12 Best Things To Do In Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (2024)

Isla Verde is one of the most visited neighborhoods in Puerto Rico.

It boasts some of the top hotels and beaches on the island, but did you know it’s also one of the best destinations for party lovers?

I’ve spent a lot of time in Isla Verde and it has something to offer everyone.

Below are the 12 best things to do in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico:


1. Swim at Carolina Public Beach

Whether you’re into water sports or looking for a tranquil beach to swim at, Carolina Public Beach offers it all. 

image of Carolina Beach
Sky view of Carolina Public Beach in Isla Verde.

This beach has facilities like showers, bathrooms, gazebos, and changing rooms. There is parking available for a small fee, and kayak or paddleboard rentals. 

Carolina Public Beach also houses a waterpark for kids that you can pay for hourly. 

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2. Sample local and international food at Calle Loíza

If you’re a foodie visiting Isla Verde, don’t miss a stop in Calle Loíza. 

This connecting avenue between Condado and Isla Verde has dozens of restaurants, bars, and food kiosks.

You’ll find everything from local Puerto Rican food to Asian, Mexican, and Argentinian food. 

Popular places to visit include Nonna Cucina Rustica, Piso Viejo Bar & Restaurant, Raíces Urbano, and Bocca Osteria Romana.

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3. Surf at Pine Grove Beach

Isla Verde is home to one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico for surfing: Pine Grove Beach.

On this beach, you’ll find multiple schools willing to teach you the basics of surfing if you’re new to the sport. 

Two of the best schools to try out are Pine Grove Surf Club and Waterworld Surfing School

But, even if you’re beyond the beginner phase, you’ll find strong surf and catch high waves in Pine Grove Beach during the winter.

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4. Dance Salsa at La Placita

Party-loving people won’t lack entertainment options in Isla Verde and one of them is La Placita. 

This non-traditional market becomes a party spot during the night with live music, drinks, food, and lots of dancing. 

image of La Placita de Santurce at night
La Placita de Santurce is a must-visit for Salsa lovers.

While you’ll hear a bit of everything, La Placita is famous for its weekends with live salsa concerts. Even if you’re visiting alone, it won’t be hard to find a partner to dance with!

If you’re visiting for the food, La Placita also has multiple restaurants and food kiosks where you can taste the best of Puerto Rico’s cuisine.


5. Immerse in Isla Verde’s nightlife

Isla Verde is one of the top places to enjoy Puerto Rico’s nightlife. That’s why one of the top things to do in Isla Verde is to go club and bar hopping. 

The 101 East Bar & Lounge and the Vivo Beach Club are two of the most visited partying spots in Isla Verde.

But the most popular is Club Brava, in Fairmont El San Juan Hotel

Besides its normal lively atmosphere, the club offers weekly concerts and themed parties. You can see upcoming events on their social media.

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6. Play at the Casinos

If Blackjack and Poker are more to your taste, try out your luck in the multiple casinos in Isla Verde.

image of peope playing at Casino del Mar
There are many options for casinos in Isla Verde, often right on the beach.

You can visit casinos at the Embassy Suites by Hilton San Juan Hotel & Casino, Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort, and Fairmont El San Juan Hotel.

But, in the nearby Condado, you’ll find the most popular casino in San Juan, Casino del Mar.

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7. Take a trip to Piñones

Piñones is an ocean drive between Carolina and Loíza. 

In Piñones, you get to experience Puerto Rico’s culture in its raw nature. 

You can choose between dozens of laid-back food kiosks aligned one next to another with alcapurrias and bacalaitos in the display. 

image of the bike trail in Piñones
Walking and bike paths run next to the beach in Piñones.

You can also visit La Pocita, a popular beach where families like to spend the day. If you have a bicycle, bike across the beachfront boardwalk with the best views of the area.


8. Explore El Yunque National Rainforest

A short ride away from Isla Verde, you’ll find the only tropical rainforest in the United States Forest System, El Yunque.

El Yunque is an outdoor paradise for nature lovers. It sports waterfalls, rivers, and viewing towers.  

image of La Mina Falls in El Yunque
La Mina Falls in El Yunque is one of the most popular spots to visit.

It’s also home to a few of the best hiking trails in Puerto Rico.

Visitors have an array of options to explore around El Yunque like ziplining, running ATV, and horseback riding.

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9. Bioluminescent Bay tour

An hour away from Isla Verde you’ll find Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay.

Laguna Grande is one of the three bio bays in Puerto Rico.

image of woman swimming with bioluminescence
Image of a woman swimming with bioluminescence.

The brightest bio bay in the world is Mosquito Bay, located in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

You can learn more about all of Puerto Rico’s bio bays in our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.


10. ATV ride at Hacienda Campo Rico

You’ll love taking an ATV ride in Hacienda Campo Rico if you’re a thrill-seeker. 

This hacienda is a 20-minute ride from Isla Verde and offers a fun day trip for the entire family. 

image of ATVs in Hacienda Campo Rico
Hacienda Campo Rico ATV group.

You’ll get to explore 2,200 acres of land while crossing green fields, mangroves, and wetlands.

Whenever you take breaks, your guide will introduce you to Puerto Rico’s flora, fauna, culture, and, history.

See our guide about the Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Rico to learn more.


11. Explore Old San Juan

Nothing beats the historical charm of Old San Juan. 

If you’re visiting Isla Verde, a quick taxi ride can take you to this historical neighborhood with 500 years of history. 

image of Old San Juan's colorful street
The colorful streets of Old San Juan, one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

Old San Juan is home to the most popular Puerto Rico landmarks like El Morro, La Fortaleza, and Paseo La Princesa. 

Besides its historical attractions, visitors will love exploring the city’s main restaurants, beaches, and shops.

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12. Kitesurf in Ocean Park Beach

Between Isla Verde and Condado, you’ll spot Ocean Park Beach.

Besides being trendy for being a Miami-style beach, Ocean Park Beach is great for practicing kitesurfing. 

image of kitesurfing school in Isla Verde
Kitesurfing school is a great way to spend your afternoon.

During the afternoons, dozens of kite surfers take over the area, entertaining visitors and passersby.

If you’re a newbie, you can take classes with Kite Puerto Rico, and Wind Addiction Puerto Rico.

You can also join the group of locals playing volleyball at the beach.


FAQ section

What to do in Isla Verde at night?

During the night, visitors can visit La Placita, play at the casinos, or visit nightclubs like Club Brava. Calle Loíza is also another great area to enjoy the nightlife in Isla Verde.

What are some free things to do in Isla Verde?

Some free things to do in Isla Verde include visiting the beaches, riding a bike at Piñones, and dancing at La Placita. If you own equipment, snorkeling, and surfing in Isla Verde free too.


Final thoughts

If you’re into beaches, clubbing and good food, then you can’t miss a visit to Isla Verde.

Isla Verde hosts some of the most popular things to do in Puerto Rico like Carolina Beach, and it’s a short ride from others, like Laguna Grande Bio Bay.

I love visiting Isla Verde’s beaches and sampling local food at Piñones, but you have plenty to choose from!

For more ideas, check out our article about the 45 best things to do in Puerto Rico.

You can learn more about Isla Verde in our article Isla Verde, Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.

12 Best Things To Do In Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (2024)
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