17 Best Things To Do In Dorado, Puerto Rico (2024)

Dorado is an upscale area in Puerto Rico.

This is where many wealthy and famous people stay when visiting the island. 

I am from Puerto Rico, and have been to Dorado many times. 

In this article, I will cover the 17 best things to do in Dorado, Puerto Rico:


1. Swim at Playa Sardinera Manuel “Nolo” Morales

Playa Sardinera Manuel “Nolo” Morales is one of Puerto Rico’s top beaches for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Families can enjoy on-site facilities like showers and bathrooms.

image of Playa Sardinera Manuel
Enjoy the perfect beach day at Playa Sardinera Manuel.

Nearby you’ll also find food kiosks with seafood, alcapurrias, and piña colada to complement your beach experience. 

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2. Surf on Kikita Beach

If you would rather surf on top of Dorado’s biggest weaves, then head over to Kikita Beach. 

This beach is a popular destination for surfers during the winter, for its choppy and strong waves. 

If you’re lucky, you can also catch one of the surfing contests celebrated at Kikita.

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3. Stay at the Ritz Carlton

If you’re visiting Dorado, one of the best things to do is to stay at the most luxurious resort in Puerto Rico: Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve

This beachfront five-star resort is where all the celebrity visitors stay in Puerto Rico. 

image of A Ritz Carlton Reserve
One of the most luxurious places to stay in Puerto Rico is in Dorado’s Ritz Carlton.

Its facilities include pools, golf courses, a waterpark, wellness centers, a surfing school, and a gym.

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4. Hunt down street art

Art enthusiasts can’t miss exploring Dorado’s downtown to find street art. 

Multiple murals with important figures, social themes, and Puerto Rico flags adorn the city’s walls.

image of mural in Residencial El Dorado
Mural in Residencial El Dorado.

Best of all, they make picture-perfect spots you can add to your social media.

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5. Play golf at Dorado Beach Golf Course

Dorado’s golf courses are a must-do in Dorado even if you’re not a pro golf player. 

The East Coast Golf Course has 7,200 yards and is perfect for all skill levels. The Sugarcane Course is even more challenging with deeper bunkers.

image of sugarcane course in Dorado
Aerial view of the Sugarcane Course in Dorado.

They both form part of Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve.

You can book a tee time for yourself, for a group of friends, or for celebrating a social event.


6. Go fishing 

Deep-sea fishing is another of the top things to do in Dorado. 

Puerto Rico’s waters are famous for being home to diverse marine life.

image showing fishing a marlin in Puerto Rico’s waters
Fishing for Marlin in Puerto Rico.

During your trip, you can catch Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna. You can also choose to visit the nearby lagoon to go Tarpon fishing. 

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7. Catch a Festival in Gran Parque Agroturistico

Gran Parque Agroturistico is the most popular park to visit in Dorado. 

At least once a month, you’ll find a town activity, a festival, or some sort of celebration taking place at the park.

But, even during normal days, the park has a farm, playgrounds, and bicycle trails that all the family can enjoy. 

The entrance is free for pedestrians and bikers, but cars pay a few dollars for parking.

Check out Gran Parque Agroturistico in the following video:


8. See the turtles at El Unico Beach

Leatherback turtles are just one of the turtle species that nest on Puerto Rico’s coasts. 

image of a leatherback turtle reaching the water
Leatherback turtles nest and hatch between March and July in Dorado.

In El Unico Beach in Dorado, you can see leatherback turtles nest or hatch between March and July.

If you want an immersive experience, join local organizations like Para La Naturaleza as a volunteer to protect the nests.


9. Watch the sunset in Monumento al Velero

For couples, a stop at Monumento al Velero in Dorado is one of the best things to do.

This waterfront area offers a relaxing spot to read a book, talk, or sunbathe.

It’s also one of the most romantic sites in Dorado to watch the sunset and take long walks on the beach. 

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10. Sample the local cuisine

Dorado boasts an array of restaurants for you to try during your visit.

