Is Luquillo Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Luquillo is one of the safest places to visit in Puerto Rico. 

The town is home to the largest adventure park in Puerto Rico, and a Blue Flag beach.

Luquillo is one of my family’s favorite stops for a beach day on the east coast of the island.

In this article, I will cover:

What is Luquillo?
Is Luquillo, Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Is Luquillo safe at night?
Is Luquillo safe for solo travelers?
Is Luquillo safe to walk around?


What is Luquillo? 

Luquillo is a municipality located about 45 minutes east of San Juan, on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico. 

image Luquillo Beach aerial view
The kiosks of Luquillo are a famous stop for authentic Puerto Rican food.

Luquillo has many attractions and activities to offer, like Luquillo Beach and the Luquillo Kiosks.

Check out Luquillo, Puerto Rico in the following video:

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Is Luquillo, Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Luquillo is very safe for tourists.  

image of the parking slot in Luquillo Beach
Luquillo Beach is the perfect place for a family beach day.

Luquillo is where I recommend traveling if you’re looking for beautiful beaches, great food, tours, excursions, and stays without the same hustle and bustle as San Juan.

Luquillo Beach is a Blue Flag Beach, which assures its quality and safety.

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Is Luquillo safe at night?

Yes, Luquillo is safe at night, as long as you’re cautious. 

Petty crime like pickpocketing is the biggest risk for tourists, but if you stick to well-lit routes and keep an eye on your belongings you’ll be okay. 

image of tourists in Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Luquillo Beach is perfect for families and playing beach games.

Luquillo has less of a risk of petty crime than those other areas like San Juan and does not see a lot of gang violence. 

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Is Luquillo safe for solo travelers?

Solo travelers are safe in Luquillo. It is an area I would recommend to anyone planning on solo traveling in Puerto Rico. 

image of Luquillo Beach
Luquillo Beach has less crime than the big cities on the island.

The locals in Luquillo are very kind, and there’s much less crime to worry about than in the metropolitan areas.

Luquillo is also frequented by backpackers, solo and in groups, so you’re likely to meet some new friends!


Is Luquillo safe to walk around?

Luquillo is an easy and safe place to walk around, especially near Luquillo Beach and Playa Azul, where most of the restaurants and vacation rentals are.

image of Luquillo's aerila view
Aerial view of Luquillo and the beach.

The sidewalks in Luquillo are generally well-kept in popular areas, and if you need to cross the highway there are accessible road bridges with ramps for those with wheelchairs and mobility aids. 

During mealtimes and the weekends, the beaches and sidewalks can be crowded and loud, which might be difficult for those with mobility aids or those with sensory challenges. 



FAQ section

Is Luquillo safe for female travelers?

Yes - Luquillo is very safe, and femininely presenting travelers should find no issue. Catcalling and theft are the biggest risks, but if you keep an eye on your belongings you shouldn’t have any problems, as physical assault is very unlikely.

Is Luquillo safe for families to stay in?

Luquillo is very family-friendly! Luquillo Beach is safe for children, with calm water and lifeguards, and there are family-friendly stays and activities like snorkeling and the adventure park.

Is Luquillo safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Luquillo is safe, however, it doesn’t have a large or established LGBTQIA+ scene.


Final thoughts

Luquillo is a very popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico, and should definitely be part of your next trip!

It’s a safe and family-friendly place to stay, and will always be the first place I recommend to tourists.

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Is Luquillo Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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