7 Best Beaches In Ponce (2024) – All You Need To Know

Ponce is one of Puerto Rico’s top tourist spots.

This historic city has colorful festivals, amazing food, and great beaches!

I grew up visiting the boardwalks and beaches in this family-friendly area.

In this article, I will cover the 7 best beaches in Ponce, Puerto Rico:


1. Caja De Muertos

This is the number one beach to visit when you go to Ponce. 

image of Caja De Muertos beach
Caja De Muertos beach has clear, calm waters and white sands.

It’s technically an island, reached by taxi boat, or rented kayak. 

image of an anchor on the cliff
The island is only accessible by boat, making it feel like you are visiting a private island.

Fun fact: The island’s name comes from the coffin-like shape! 

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2. La Guancha

This beach is perfect for suntanning and relaxing.

Watch out for sharp rocks and sea urchins in the water; swimming isn’t recommended here.

image of La Guancha boardwalk
La Guancha boardwalk is lined with food kiosks to enjoy while you lounge at the beach.

The boardwalk has restaurants, bars, live music, and lots of sea life! 

You can even buy bait to feed the pelicans and tarpons that live nearby.

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Photo credit: @eloy4k

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3. El Tuque

El Tuque is one of the most family-friendly beaches in Ponce.

The beach is wide and calm so that children can swim safely.

image of El Tuque beach
El Tuque beach is a great place to bring your family for a beach day in Ponce.

There are also hotels, pools, restaurants, and nightlife nearby! 

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4. Isla Cardona

This island is an amazing place for snorkeling.

Different tour companies offer boat rides and snorkeling tours along the shore.

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Photo credit: @boteando.pr

If you like hiking, Isla Cardona also has walking paths with amazing views.


5. The Hilton’s Beach

All beaches in Puerto Rico are public.

This means you can enjoy the beach behind the Ponce Hilton Resort without a hotel reservation.

image of The Hilton’s Beach
The Hilton in Ponce offers public use of their facilities and beaches.

Tip: The hotel’s restaurant and restrooms are open to the public, so this is a good spot if you have little ones.


6. Isla de Ratones

This small island can be reached through different southwestern ports, including Ponce.

You can reach it by boat taxis and kayaks, both available in town.

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Photo credit: @alex_rodz13

This island is a great place to observe wildlife and relax.


7. Ponce Playa

This spot is a neighborhood in the town of Ponce.

image of Ponce Playa
Ponce Playa is located close to all of the activities and dining in Ponce.

All of the coast is a swimmable beach, making it a popular spot for locals. 

image of Ponce Beach
Enjoy the sunset from Ponce Beach, then check out the area’s nightlife.

Because it’s so close to the town center, you can stay late and enjoy the sunset right on the water.


FAQ section

Does Ponce Puerto Rico have nice beaches?

Ponce has great beaches! There’s not a huge variety, but the nearby islands are some of the best Puerto Rico has to offer.

Can you swim in Ponce Puerto Rico?

Yes! You can swim or at least splash around every beach on this list. Always practice safety and keep an eye on children!


Final thoughts

Ponce is a beautiful area of Puerto Rico. 

You can find some of the best beaches here. 

My favorite beaches in Ponce are Caja De Muertos and La Guancha.

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7 Best Beaches In Ponce (2024) – All You Need To Know
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