11 Best Beaches In Cabo Rojo (2024) – All You Need To Know

Cabo Rojo has some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

The area is known for its clear waters, unique rock formations, and pink-hued salt flats.

These have been my family’s go-to beaches after decades of living on the island. 

Below are the 11 best beaches in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico:


1. Buyé Beach

Buyé beach is one of the calmest spots on this list.

image of Buye Beach in Cabo Rojo
Playa Buyé is a local favorite for a sunny day by the beach.

It has soft light sand and calm blue waters.

It’s perfect for families looking to just relax by the water.

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2. Playa Sucia

This popular spot is also known as Playuela.

image of Playa Sucia
Playa Sucia is a large, calm beach that is surrounded by many unique destinations.

I recommend visiting Playa Sucia for all-day fun in the surrounding areas.

You can find salt flats, a wildlife refuge, and a lighthouse only minutes away from the beach.

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3. Combate Beach

This beach has amazing reefs and clear waters. 

image of Combate, Puerto Rico
Combate Beach is nearby many places to eat and relax in Cabo Rojo.

A lot of the sea life is under the pier, so jumping off it is a must-do!

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4. Boquerón

Boquerón Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Cabo Rojo.

It has paid parking for a small fee and lots of shaded areas.

image of Boquerón beach
Boquerón Beach holds the title of being a “Blue Flag Beach,” which means it meets strict internationally recognized standards of cleanliness and safety.

There are lots of restaurants, shops, and bars nearby.

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5. Isla de Ratones

This tiny island is only a boat ride away from the Cabo Rojo coast.

Boat taxis and kayaks are available to get to the island. 

image of Isla de Ratones
Isla de Ratones is a small island, about one acre total, off the coast of Cabo Rojo.

It can get crowded so I recommend getting there early!


6. Playita Azul

This beach gets its name from the clear blue water. 

image of Playita Azul
Playita Azul has crystal clear waters and a small coastline, located near Cabo Rojo’s many restaurants.

It’s one of many spots in Joyuda, so there are lots of nearby restaurants to choose from. 

The area itself is small so there are usually fewer crowds.

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7. Los Pozos

If you like camping, Los Pozos is the beach for you.

image of Ruta Los Pozos
Los Pozos offers visitors the chance to swim in clear waters or sunbathe on fine white sands.

The path to the beach is bumpy, so having a 4×4 vehicle or experienced tour guide is recommended. 

image of Los Pozos
Los Pozos is the perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts, boasting long trails for hiking, mountain biking, and ATVs.

For adventure seekers, Los Pozos is also a popular spot for riding mountain bikes and ATVs.


8. Joyuda Beach

Joyuda is the top place for a weekend getaway in Cabo Rojo.

image of Joyuda
You can find many places to stay in Joyuda Beach that are located directly on the water.

There are lots of places to stay, even houses on the water!

image of Joyuda Beach
Joyuda Beach is a popular weekend getaway for locals.

The beach itself has clear blue water and light sand.


9. Ostiones Beach

This beach gets its name from the oysters that can be found on the rocky shore.

The tide is usually low and gentle, so swimming is safe for people of all ages. 

image of Ostiones Beach
Ostiones Beach is located in a populated area, making it easy to visit the town after your visit.

The nice breeze makes this one of my favorite beaches to walk through on hot days.


10. Salinas Bay Beach

This beach is only a few minutes away from the Cabo Rojo Salt Flats.

image of Salinas Bay Beach
Salinas Bay Beach is located very close to the pink salt flats that make Cabo Rojo famous.

You can spend the night at the Bahia Salinas Beach Resort and enjoy a morning beach and surrounding activities.  

image of pink salt lake
The Pink Salt Lake located in Cabo Rojo is a unique, must-visit area to experience on your trip.

Please note: The Pink Salt Lake is NOT safe for swimming.

There’s a walking path, but swimming is strictly prohibited.


11. Punta Arenas Beach

This beach is right next to Playita Azul.

They share the same crystal clear water and soft sand. 

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It’s the perfect opportunity to visit many beaches in one day.


FAQ section

What is the best beach in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico?

Boquerón is the best beach in Cabo Rojo. It has paid parking and regular maintenance to keep it clean for the public.

Are all beaches in Cabo Rojo open to the public?

All of the beaches in this article are open to the public. Some can be harder to reach, so plan accordingly.


Final thoughts

Cabo Rojo is an amazing beach town with so much to offer.

My favorite beaches in Cabo Rojo are Buyé Beach and Playa Sucia.

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11 Best Beaches In Cabo Rojo (2024) – All You Need To Know
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