12 Best Tours & Excursions In San Juan, Puerto Rico (2024)

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico.

There are many fun tours & excursions to try in San Juan. You can experience eco-tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism and gastro-tourism all from the city’s center. 

As a long-time resident of San Juan, I want to share with you my favorite tours in this city.

In this article, I will share the 12 best tours and excursions in San Juan:


1. Night kayak tour

You can kayak at night in Condado Lagoon.

Condado Lagoon is located in San Juan, in the Condado area. 

There are companies that have special LED lights that attach to their kayaks, creating a glowing effect. 

image of guys kayaking at night
Kayakers in Condado Lagoon at night with an LED kayak.

Tour operators offer night tours of the Condado Lagoon, right from the center of San Juan. As a fun twist to this nighttime favorite, they have added colored light to the bottom of the kayaks.

You can book this tour with LED Night Kayak & SUP.

An even more exciting experience is kayaking in a bioluminescent bay. 

image of two people in a kayak in the water with bioluminescence glowing around them
Image of kayakers in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico.

There are three bio bays in Puerto Rico, one of which is just an hour drive from San Juan. 

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2. San Cristobal Fort and El Morro Fort

History comes alive with a visit to Old San Juan’s forts.  

image of Castillo de San Cristobal
Castillo de San Cristobal is considered the largest fort built in the Americas.

These UNESCO world heritage sites have stood the test of time. You can tour the barracks, dungeons, and outlook posts and let your imagination paint the picture of what it was like to conquer the new world.  

Tours are offered daily and the forts are located in Old San Juan.

To book this tour, check out the National Park Service website.

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3. San Juan culinary tour

San Juan is the culinary capital of “Comida Criolla” (or creole cooking).

This unique form of cooking blends the ingredients of the new world, with the cooking styles of the old.  

image of Puerto Rican dish
San Juan is full of delicious culinary opportunities.

The biodiversity of root vegetables, herbs, and spices means you can get nutritious food that is seasoned and simmered to your satisfaction. 

I recommend you join a culinary tour. On these tours, you can sip cocktails and savor stews. You can also enjoy fresh seafood or roasted pork dishes all of which are island favorites.

You can book this tour with Spoon Experience.

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4. San Juan Bay sunset sailing tour

Sailing in San Juan is a tradition that dates back centuries. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity while visiting.

On this tour, you will see the city’s beautiful and antiquated city walls, gates, and Governor’s House. UNESCO has declared these places as world heritage sites.

image of San Juan's sunset
Experience the sunset from the water in San Juan Bay.

Even if you have never sailed before, the captain will navigate the boat, while explaining some of the principles of sailing.   

Check out Sail San Juan Bay to book this tour.


5. Urban ziplining

If you are looking for memorable thrills, then don’t miss the zip lines at the Distrito T-Mobile Entertainment Complex.

These ziplines will fly you through state-of-the-art LED screens and a popular nightlife area.  

image of an urban zip line
Urban ziplining in San Juan is the ultimate way to see the city.

Compliment the zipline with a challenging obstacle course set over a buzzing arcade. This is an experience that will surely be a memorable addition to an entertaining evening.

To book this tour, visit the Toro Verde San Juan website.

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6. Surf classes and tours

San Juan is a great place to learn surfing.  

Visit the local surf schools located in Isla Verde, and enjoy a lesson on a safe and sandy beach break.  

image showing a kid learning how to surf
San Juan offers smaller waves along the coastline, perfect for people looking to learn how to surf.

Learn how to pop up on the board, maintain your balance, and carve the wave. Surf lessons are a great way to burn calories while trying something fun.

Check out Wow Surf School to book this tour.

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7. E-Foil tours

E-Foils are surfboards with a huge fin, and a motor installed. This enables you to float above choppy or bumpy water.  

image of a couple riding an E-Foil
Riding an E-Foil is the perfect way to spend the afternoon for adrenaline enthusiasts.

You can experience e-foiling with a class at Bahia Urbana Boardwalk in Old San Juan. Instructors will make sure you have a safe experience while experiencing this exhilarating water sport.

You can book this tour with Seakindly Foil School.


8. Bacardi Rum Factory

The Bacardi Rum Factory in Puerto Rico produces most of the Bacardi Rum supplied to the United States.  

The tour includes a rum cocktail and a tour of the facilities. It includes the history and processes for making rum, and the different types and flavors.

image of a girl tasting rum
Explore the history and tastes of Bacardi in San Juan on a guided tour through their headquarters.

The tour is enjoyable and captures the essence of the Bacardi Company.  

Check out the Bacardi Rum Factory to book this tour.


9. Museo de Deporte

If you love sports memorabilia and reliving victories, then the Museo de Deporte is a destination for you.

The Museum is located in the area of Guaynabo, a short drive from San Juan city center.

image of Museo de Deporte
Learn about the history of sports in Puerto Rico at the Museo de Deporte.

Enjoy the exhibits and learn about the most accomplished athletes in Puerto Rico’s history.

You can book this tour with Sports Museum.


10. Museum of Puerto Rico

The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico showcases fine arts collections from Puerto Rico artists.

The museum has 24 exhibits including 21 permanent collections, and several galleries dedicated to seasonal exhibits.  

image of Museum of Art of Puerto Rico
The Art Museum of Puerto Rico showcases contemporary and historic pieces, in addition to interactive experiences for visitors.

The botanical garden in the museum’s rear has a beautifully manicured landscape and a koi pond. The gallery also hosts a range of activities and art classes that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Check out the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico to book this tour.


11. Museo de las Americas (Ballajá)

The Ballajá Museum is one of the most fascinating historical museums in Puerto Rico.  

The history of the building itself is fascinating. It was the last building made by the Spanish and was the equivalent of the Pentagon for the Spanish empire at the time.  

image of Museo de las Americas
Explore the history of Puerto Rico at Museo de las Americas.

The museum is home to several exhibits describing the conquest of the new world, and the surviving indigenous people.

There is also an exhibit about slavery and the influences of African culture on Puerto Rican culture and language. Additionally, the museum has a hall with rotating art exhibits.

You can book this tour with Museo de Las Americas (Ballajá).


12. Windsurfing classes

If you’re looking to go to the beach and do something fun, then try windsurfing.

This sport uses the same principles of sailing, except that instead of a boat you’re on a learning board about the size of a paddleboard.

image of a guy windsurfing
Windsurfing is a water sport that combines surfing and sailing, and is one of the most popular sea sports.

An instructor can give you tips so that you can harness the speed of the wind. Take classes with a friend, and you will both have some laughs and stories to tell.

Check out the Windsports PR to book this activity.



FAQ section

What is the best tour in San Juan Puerto Rico?

Any tour where you can see the city from the water are my favorites. San Juan is so beautiful, and it’s really the best way to see the most interesting sites.

What is the best tour in San Juan for families?

My recommendation for a family tour is to visit historical sites, such as the forts of Old San Juan. These experiences are not only great for the imagination but also educational and safe.


Final thoughts

San Juan has many tours that are worth doing. 

My favourite tours in San Juan are the Condado Lagoon night LED kayak tour and the San Cristobal Fort tour. 

I also recommend that you book a bioluminescent kayak tour. The closest bio bay is only an hour drive from San Juan. You can learn more about Puerto Rico’s bio bays by reading our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.

If you are looking for more tours and excursions, then check out our article 25 Best Tours & Excursions In Puerto Rico

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12 Best Tours & Excursions In San Juan, Puerto Rico (2024)
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