6 Best Bioluminescence Tours In Laguna Grande Bio Bay – Fajardo, Puerto Rico (2023)

Laguna Grande Bio Bay is one of three bio bays in Puerto Rico.

It is located in Fajardo, which is only an hour drive from San Juan, the capitol of Puerto Rico. If you want to see the brightest bio baby in Puerto Rico, visit Mosquito Bay in Vieques.

I’ve been to Laguna Grande Bio Bay, and can confirm that this is a magical experience that you must do. 

In this article, I will cover the 6 best bioluminescence tours in Laguna Grande Bio Bay:


1. Kayaking Puerto Rico – Bio Bay Kayak Tour

The Bio Bay Kayak Tour in Fajardo is one of the top-rated tours to Laguna Grande.

image of two person kayaking
Kayak Laguna Grande to have the hands on experience with bioluminescence.

Visiting by kayak is the most interactive and fun way to experience the bay for water sport lovers and kids.

This tour includes: 

  • A certified local guide
  • Basic kayaking lesson
  • Kayaking through the red mangrove forest
  • Seeing the bio bay
  • Low-intensity night lights
  • Snacks


The tours start before nightfall, so you can easily navigate the mangrove forest in the canal and see where you’re going.

Even if you aren’t allowed to swim in the bay, prepare to get soaked while paddling.

See the Kayaking Puerto Rico tour in the video below:

Book your tour with Kayaking Puerto Rico.


2. BioIsland Tours – Bio Bay in Boat

One of the least-known ways to visit the bay is by taking a boat tour with Bio Bay Island Tours.

image of a person touching the water
Exploring the bio bay by boat makes it easy to relax and take photos during the experience.

On this tour you’ll:

  • Navigate through the red mangrove forest
  • Hear a local explain how the ecosystem in the bay works 
  • Receive a long pole to agitate the water from the boat
  • See night constellations


Visiting by boat tour is the best and safest way to visit with kids and the elderly. It’s also pretty easy to take pictures without worrying about your kayak tipping over. 

The only downside it’s they only operate from Monday to Thursday. If you’re visiting on the weekend, you’ll have to choose another tour.

Below is a video that shows the Bio Bay Island Tours:

Book your tour directly on BioIsland‘s website.


3. Bespoke Lifestyle Management – Rainforest and Bio Bay Combo

This Bespoke Lifestyle Management tour offers the opportunity to explore both Laguna Grande and El Yunque, two of Puerto Rico’s main attractions. 

image of a person jumping to water
Explore El Yunque Rainforest by day and Laguna Grande Bio Bay by night.

This tour includes:

  • Exploring the only tropical rainforest in the United States
  • Climbing the Yokahu Tower in El Yunque
  • Visiting one of El Yunque’s waterfall
  • Local insight about Puerto Rico’s flora and fauna
  • Kayaking in Laguna Grande Bio Bay


This excursion is great to see the best of Puerto Rico on a single day. But, you do have to be in good physical condition to take it.

Below is a video that shows the Rainforest and Bio Bay Combo tour:

Book your tour with Bespoke Lifestyle Management. 


4. Puerto Rico Access Tours – El Yunque Hike and Bio Bay Night Kayaking Tour

This 10-hour tour promises a day full of adventure and fun.

image of kayaking at a river
Experience the best of Puerto Rico’s eastern region with this tour which offers kayaking, hiking, and great food.

You’ll explore three of Puerto Rico’s main attractions including El Yunque, Luquillo Beach, and Laguna Grande Bio Bay.

On this tour you’ll:

  • Get picked up and dropped off from San Juan
  • Hike in El Yunque Rainforest
  • Bathe in El Yunque’s river
  • Swim at Luquillo’s Beach
  • Eat at Luquillo’s Food Kiosks
  • Kayak in Laguna Grande


Below is a video that shows part of this tour:

Book directly through the Access Tours website.


5. Yokahu Kayak Trips – Bio Bay Kayaking

This Yokahu Kayak Trips tour is one of the most popular trips to Laguna Grande in Fajardo.

image of couple kayaking
Experience the bio bay on a kayak with Yokahu Trips.

This tour includes:

  • Kayaking training
  • Snacks
  • Kayaking through the red mangrove forest
  • Guided tour with an explanation of how bioluminescence happens
  • Pictures of you posted on social media


You can also ask for group rates if you’re visiting with a large group or asks for private VIP tours.

Below is a video that shows the Yokahu Kayak Trips tour:

Book this tour with Yokahu Kayak Trips.


6. Para La Naturaleza – Bioluminescence and light pollution

Another unique way to visit the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico is by taking a Para La Naturaleza walking tour.

image of people gathering at night
The walking tour with Para La Naturaleza offers outdoor enthusiasts the chance to learn the science of the area.

On this tour you will:

  • A guided walk through Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve 
  • Insight into the local flora and fauna
  • Walk through the mangrove forest and hiking trails until 
  • Stand on a dock that borders Laguna Grande 


This is also one of the cheapest ways to visit Laguna Grande.

However, these tours are seasonal. 

You have to book in advance through the website or call directly to Para La Naturaleza to make a reservation.



Laguna Grande tours from San Juan

If you don’t plan on renting a car and you’re staying in San Juan, here are some Laguna Grande tours that offer pick-up and drop-off:



FAQ section

Do you need to take a tour to visit Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay?

Yes, you need to take a tour to visit Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo. Since it’s a protected area, only authorized tour operators can go out to the bay.

How do you get to Laguna Grande?

You can get to Laguna Grande by taking a kayak or a boat tour from Fajardo’s Kayak Village. To get there from San Juan, you either need to drive a rental car or pay for a shuttle.


Final thoughts

Laguna Grande Bio Bay is a once in a life time experience. 

Seeing thousands of sparkles in the water as you kayak through the bioluminescent bay is magical. 

There are three different bio bays in Puerto Rico. I recommend that you read our article Puerto Rico Bioluminescent Bays – All You Need To Know to learn which is best for you.

Also, check out our article When Is The Best Time To Visit A Bioluminescent Bay In Puerto Rico before booking your tour. 

6 Best Bioluminescence Tours In Laguna Grande Bio Bay – Fajardo, Puerto Rico (2023)
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