Where To Stay In Aguadilla (2024) – 11 Best Places & Areas

The town of Aguadilla is becoming a leader in tourism, making it a great time to visit.

They are remodeling hotels, building guesthouses, and turning old houses into new short-term rentals which gives tourists many options to choose from.

I was born and raised in Aguadilla, and can help you get the most out of your trip.

In this article, I will cover the 11 best areas and places to stay in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico:


1. Calle Marina

If you plan to relax on the beach, sample local cuisine and drink coffee, Marina Street is where you want to stay.

You will find Calle Marina a mile west of Aguadilla’s town square.

image of Calle De La Marina
Staying around Calle Marina is perfect for those who want to take morning walks next to the beach.

If you stay at Calle Marina, you will enjoy Paseo Real Marina, Parque Colon Beach, The Treehouse, and various restaurants.

Bahia Guest House is ideal for couples and Condominio Vista Mar is excellent for families.

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2. Rompeolas

Rompeolas Beach is a peaceful, beautiful beach in Aguadilla.

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You will find El Parterre Spring and Pintalto colorful houses within walking distance of El Rompeolas.

Various restaurants are close to Rompeolas, and you can walk to Paseo Real Marina and Aguadilla’s Plaza.

Check out Rompeolas in the following video:

There are also several guest houses near Playa Rompeolas.

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3. El Tamarindo

Just outside Aguadilla’s town center, you will find El Tamarindo.

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The birthplace of composer Rafael Hernandez and poet Jose de Diego, El Tamarindo is a historical area. 

At El Tamarindo, you will find El Canto de Las Piedras beach and rock formations, the remains of a Spanish fort, and a great view of Aguadilla’s Bay.

Check out Playa Tamarindo in the following video:

You can stay in Tropical Beach House, right in front of El Canto de Las Piedras.

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4. Crash Boat area

Crash Boat Beach is consistently rated one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

image of Crash Boat Beach
Crash Boat Beach is a top destination in Puerto Rico that offers snorkeling, food and amazing sunsets.

You can practice almost any water sport at El Crash Boat Beach. You can also enjoy seafood at the beach’s kiosks.

Check out Crash Boat, Aguadilla in the following video:

Stay at Pardo’s Guest House, steps from the beach, or at Hotel El Faro, a 5-minute drive from Crash Boat.


5. Avenida Montemar

Montemar is a compound word (mount and sea); from the hills (monte), you will see one of the best views of Aguadilla Bay (mar).

image of the sugar mill pier
The Sugar Mill Pier is a reminder of Puerto Rico’s history as one of the most important producers of sugar in the Caribbean.

Avenida Montemar is close to The Sugar Mill Pier, Aguadilla’s town center, and Crash Boat.

There are various short-term rental properties and Aguadilla’s only all-inclusive hotel, Hotel Vista Azul, located in this area.


6. Borinquen

Barrio Borinquen is where you will find Playa India and Wilderness Beach.

The mountains of Borinquen offer a magnificent view of Aguadilla’s shore.

image of Borinquen
Borinquen is the perfect neighborhood for surfers because of its close proximity to India and Wilderness Beach.

If you are a surfer or a scuba diver, Borinquen is the part of Aguadilla where you should stay.

If you are on a budget and want to stay in Borinquen, you should visit Hotel Villa Forin.

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7. Martinica

Just outside the former Ramey Base, you will find the Martinica neighborhood.

This is the neighborhood you would visit to access the popular Survival Beach.

image of Survival Beach 
Getting to Survival Beach is considered one of the best hikes in western Puerto Rico.

Martinica has several restaurants, offering a wide range of food from international to vegan. 

If you need to rent a surfboard or are willing to take surf lessons, go to Martinica.

image of Aquatica
While you are in the area, visit Aguadilla’s oldest dive shop, Aquatica.

Martinica is home to Aquatica, Aguadilla’s oldest Scuba Dive Shop,

To enjoy Martinica, you can stay at Borinquen Resort.


8. Road 107

107 Road is the road that takes you to Crash Boat, Peña Blanca, and Ramey Base.

image of Peña Blanca beach
Road 107 will take you to the popular beaches in Aguadilla, like Peña Blanca.

Road 107 is also known as Restaurant Road. There are over a dozen restaurants on a two-mile road. 

You can also find more than 10 bars on Road 107.


9. Ramey Maleza Baja

You can fly from several airports in the mainland United States to Aguadilla’s Rafael Hernandez Airport.

image of Ramey Base aerial view
The area surrounding the Aguadilla airport is right next to the beach and filled with plenty of things to do.

Aguadilla’s airport is on what was Ramey Air Force Base.

When the Department of Defense closed the base, they transferred the facilities to the Puerto Rico Government.

In Maleza Baja, you will find Surfer’s Beach, Punta Borinquen Beach, Punta Borinquen Golf Club, Las Ruinas (Remains of Ponderosa Lighthouse), sports facilities, restaurants, bars, and a bowling alley.

Check out Rafael Hernandez International Airport in the following video:

You can stay at Courtyard By Marriott.

Fun Fact: They remodeled what was the United States Air Force Base Hospital when Ramey base was operational and turned it into a hotel.


10. Playuelas

Playuelas is a perfect combination of cliffs, ocean, and vegetation.

image of Playuelas
Playuelas is a beautiful area to camp and enjoy Puerto Rico’s natural areas.

There is just one catch if you want to enjoy Playuelas. You will have to camp because there are no hotels or short-term rentals in Playuelas. 

Even though Playuelas is just a 10-minute drive from my house, I have camped at Playuelas Horse Ride Campground with family and friends from the mainland United States. I highly recommend PHR Campground!

Check out Playuelas in the following video:

You can camp on your own, or you can camp at Playuela’s Horse Ride campground. 


11. Montaña, San Antonio

Montaña is part of San Antonio.

San Antonio is a little town within the town of Aguadilla

This “Poblado” has its town square, Catholic Church, and neighborhoods.

At Christmas, the streets of San Antonio light up with hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights.

Check out Christmas Streets in Poblado San Antonio in the following video:

San Antonio is where Aguadilla and Isabela meet. If you stay in San Antonio, you are 10 minutes from Ramey Base, 15 from Crash Boat, and 5 minutes from Jobos, Isabela.

There are several short-term vacation rentals in Montaña, and there is Villa Montaña Beach Resort, the most expensive and luxurious place to stay in Aguadilla.


FAQ section

What is the best area to stay in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

The former Ramey Base is the best area to stay in Puerto Rico. The area is close to the airport, Survival, Punta Borinquen, and Wilderness Beaches.

What is the best beachfront area to stay in Aguadilla?

Marina Street, you cross the street and land in Paseo Real Marina.


Final thoughts

Aguadilla is a beautiful area in Puerto Rico.

My favourite place to stay is Calle Marina. There is a nice beach here, and great local cuisine.  

But wherever you stay in Aguadilla, you will be close to a beautiful beach, excellent cuisine and friendly people. 

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Where To Stay In Aguadilla (2024) – 11 Best Places & Areas
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