30 Best Things To Do In Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (2024)

Aguadilla is a town located in Puerto Rico’s northwest corner.

Aguadilla offers something for everyone and has some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. 

I am a proud “Aguadillano.” I was born and raised here it is my honor to share my hometown with you.

In this article, I will cover the 30 best things to do in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico:


1. Breakfast at a panaderia

Your hotel has a restaurant, and they serve breakfast.

But locals eat breakfast at the bakery or panaderia, as we call it.

image of Panaderia la Campana
The panaderia is where many Puerto Ricans start their morning, and Aguadilla has plenty of great options for you to try.

You can have freshly brewed coffee and sandwiches made with criollo bread baked in the store. 

You can go to La Campana Bakery, Ramey Bakery, or Aguadilla Bakery.

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2. Morning walk or jog on Paseo Real Marina

If you like to exercise in the morning, go to Paseo Real Marina.

This mile-and-a-half concrete walk near the ocean is perfect for your morning workout. 

Paseo Real Marina is where local joggers work out in the mornings.

As the sun rises behind the mountains, it bathes Aguadilla’s bay. 

The ocean water and the morning will help you start your day with new strength.

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3. La Casa del Arbol Tree House

They built a large wooden tree house around a gigantic banyan tree in Parque Colon, Columbus Park. 

image of La Casa del Arbol Tree House
La Casa del Arbol Tree House is the perfect place to bring your kids (or let out your inner child).

The tree house is fun for the whole family and will bring out the kid in you.

Visit Parque Colon Beach; you are going to love it.

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4. Have a piragua

Piragua is what Puerto Ricans call shaved ice cones.

image of Piragua
Piraguas (flavored shaved ice) come in a variety of tropical flavors.

They cover the ice shavings with homemade fruit syrup.

You will see piragua carts at Parque Colon and Town Square.

Try the coconut-flavored one.


5. Visit Plaza Rafael Hernandez (Aguadilla’s Town Square)

Rafael Hernandez was Aguadilla’s most significant popular music composer.

image of Aguadilla's Town Square
Aguadilla’s town square is named after famous musician Rafael Hernandez, who is from the area.

The town square has a statue of Rafael Hernandez and a fountain inspired by one of his songs: “Campanitas de Cristal” Glass Bells. 

You may have heard Hernandez’s song Cumbanchero.

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6. Travel to Aguadilla’s past

When you step into Alba’s Music, you will think you have traveled back in time.

You will see LPs 45’s and vintage musical instruments. 

image of Alba's Music store
Alba’s Music has a variety of vintage items for music lovers.

They even have short-wave weather radios.

Tienda Sesto is the oldest souvenir and general store in Aguadilla.

They have a lot of memorabilia for sale.

You can pick up souvenirs from Aguadilla’s oldest souvenir store, Tienda Sesto.

Even if you are not buying music or souvenirs, these two stores are worth visiting.


7. Visit Aguadilla’s City Hall Museum

The City Hall’s Museum allows you to learn about Aguadilla’s history and to see some of Aguadilla’s artists’ work.

image of a giant chair
When you visit Aguadilla’s City Hall Museum, if you say you are a traveler you will receive a complimentary souvenir.

You don’t have to pay to go to the museum. 

Say that you come from abroad, and they will give you a complimentary souvenir.

Check out the video below for more about Aguadilla from the museum:


8. Rex Cream

Italian immigrants came to Aguadilla in the 19th century.

One of the things they brought was gelato machines.

image of Rex Cream store
Rex Cream is famous for being one of the best ice creams in Puerto Rico.

Chinese immigrants acquired these machines and established Rex Cream.

This is one of the best ice creams you can find in Puerto Rico.


9. El Parterre

One of Aguadilla’s nicknames is La Villa del Ojo de Agua, or “The City of the Spring Water.”

image of La Villa del Ojo de Agua
Spanish colonizers got their drinking water from this natural spring, which was built in 1851.

The water that emerges in the spring comes from an underground river. Spanish colonizers got their drinking water from El Ojo de Agua. In 1851 they built a park around the natural spring.

For over 150 years, El Parterre has been one of the places people must visit in Aguadilla.

People from Aguadilla say that the fountain of youth Ponce de Leon searched for was in El Parterre.


10. The colorful houses of Cerro Cabrera (Pintalto)

The community came together to make a work of art that spans the neighborhood. Right behind El Parterre, you will find a street art museum.

image of Colorful Houses of Cerro Cabrera
This colorful work of art covers an entire neighborhood near Aguadilla Bay.

This place is great for photos and seeing Aguadilla’s Bay.

Below is a video of the process of painting the houses:


11. Puerto Rican flag mural

They painted a giant Puerto Rican flag on a former Aguadilla Public School.

image of Puerto Rican flag on the wall
Aguadilla’s old public school is painted with a huge Puerto Rican flag, a great spot to snap a photo.

