Is Isla Verde Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Isla Verde is a beautiful area of Puerto Rico.

But is it safe?

I’ve been traveling to Puerto Rico since I was a child, and my family and I frequently visited Isla Verde on our trips.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about staying safe in Isla Verde:

 – What is Isla Verde?
 – Is Isla Verde Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
 – Is Isla Verde beach safe?
 – Is Isla Verde safe at night?
 – Is Isla Verde safe for solo travelers?
 – Is Isla Verde safe to walk around?
 – Is Isla Verde safe for disabled travelers?
 – Is Isla Verde safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers?
 – Other frequently asked questions


What is Isla Verde? 

Isla Verde is an area in Carolina, Puerto Rico, best known for its beaches and nightlife.

image of Isla Verde resort in San Juan
Isla Verde is a popular resort area located right next to the airport in San Juan.

It’s often referred to as the “first place you’ll touch down,” because it’s home to the San Juan airport. 

Below is a video showing Isla Verde:

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Is Isla Verde Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Isla Verde is a very popular and safe destination for tourists.

All of its attractions are very close together, like beaches, hotels, restaurants, and resorts. 

image of Isla Verde Beach in San Juan
Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and large resorts define the Isla Verde Beach strip.

Isla Verde is very close to the metropolitan areas of San Juan.

There are some risks with drug trafficking and gang violence, but overall these do not affect tourists, especially if you are not seeking recreational drugs.

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Is Isla Verde Beach safe?

Isla Verde Beach is safe, yes. The biggest risk to tourists visiting the beach are petty theft and rip tides. 

When visiting the beach, if you plan to swim, it’s best to leave valuables at your vacation rental, because unattended bags are easy targets.

The beaches in Isla Verde are almost always open, but they are not always safe to swim.

image of couple feet
Isla Verde beaches are safe for solo travelers, couples and families.

Pine Grove is the most dangerous beach and is most frequented by surfers because of its large waves and deep water. Hobie Beach and Balneario de Carolina are safe for swimming, but the lifeguards leave at sundown. 

Always check the surf flags as well, and never swim if you see red flags— this means the surf is only safe for the strongest, most experienced swimmers. 

Always take precautions if you are drinking alcohol at the beach, especially at night or with children present. 

Nighttime swimming or drunk swimming are extremely dangerous because you can very easily misjudge the surf, or lose track of your loved ones. 


Is Isla Verde safe at night?

Isla Verde has a lively night scene, with clubs and restaurants often staying open late. 

image of beautiful sunset in the Isla Verde
Don’t miss sunset at the beach on your trip to Isla Verde.

Petty theft is the biggest risk at night, but if you keep your belongings close at hand and leave valuables at your rental you will likely be fine. 

When walking at night be sure to know your route well, and stick to well-lit and well-traveled areas. Travel with a friend or in a group when you can. 


Is Isla Verde safe for solo travelers?

Isla Verde is great for solo travelers.

It’s actually the perfect place to make friends if you’re traveling alone because of the social scene, and all of the attractions are located very close together.

image of Isla Verde San Juan beach
There is plenty to do solo in Isla Verde, and many people nearby if you want to make a new friend.

When traveling alone, be sure to keep a good eye on your belongings, trust your gut with strangers, and limit your alcoholic beverages when going out alone. 

Always tell someone where and when you’re going out. It’s even a good idea to establish a time when you’ll check in that you’re safe. 


Is Isla Verde safe to walk around?

The best way to get around Isla Verde is to walk, so yes! It’s safe.

image of aerial view of Isla Verde
Isla Verde is part of the metro area that makes up San Juan, so walking is the perfect way to explore.

In general, it’s always a good idea to leave valuables during your stay, and keep a close eye on your belongings.

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Is Isla Verde safe for disabled travelers?

For travelers using mobility aids, there are many accessible vacation rentals in the area. 

image of streets with cars
Isla Verde’s main street is right next to the beach and can be crowded at times.

Most beaches do not have stairs to access but are flat access from the sidewalk. 

Sidewalks in the metropolitan area can be narrow or poorly kept, and sometimes there are no ramps, just curbs. The sidewalks can also be very crowded around mealtimes. 

Those with sensory issues due to noises, crowds, and lights might also have difficulty because Isla Verde is a very populated and bustling area during the day and night.


Is Isla Verde safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Yes! In fact, Isla Verde is located very close to a lot of the established LGBTQIA+ clubs and restaurants in the metropolitan area.

image of Carolina Beach
Isla Verde is well known for its nightlife, beautiful beaches, and open minded atmosphere.


FAQ section

Is Isla Verde safe for female travelers?

Yes. Traveling here is no more or less safe for femininely identifying travelers than it is for other genders.

Is Isla Verde safe for families to stay?

Yes. There are many resorts, activities, and beaches with lifeguards for you and your family to enjoy.


Final thoughts

Isla Verde is a fun & safe vacation destination for you and your family. 

Be sure to take a look around when you touch down!

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Is Isla Verde Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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