6 Best Tours & Excursions In Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (2024)

Cabo Rojo is one of the most picturesque beach towns in Puerto Rico. 

Home of Puerto Rico’s Robin Hood, El Pirata Cofresí, Cabo Rojo offers many land and seafaring adventures.

In this article, I will list six of the best tours and excursions you can (and should) go on when visiting Cabo Rojo. 

Below are the 6 best tours & excursions in the Cabo Rojo area:


1. Go on a Cabo Rojo and western Puerto Rico full-day tour

See the best of the west in one day with a full-day tour from San Juan.

image of the pink and white salt flats
The pink and white salt flats in Cabo Rojo are one of the most photographed destinations in the west.

Most tours make three key stops in Cabo Rojo: crystal blue Playa Sucia Beach (La Playuela), the 1882-built Faro Los Morillos Lighthouse, and the highly Instagrammable pink and white salt flats, Las Salinas.  

Near Cabo Rojo, stop at La Parguera in Lajas to charter a boat to visit the local-favorite neighboring islets: Cayo Caracoles, Cayo Enrique, and Mata La Gata. 

Here’s a short video highlighting three of Cabo Rojo’s staples:

Contact West Coast Destinations to arrange your tour of Puerto Rico’s west coast, or read more about one of Cabo Rojo’s main attractions in our article about the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.


2. Fishing excursion

There’s no denying Cabo Rojo’s delicious fresh seafood and thriving fishing industry.

But don’t just hear about it, live it!

image of 2 guys fishing in Cabo Rojo
Many restaurants in the neighborhood of Joyuda specialize in seafood, and the town of Cabo Rojo is well known for its amazing fishing.

Enjoy two activities by booking a fishing charter boat tour.

There are different offers for most budgets and styles, from rustic to upscale charter boats and tours.

Going on a fishing trip is a memorable way to enjoy the pristine western waters. 

Here’s a video from one of the better-known fishing charter boat excursions in Cabo Rojo:

Book your tour with Hola Fishing. If you would rather stay on land, check out the 11 Best Beaches In Cabo Rojo.


3. Snorkeling excursion

Snorkeling tours abound in Cabo Rojo since this coastal town houses clear, tranquil waters and magnificent reefs. 

image of Cayo Caracoles
Cayo Caracoles, with calm waters surrounded by mangroves, is one of the top snorkeling destinations in southwestern Puerto Rico.

Isla de Ratones, Punta Ostiones, and Cayo Caracoles in Lajas are the top three snorkeling spots in the Cabo Rojo area. 

Few things beat the sunsets, waters and awe-striking reefs Cabo Rojo and Lajas graciously offer. 

Below is a video of the Cayo Caracoles:

Visit the Paradise Scuba & Snorkel website to book your tour.

If you would rather go snorkeling on your own, check out our article featuring the 25 Best Snorkel Spots In Puerto Rico.


4. Parguera Bio Bay tour 

One of the most exclusive experiences that Puerto Rico has to offer is the bioluminescent bay tours. 

There are only a handful of bioluminescent bays in the world. Puerto Rico is lucky to have 3 different bio bays. La Parguera Bio Bay is only 30-minutes from Cabo Rojo, in the neighboring town of Lajas.

image of a man swimming with bioluminescence
La Parguera is the only bio bay in Puerto Rico that allows swimming.

Visiting a bioluminescent bay is one experience you can’t miss! 

Check out the La Parguera Bio Bay Boat tour in the following video:

Learn how you can experience this activity by reading our article 6 Best La Parguera Bio Bay Tours.


5. Tour the Boqueron Wildlife Refuge

Learn more about the island’s flora and fauna, endangered species, and the ecological efforts being made to preserve and assist wildlife rescue and disaster prevention at the Boqueron Wildlife Refuge.

image of Boqueron Wildlife Refuge
There are seven different trail systems in the Boqueron Wildlife Refuge that offer bird watching, quiet pathways and beautiful views.

As working as a research center, Boqueron Wildlife Refuge has recorded 245 plant species and 145 bird species, making it the perfect hang-out spot for bird watchers, botanists, and the scientifically inclined. 

This place is among the most critical stopping grounds for migrating birds in the Eastern Caribbean. 

Here’s a short video of some of the birds found in the Boqueron Wildlife Refuge: 

Learn more on the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge website.


6. Tour Museo de Los Próceres

Dedicated to showcasing the island’s most illustrious citizens, Museo de Los Próceres shares the lives and works of Puerto Rico’s best and upcoming painters and artists. 

image of Museo de los Próceres
Discover local artists of the past and future at Museo de los Próceres in Cabo Rojo.

The museum contains over 100 paintings distributed between seven permanent and two temporary exhibitions.   

Below is a video overview of Museo de Los Próceres:

To book a guided tour, call the museum at 787-255-1560. 

If you are a history buff, read up on the 12 Best Museums In Puerto Rico.



FAQ section

What is a fun excursion for families in Cabo Rojo?

Snorkeling and visiting Cabo Rojo's three main attractions: Playa Sucia, Faro Los Morrillos lighthouse, and Las Salinas salt flats.

What is the best tour in Cabo Rojo for couples?

Nothing strengthens relationships more than creating core memories together. That's why visiting a bio bay is among the world's most romantic and memorable activities for couples, one you'll cherish forever.


Final thoughts

From upscale to budget-friendly, Cabo Rojo offers fun tours and excursions that will shape joyful memories.

On land or at sea, discover the vast richness and history of Puerto Rico’s west coast in Cabo Rojo. 

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6 Best Tours & Excursions In Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (2024)
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