Close to that building, you will find the remains of El Fuerte de la Concpeción. 

From that Spanish fortress, brave Aguadillians defended the town from the attacks of the British and pirates.


12. El Canto de Las Piedras

There are several rock formations on the beach in front of the Aguadilla Urban Cemetery.

image of El Canto de Las Piedras
A local legend surrounds El Canto de Las Piedras, which means “the song of the rocks.”

Jose de Diego, an Aguadilla Stateman, Lawyer, and Poet of the nineteenth century, called the sound of the wave hitting the rocks: “El Canto de Las Piedras,” the singing of the stones.

A legend explains the origins of 4 rocks on the beach.

Four fishermen got into a fight and fell off the cliff.

The three amigos remained together forever, and a little far away stayed the peeved one.

Watch a video of Las Piedras Beach below:


13. Take a photo inside the abandoned plane

On the road 107, there is an abandoned plane on an empty lot.

The plane sustained damage beyond repair in an accident at Rafael Hernandez Airport.

This plane was abandoned near the airport after sustaining too much damage. The abandoned plane now reads “Vuela sin alas” or “Fly without wings.”

They moved the plane to that lot, which has been there for over a decade.

Local artists covered the plane’s remains with graffiti and an inscription: ‘Vuela sin alas” or  “Fly without wings.” 

People stop there to take their pictures inside the plane. The owner of the lot charges a small fee to access the lot.


14. Taste a limbel

On February 2, 1928, as part of his Latin America Tour, the aviator Charles Lindbergh landed in San Juan. Someone offered Lindbergh a frozen juice treat. 

Coqui Tipico is the best place to try a limbel, named after famous aviator Charles Lindbergh.

The aviator said he liked the frozen juice and asked for its name.

One person suggested calling the treat Lindbergh in honor of the aviator. Spanish-speaking people changed the name to Limbel 

The best limbels of Puerto Rico are the ones from Coqui Tipico. Before leaving Aguadilla, make sure you have a limbel.


15. Eat Aguadilla’s classic food

Pollo de Chano’s and Pollo de Eliseo are two fried chicken restaurants. 

Chano’s serves their chicken with french fries and Eliseo with Puerto Rican bread. If you like fried chicken, you must visit these two places. 

image of Eliseo’s Fried Chicken
Eliseo’s Fried Chicken with Puerto Rican bread.

Another classic is Empanadillas (turnovers) Felo. The pizza-flavored one is simply the best.

No visit to Aguadilla is complete without eating at El Meson Sandwiches. This sandwich restaurant franchise started in Aguadilla.

Visit Road 459 Food Truck Park for a diverse culinary experience.

Last on this list is the hot dog stand in front of the Catholic Church on Plaza Rafael Hernandez.

There are a few street vendors who are famous in Aguadilla like this hot dog stand near the church in the central plaza.

People line up to buy these hot dogs.


16. Borinquen Field-Ramey Air Force Base Museum

Aguadilla played a vital role in the defense of the United States during World War II and the Cold War.

If you want to know more about the history of Ramey Air Force Base, visit the BFRAFB Museum. 

image of Borinquen Field-Ramey Air Force Base Museum-min
Borinquen Field-Ramey Air Force Base Museum is a look back in history at Aguadilla’s role in WWII and the Cold War.

It only opens on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The former Air Force Base is home to Punta Borinquen Golf Club. 

If you are a golfer, you will love playing in the PBGC.  Admission is free of charge, but you are welcome to make donations.


17. Surf

From Schoolyards Beach (Caño de la Cacula) on the south to Survival Beach (Martinica) on the North, Aguadilla has over ten surfing spots.

image of surfing boys
Aguadilla is a surfers’ paradise from November to March.

There are several companies and teachers who offer surf lessons.

You might become a surfer visiting Aguadilla during surf season (from November to March). Learn more by reading 10 Best Surf Spots In Puerto Rico, where Aguadilla makes the list a few times.


18. Snorkeling

Aguadilla has several beaches in which you can snorkel dive. 

There is an artificial reef in Crash Boat. You can swim with turtles on Peña Blanca.

image of coral reefs
Aguadilla ranks as one of the best places for snorkeling in Puerto Rico and has multiple locations to choose from.

Several companies can take you on a snorkeling tour. Learn more by reading 25 Best Snorkel Spots In Puerto Rico.


19. Scuba diving

Playa India, close to Crash Boat, offers one of the best places for SCUBA diving in Puerto Rico.

Crash Boat is a favorite among SCUBA divers of all levels of expertise.

image of scuba divers
Divers are in for a treat at Playa India, which is known as one of the best dive spots in Puerto Rico.

More advanced SCUBA divers can see a B29 Superfortress Bomber sunk off the coast.

Learn more dive sites in our article 30 Best Scuba Diving Sites In Puerto Rico.


