Where To Stay In Cabo Rojo (2024) – 5 Best Places & Areas

Cabo Rojo is a beach town in Puerto Rico.

This town is a hotspot for visitors and locals, with everything from beaches to restaurants, clubs, and historic sites!

I was raised near Cabo Rojo, and it’s become my favorite place to stay when traveling around the island. 

In this article, I will cover the five best areas and places to stay in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico:


1. Combate

Combate is a favorite for locals and tourists alike, with a stunning wide beach and lots of food spots within walking distance. 

image of Combate Beach Resort
Combate Beach Resort is located next to the ocean in the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Reserve.

Combate Beach is one of the best beaches on the island. 

It’s known for its soft beige sands, and calm Caribbean waters perfect for relaxing with family and friends.

Here’s a video with an aerial view of the area:

Combate Beach Resort is my favorite place to stay in Cabo Rojo. 

It’s an eco-friendly, family-owned resort with amazing amenities and direct access to Combate Beach!


2. Boquerón

Cabo Rojo is best known for its lively nightlife and great beaches.

image of Boho Beach Club
Boho Beach Club is the place to stay if you want to be close to the beaches and have an on site restaurant.

The town itself, known as Poblado Boquerón, is full of restaurants, bars, and a huge variety of guest houses to spend the night.

Los Remos is my favorite nighttime spot, with live music, good food, and amazing drinks.

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Take a look at this video walking tour of the area:

If you’re looking to spend the night, check out Boho Beach Club

They have stylish rooms near the beach and a great restaurant on the property. 


3. Joyuda

Joyuda is a local favorite, known for its huge variety of seafood restaurants. 

Bamboleio is one of the most popular stops, using freshly caught seafood and local produce.

image of Bamboleio
Bamboleio is known for its fresh seafood and ocean views.

For an overnight visit, Caribbean Beach Villa is a popular beachfront property perfect for larger groups, but it can be pricey. 

If you’re on a smaller budget I recommend taking the short drive to nearby resorts in Combate and Boquerón. 

No matter where you stay, make sure to set time aside to watch the sunsets from the beach!

image of Joyuda sunset
Sunsets in Joyuda are a sight you don’t want to miss.

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4. Town Center

Spending time in Cabo Rojo’s old town center is great for history and culture lovers.

There are museums, churches, and a movie theater built inside a nearly 200-year-old structure! 

image of Teatro Excelsior
Learn about the island’s history and culture in Cabo Rojo’s town center.

The best places to stay are only a short drive away from the Town Center.

For a unique mix of downtown and nature, spend the night at Hacienda Tres Casitas

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Photo credit: @hacienda3casitas

This rustic glamping retreat is only a 10-minute drive away from all the town’s daytime activities. 


5. Llanos Costa

This small sector of Cabo Rojo is only a short drive from popular sights like the lighthouse, National Wildlife Reserve, and the Salt Flats!

Learn more about all of these spots in our Cabo Rojo Lighthouse article. 

image of Cabo Rojo Lighthouse
The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse was built in the late 1800’s and serves as one of the areas historical markers, offering the best views in the southwest.

Llanos Costa is within walking distance of popular beaches like Playuela and Playa Sucia.

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After a busy day in the area, outdoor enthusiasts can have a great time at the Pitahaya Glamping Site


FAQ section

What is the best area to stay in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

The area of Combate is the best place to stay in Cabo Rojo. There’s a great variety of beach spots, places to stay, restaurants, and nightlife.

Where to stay in Cabo Rojo for families?

Boquerón is great for families thanks to its ample parking and food spots. It’s easy to carry everything for little ones and still have fun for the whole family.


Final thoughts

Cabo Rojo is one of the best beach towns in Puerto Rico.

It has been named the #1 spot on the island for internal tourism. If the locals love it, you will too!

My favourite area to stay in Cabo Rojo is Combate. This area has a beautiful wide beach and lots of food spots within walking distance. 

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Where To Stay In Cabo Rojo (2024) – 5 Best Places & Areas
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