From five-course meal restaurants to side street food kiosks, you will find an option that fits your taste. 

image of El Ladrillo's local dish
El Ladrillo’s local dish, prepared with fresh seafood.

Some of the most popular local restaurants are El Ladrillo and El Vagon Dorado. But if you want a true local favorite, make a stop at Papos Guacaro Place.

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11. Hike in El Ojo del Buey Bay

El Ojo del Buey is one of the most beautiful sites in Dorado. 

It’s named “eye of the bull” after a rock formation that looks like a bull on the coast.

image of the coast view in Ojo del Buey
Ojo del Buey is a great place to explore the natural areas of Dorado.

Located between the La Plata River and the beach, Ojo del Buey offers panoramic views from the coast. 

Pack lunch and take advantage of the gazebos or your camping tent to stay next to the beach.


12. Splash in the Watermill

The only waterpark of its kind in Puerto Rico, the Watermill Aquatic Park is a waterpark in Dorado in the form of a Puerto Rican sugar mill. 

It houses two waterslides, a lazy river, and multiple swimming pools. 

image of the lazy river in the Watermill
The Watermill Aquatic Park is designed to look like a sugar mill, a nod to Puerto Rico’s history.

But, to visit, you must be a member of Dorado Beach Club.

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13. Immerse in the downtown’s history

The downtown in Dorado is the perfect thing to do in Dorado for history enthusiasts. 

image of a Catholic Church in Historical District
Dorado’s downtown is filled with historical sites.

The historical district houses museums like Casa del Rey Museum and the House of Dorado’s Artists Marcos J. Alegria. 

If you’re visiting during the first Friday night of the month, you’ll also find live music, food kiosks, and craft vendors in the main plaza.


14. Take classes at KokeAnn Gardens

KokeAnn Gardens is another green and relaxing space you’ll discover in Dorado. 

If you’re a fan of plants, you can buy as many as you’d like in KokeAnn Gardens. 

For a hands-on experience, sign up for one of their Kokedama workshops and learn the Japanese technique of growing your plants in a moss ball.

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15. Tour Finca Pastoreo

Finca Pastoreo is a farm in Dorado where everything is organic. 

You can tour the farm, participate in the farm’s daily activities, and even buy local produce. 

image of the maze in Finca Pastoreo
The maze in Finca Pastoreo is a must-do for kids.

Children and friends can’t miss Puerto Rico’s only maze inside the Finca Pastoreo. Besides visiting, you’ll get instructions with clues to play an investigation game through the maze.


16. Make a trip to Old San Juan

Old San Juan is one of the main attractions in Puerto Rico. 

If you’re staying in Dorado, you can take a quick 40-minute ride to the walled city. 

image of San Juan Gate in Paseo de La Princesa
Old San Juan is one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

In Old San Juan you’ll find historical attractions like El Morro, La Fortaleza, and Paseo de La Princesa.

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17. Visit a Bioluminescent Bay

While Dorado itself doesn’t have a bio bay, two of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays are less than 3-hours away. 

Bioluminescence refers to the light dinoflagellates (small plankton) emit when the water is agitated. 

image of 2 girls swimming in La Parguera Bioluminescence Bay
Image of two women swimming in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico.

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FAQ section

What is the best activity in Dorado, Puerto Rico?

The best activity to do in Dorado is visiting the beaches for swimming, surfing, or kitesurfing. But other great activities include hiking, fishing, and exploring the historical district.

What are some things to do in Dorado with kids?

Some things to do in Dorado with kids include visiting the Watermill, touring Finca Pastoreo, and biking in Gran Parque Agroturistico. The beaches also offer family-friendly activities like swimming, surfing, and kayaking.


Final thoughts

Dorado is a must-visit in Puerto Rico if you’re looking for beautiful beaches, a variety of restaurants, and family-friendly activities.

Of all the things to do, the paradisiacal beaches, seeing the leatherback turtles, and sampling Puerto Rico’s cuisine are some of my favorites.

But you are free to discover yours!

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17 Best Things To Do In Dorado, Puerto Rico (2024)
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