20. Stand up paddle board

If you know how to paddle board, you can rent one in Aguadilla.

image of a person paddleboarding
Paddleboarding at sunset in Aguadilla is a unique and memorable experience.

Need to gain experience paddle boarding? You can take a class and a tour.

You will be paddle boarding like an expert in no time.

For information about tours in Aguadilla, see this article 7 Best Tours In Aguadilla.


21. See Humpback whales

From January to late March, humpback whales come to mate and grow their calves in Western Puerto Rico’s waters. 

image of Humpback whale
The best time to see whales in Aguadilla is February from Surfer’s Beach.

February is the best month to watch the whales.

I’ve seen a lot of whales from Surfer’s Beach.


22. Kayak

The calm waters of the bay in Aguadilla are perfect for kayaking

image of Couple Kayaking
Kayaking in Aguadilla Bay is a unique way to explore the landscape.

Water sports rental companies will rent you the kayak.

And if you would like a kayak tour, these companies can make the necessary arrangements.


23. Explore El Muelle de Azucar (Sugar Mill Pier)

The Sugar Mill Pier is a staple in Aguadilla’s bay landscape.

image of Sugar mill pier
The waters surrounding the Sugar Mill Pier are tranquil and perfect for swimming.

You can walk to the pier, kayak, or go to El Muelle on a Yola Aguadillana tour.

One company rents motorized watercraft vehicles to take you to the sugar mill pier.

Check out the video below for an aerial view of this area:


24. Go to the beach

Aguadilla has some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

Check out Crash Boat Beach, Peña Blanca, and Survival Beach articles.

image of Crash Boat Beach
Crash Boat Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Puerto Rico.

You can also go to El Rompeolas Beach, Wilderness, Surfer Beach, Punta Borinquen, Mangalito, Playuelas, and Table Rock.  

Aguadilla has a beach for every water sport.


25. Las Ruinas, the remains of The Ponderosa Lighthouse

The remains of Ponderosa Lighthouse are a must-go place in Aguadilla. 

This place is excellent for taking great pictures and spending time with nature.

image of Lighthouse ruins
Las Ruinas in Aguadilla is a very popular spot with photographers.

The non-profit organization Rescate Playas de Borinquen does a fantastic conservation job. When you go to Las Ruinas, see all the works of art painted on buildings.

Below is a video explaining what RPB does: 


26. Watch the sunset

It doesn’t matter if you watch it from the Merendero, Paseo Real Marina, a boat, or one of our beaches; the Aguadilla sunset is mesmerizing.

image of Sunset at Aguadilla Beach
There are plenty of places to watch the sunset over the ocean in Aguadilla.

Our sunset is a natural spectacle that will remain in your memories for a long time.


27. Drink coffee

German immigrants established a coffee processor in Aguadilla. Unfortunately, they stopped producing coffee in Aguadilla.

image of Flag of Puerto Rico
The Pope was once a consumer of Puerto Rican coffee exclusively.

But there are dozens of places where you can get great coffee in Aguadilla.


28. Las Cascadas, and Canena Marquez Baseball Park

Las Cascadas was Puerto Rico’s first water park.

image of Las Cascadas
Las Cascadas is open seasonally and offers families an alternative to the beach.

The park is open daily from May to August and on weekends from September to November. For more about water parks, read Best Water Parks In Puerto Rico.

Next to Las Cascadas is Canana Marquez Stadium. Try to see an Aguadilla Sharks versus San Sebastian’s Patrulleros baseball game. Their rivalry is like the Yankees and The Red Socks.


29. Bioluminescence Bay tour

Aguadilla doesn’t have a bioluminescent bay, but is only an hour away from Lajas which is home to one of the three bio bays on the island.

image of two people in a kayak in the water with bioluminescence glowing around them
Kayaking through glowing water at La Parguera is an experience you will never forget.

If you stay in Aguadilla, you can easily book a bio bay tour and head down one night to experience this natural phenomenon.

Learn more by reading our article La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay.

Also, check out our other article where we cover all three bio bays in Puerto Rico: Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.


30. Talk to a local

Aguadillanos are hard-working, fun-loving, noble people.

image of mural house
Connect with the locals to learn more about Aguadilla and the best places to explore.

We love to share the marvels of our city with tourists.

Feel free to talk to us.


FAQ section

What to do in Aguadilla Puerto Rico at night?

Go to Paseo Real Marina. They have bars and live music on weekends.

What are some romantic things to do in Aguadilla?

Watch the sunset with your significant other. Have a romantic dinner in one of Aguadilla's many restaurants.


Final thoughts

Aguadilla is a beautiful town in Puerto Rico. 

You will love Aguadilla’s natural beauty, people, and rich history.

My favorite things to do in Aguadilla are surfing and visiting the bioluminescent bay that is located just an hour away.

If you are looking for other things to do, then check out our article where we cover the 45 best things to do in Puerto Rico

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