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The #1 Bioluminescence Tour Company In Puerto Rico

We offer kayak tours in the world famous Laguna Grande Bio Bay, located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Experience this once in a lifetime activity with us!


About us was started in 2022 by Jordan Fried.

Jordan has lived in Puerto Rico for many years, and is passionate about helping the Puerto Rican tourism industry grow.

After building into the leading tourism website in Puerto Rico, he decided to start Tours to allow people to experience the Laguna Grande Bio Bay.

You can now book our bioluminescent kayak tour in the Laguna Grande Bio Bay through Tours. Click the “Book Now” button to secure your tickets.

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a man and a woman sitting on a kayak in the water

How does our tour work?

  1. Book your ticket by clicking the “BOOK NOW” button.
  2. You will then receive all relevant reservation information in an automated confirmation email.
  3. On the day of the tour, meet us at the tour departure location near the bio bay in Fajardo.
  4. Our professional and friendly guides will give you a safety briefing before helping you enter your kayak.
  5. Paddle with our tour guides around the bioluminescent bay. Here, you will experience millions of bright sparkles throughout the bay.
a man and a woman sitting on a kayak in the water
When is the best time to see bioluminescence in Puerto Rico?

The bioluminescence is best seen during a period of 2.5 weeks of each month, due to the moon rise/set times, and moon phase.

We recommend that you book our bioluminescent kayak tour during the 2.5 week period, to ensure great visibility.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team.

Check out our article where we explain why the visibility of the bioluminescence is only good during 2.5 weeks of each month.

Why choose us? Tours is the #1 choice for the following reasons:

- Convenient location: We operate our bioluminescent kayak tours in Laguna Grande. This is located in Fajardo, which is only an hour drive from San Juan.

- High quality kayaks: We offer high quality kayaks that are both comfortable and secure. You can book our tour knowing that only the best equipment is used.

- Great customer service: We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in Puerto Rico. Our agents are available to help you via email 7-days a week.


Our location

Launch Site: Kayak Village at Las Croabas, Fajardo

Address: Rt. 987 Las Croabas, Fajardo, PR 00738, Puerto Rico

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How to get to our launch site (tour departure location)

Recommendations we have for you to arrive to Las Croabas Park, Fajardo


If you have a rental car, drive to our location using the link below (also provided in your confirmation email). Take your time to enjoy the drive and explore more of Puerto Rico! Ask the crew for recommendations of places to eat and things to do after the tour.

Google Maps:


Great option for those not interested in renting a car. Download the Uber App or visit

*If you decide to take a Taxi or an Uber, we suggest making arrangements roundtrip. Keep in mind these services are Not Available to book on the spot after the tour.

Contact the providers below for rates and availability:

Check out our reviews

We work hard to ensure that our guests have the best possible customer experience. We are constantly working on improving our product and service.

Our TripAdvisor page showcases real customer reviews. We welcome honest feedback as we use this to improve our company.

You can read these reviews before booking with us to make sure that we are the right company for you.

What is our cancellation and refund policy?

If you book a tour with us, then you can request a full refund for any reason, and we will issue you the full refund within 3 days of your request.

The only exception is if you cancel within 48-hours of the tour. In this situation, we do not offer refunds.

If you request a refund outside of this 48-hour window, then we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked. You can request a refund by emailing us or by contacting us in real time through our live chat support.

You should not do our tour if you fall into one of the following categories:

You are pregnant.
You have a disability that limits your mobility.
You have serious back pain.
You are under the age of 3 years or over the age of 80 years.
You weigh over 250 pounds (kayak limitations).
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Experience the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay with us!