11 Best Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tours In Puerto Rico (2023)

Puerto Rico is home to three bioluminescent bays.

One of these bio bays is the brightest in the world.

I’ve been living in Puerto Rico for 14 years and have been fortunate to have experienced this magical phenomenon. 

In this article, I will cover the 11 best bioluminescence tours in Puerto Rico:


1. Eco Action Tours

Eco Actions Tours is located in Fajardo and takes you on a magical tour of the mangrove channels of Laguna Grande.

The 2-hour tour duration is perfect for beginners and for the family.

However, it is important to note that this bay is significantly less bright than Mosquito Bay on Vieques, the brightest bio bay in the world.

This includes kayaking safety and orientation upon going on this tour.

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The tour guide will take you along the mangrove channels all the way until you reach the bay where you are able to agitate the water and see the glowing sparkles right before your eyes.

To book this tour, check out Eco Actions Tours website.


2. Eco Adventures Kayaks

Eco Adventures Kayaks is another bio bay kayak tour located in Fajardo’s Laguna Grande.

image of a girl kayaking in bioluminescent
Explore the bio bay in Fajardo by kayak for the most hands on experience.

It is an unforgettable experience when you witness the glowing water under the starry sky as you kayak through the bay.

Below is a video of the Eco Adventures Kayak tour:

You will meet up with your tour guide on the beach of Las Croabas and will be called in groups to kayak through the hidden opening of the mangroves at the end of the beach.

Your tour guide will be with you for 2-hours to ensure that you enjoy the experience to the max.

To book this tour, check out the Eco Adventure website.


3. Abe’s Biobay Tour

Abe’s Biobay Tour is located in Vieques.

image showing kayaking in Mosquito Bay
Kayaking through Mosquito Bay should be on your bucket list of things to do in Puerto Rico.

This 2-hour tour takes you to the brightest bio bay in the world, Mosquito Bay.

As you paddle through the bay with a tour guide, you’ll also learn about the life of Pyrodinium Bahamense, which is the single-celled organism that allows the water to glow.

Below is a video of Abe’s Biobay Tour in Vieques:

You’ll meet at Esperanza and the tour provides you with the kayak, paddle, vest, and step-by-step instructions.

This is a family-friendly tour and perfect for any age above 6 years old.

To book this tour, check out Abe’s Biobay Tour website.


4. Jak Water Sports Bioluminescent Bay Tour

Jak Water Sports Bio Bay Tour takes you to the brightest bio bay in the world, Mosquito Bay in Vieques.

image of two people in a kayak in the water with bioluminescence glowing around them
Imagine experiencing bioluminescence in the world’s brightest bio bay, in a glass bottom kayak.

This rare and unique bioluminescent experience is an adventure you don’t want to miss. The best part about this tour is that you’ll be using a clear bottom kayak!

On this 2-hour bio bay adventure, you’ll explore the amazing organisms up close in a more intimate group excursion. You’ll also learn about this unique ecosystem and how it mains a perfect life balance.

To book this tour, check out the Jak Water Sports website.


5. Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours

Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours takes you to the Laguna Grande bio bay located in Fajardo.

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If you happen to be in Puerto Rico during a full moon stage, then you won’t want to miss out on their full moon kayak adventure!

This tour company corresponds with the Lunar Cycle to ensure you get the best and brightest kayak experience. The Full moon is the brightest you’ll see in the bio bay.

Below is a video of Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours:

You will meet up at Las Croabas beach to embark on this journey.

To book this tour, check out the Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours website.


6. Alelí Tours

Alelí Tours is located in Lajas and takes you to the La Parguera waterfront.

The trip to the bay is shorter than taking a kayak, which will only take about 30 minutes by powerboat for you to arrive at the glowing waters.

image of Alelí Tours boat
Experience La Parguera Bio Bay by boat for a relaxing and dry experience.

This is an intimate experience that lasts about two hours. 

To book this tour, check out the Alelí Tours website.


7. Hook’d on Adventure Parguera 

Hook’d offers a sunset and bio bay tour in Lajas and takes you to the La Parguera bio bay.

Relax on this 2-hour intimate boat tour where you’ll have the option to swim in the bio bay once it gets dark.

You’ll be accompanied by an experienced captain that will guide you through the winding mangrove channels.

image of La Parguera bio bay
Enjoy a sunset cruise followed by exploring La Parguera bio bay.

Swimming is optional, you can enjoy the glowing waters from the boat if you don’t wish to get wet.

To book this tour, check out Hook’d on Adventure website.


8. Kayaking Puerto Rico

Kayaking Puerto Rico is one of the most popular bio bay kayak companies in Puerto Rico.

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Located in Fajardo, you’ll be guided through the mangrove channels of the Laguna Grande bio bay.

Discover this whole new world as you kayak through the mangrove forest, protected by the fauna, to reach the glowing waters of the bay.

Below is a video of a bio bay tour with Kayaking Puerto Rico:

To book this tour, check out the Kayaking Puerto Rico website.


9. The Pirate Bio Bay Tour

The Pirate Bio Bay tour is located in Vieques and will take you to the brightest bio bay in the world, Mosquito Bay.

image of Mosquito Bay
Mosquito Bay is the brightest of the three bio bays in Puerto Rico, and the world.

This tour offers a clear kayak experience and you’re guided through the bio to see the glowing waters all around you.

This activity lasts for 2 hours and it’s an intimate group experience, which makes it more relaxed and personal.

Below is a video of The Pirate Bio Bay Tour:

To book this tour, check out The Pirate Bio Bay website.


10. Fondo de Cristal

Fondo de Cristal is a tour company that offers a glass-bottom kayak experience in La Parguera’s bio bay.

This tour guide offers a lot more experience than other bioluminescent bays. You have the option to take a swimming tour or a boat & kayak tour. 

image of Fondo de Cristal's boat
For a full day experience, book a trip on the Fondo de Cristal.

You’ll get a chance to take a closer look at the beautiful coral reefs and the underwater universe that awaits you.

To book this tour, check out Fondo de Cristal website.


11. Peniel Access Eco Tour

Peniel Access Eco Tour is a multifaceted tour agency that takes you to Laguna Grande bio bay in Fajardo.

image of Laguna Grande bio bay
Experience two of Puerto Rico’s top attractions with a full day tour to the rainforest by day, and kayak Laguna Grande by night.

The bio bay tour lasts for 2 hours while the rainforest & bio bay tour last 10 hours. 

Below is a video of the Peniel Access Eco Bio Bay Kayak Tour:

If you’re looking for a whole-day experience, you can also book a rainforest & bio bay tour with Peniel Access Eco Tour.



FAQ section

Which bioluminescence tour company is the best in Puerto Rico?

The Eco Actions tour in Fajardo is the best bio bay kayak tour company in Puerto Rico.

Can you do a bioluminescent bay tour from San Juan in Puerto Rico?

There are no bio bays in San Juan, but there are tours that will pick you up in a taxi van from San Juan and take you to the bio bay in Fajardo.


Final thoughts

Visiting a bio bay is a must when in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has three different bio bays. You can learn about which bio bay is best for you by reading our article Bioluminescent Bays Puerto Rico – All You Need To Know.

I also recommend that you check out our article When Is The Best Time To See Bioluminescence In Puerto Rico to learn when to visit the bio bays.

11 Best Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tours In Puerto Rico (2023)
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