? Cheesemaking tours are another unique option for foodies to explore. For other options, check out our article about the 45 best things to do in Puerto Rico

5 Best Chocolate Tours & Farms In Puerto Rico (2024)
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