The Unique Guajataca Forest Reserve

The Guajataca Forest Reserve, or Bosque Estatal de Guajataca, is located in Puerto Rico’s Karst region. This is a popular hiking reserve in Puerto Rico. Hikers are attracted to the Guajataca Forest Reserve because the 960 hectares of dense Guajataca Forest features many challenging and enjoyable hiking routes. The hiking trails cover approximately 40 kilometres of the reserve and further up river visitors are able to kayak or relax while fly fishing in this tranquil area. Camping in Bosque Estatal de Guajataca is also possible.

Guajataca Forest Reserve Puerto RicoWhat makes the entire Karst region, and therefore the Guajataca Forest Reserve, so unique is the topography and the limestone deposits that are synonymous with this area. These deposits were laid down by volcanic eruptions and consist of volcanic rock that dates back millions of years. This topography is filled with unexplored mystical caves, canyons, endless rolling hills, underground rivers and sinkholes. The sinkholes are formed by underground caverns that have given way to the weight of the earth while the streams that flow beneath the earth are responsibly for creating new caves in the limestone. The entire area is absolutely breathtaking and extremely interesting. Exploring the Guajataca Forest Reserve is a wonderful adventure and visitors will definitely want to stay a few days to see everything.

The cave systems are absolutely breathtaking and it is fascinating to see how plants and fish have adapted to the dark world they live in. Plants
have almost no pigmentation and the fish have no eyes. Over and above this,
the waterfalls and formations found within the caves are spectacular. Camping areas are generally equipped with running water and bathroom facilities. Campfires add to the outdoors atmosphere and the many walking trails that are available will keep visitors active for days. A trip to the unusual and very intriguing Guajataca State Forest is an experience and adventure that visitors will never forget. You may want to investigate the mountains, forests or caves, or just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the reserve. Whatever you decide, this is the perfect place to learn more about the diversity and unmistakable power of nature.

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