Is Fajardo Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Fajardo is a beautiful area of Puerto Rico.

Visitors come to Fajardo for its beautiful beaches and its bioluminescent bay

But is it safe for tourists?

I have visited Puerto Rico every summer since I was a child and Fajardo and it’s surrounding islands are one of my favorite destinations. 

In this article, I’ll cover all you need to know about safety in Fajardo:

What is Fajardo?
Is Fajardo Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Is Fajardo safe at night?
Is Fajardo safe for solo travelers?
Is Fajardo safe to walk around?
Other frequently asked questions


What is Fajardo?

Fajardo is a municipality located on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico.

image of Seven Seas Beach
Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo is a popular snorkeling destination.

Marina Del Rey, the largest marina in the Caribbean, is located here.

Fajardo is also home to “Laguna Grande” which is one of only a handful of bioluminescent bays in the world. 

Watch the video below to see more of Fajardo:

To learn more about Fajardo, read our article Fajardo, Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.


Is Fajardo Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Yes, Fajardo is a very popular and safe destination for tourists. 

image of Fajardo monumental letters
Fajardo is located about an hour east of San Juan.

Pickpocketing and petty theft are the biggest threats for tourists, but these can be avoided by keeping an eye on your belongings and locking up valuables where you’re staying.

Puerto Rico does have gang violence and trafficking, but these crimes very rarely affect tourists and pose less of a risk than cities on the mainland United States. 

As long as you don’t go looking for trouble and steer clear of recreational drugs, you and your family will be safe. 

Our detailed guide on safety in Puerto Rico can be found here— Is Puerto Rico Safe For Travel? – All You Need To Know


Is Fajardo safe at night?

Fajardo is safe at night, but exercise caution as you would when traveling anywhere else. 

image of Silhouette of sailboats at sunrise
Use caution after dark as you would in any other destination.

Remember to keep an eye on your belongings, stay in well-lit and well-traveled areas, and walk with a partner or group when you can. 


Is Fajardo safe for solo travelers?

Yes, it’s safe to travel solo in Fajardo. 

image of resort with older couple
Fajardo’s resorts are some of the most celebrated in Puerto Rico.

Solo travelers will benefit from using caution and common sense while traveling, like letting loved ones know when and where they are going, especially when hiking.  

It’s also important to remember to keep your belongings close to you or locked away at your stay, and to limit your alcohol if drinking alone, as alcohol makes it easier to be taken advantage of, and lessens your awareness.


Is Fajardo safe to walk around?

It’s safe to walk around Fajardo, but Fajardo isn’t a very walkable location.

image of fountain in town square
Fajardo is not very pedestrian friendly.

A lot of the vacation rentals and shops, restaurants, beaches, and parks require a car to reach, but they are safe when you’re there. 



FAQ section

Is Fajardo safe for female travelers?

Yes, it’s just as safe for feminine travelers as it is for all other genders. Catcalling and petty theft are the biggest threats for feminine travelers, but can be avoided easily, and there is little to no risk of physical assault.

Is Fajardo safe for families to stay?

It’s very safe and popular for families to visit Fajardo. There are inclusive resorts, family friendly beaches, and all ages activities at the nature reserve.

Is Fajardo safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Yes, it’s safe. There’s not a big established LGBTQIA+ scene, but your risk of being harassed for you partner or your presentation is very low.


Final thoughts

Fajardo is a beautiful part of Puerto Rico, and should not be missed!

It is also very safe for tourists, meaning that you can travel with your friends and family without worry.

I recommend that you check out Laguna Grande Bio Bay while you are in Fajardo. Puerto Rico has three bio bays; you can learn about all three bio bays in our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.

Is Fajardo Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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