11 Best Tours & Excursions In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (2024)

Old San Juan is the old part of San Juan that was built by the Spanish in the 16th Century.

There are lots of tours & excursions to experience here. 

I have lived in Puerto Rico my entire life, and have visited Old San Juan countless times.

In this article, I will cover the 11 best tours & excursions in Old San Juan:


1. Walking tour

This tour is full of history. 

Enjoy the streets of Old San Juan and learn the history of the Spanish Colonial era in a small group setting guided by a local.

image of the colorful street of Old San Juan
Old San Juan was founded in 1521, and is the oldest city in the United States.

Walk through the cobblestone streets and enjoy the essence of Puerto Rico’s culture and heritage. 

Perfect for the whole family!

Below is a video showing a Free Walking Tour in Old San Juan:

You can book this tour with Old San Juan Free Walking Tour.

Learn more about Old San Juan’s most famous attraction in our article Castillo San Felipe Del Morro – All You Need To Know.


2. Personalized tour

A personalized tour that will lead you through the mystical colonial city.

image of La Perla, Old San Juan
The colorful neighborhood of La Perla is located on the coast in Old San Juan.

This tour can take you to explore La Perla — the oldest barrio of Old San Juan and the setting of many movies and music videos.

You can book this tour with Atabey Tours.

For more ideas about things to do in the area, read our article the 40 Best Things To Do In San Juan.


3. Food tour

Enjoy the old city while trying the local cuisine.

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You’ll enjoy various restaurants and tasting spots while learning about the history of the old city.

Check out Flavors of Old San Juan Food Tour in the following video:

You can book this tour with San Juan Food Tours.

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4. Rum and cocktail tour

On this tour, you’ll understand why they call Puerto Rico the Rum Capital of the World.

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A guided tour where you’ll taste all kinds of cocktails and refreshing drinks while admiring the streets of Old San Juan.

Check out the Craft Cocktails in Old San Juan in the following video:

You can book this tour with San Juan Food Tours.


5. Segway PT and Segway Kickscooter tour 

Enjoy the beauty of Old San Juan from a unique perspective.

image of tourists riding a Segway PT
Seeing the sights with a Segway is great for kids and seniors.

Experience a tour of the streets and the fortresses of Old San Juan on a Segway PT or Kickscooter.

Most Segway tours last around two hours.

You can book this tour with Segway Tours of Puerto Rico.


6. Photoshoot tour 

Take this tour with a professional photographer.

image showing a photoshoot tour
Book a professional photographer and create lasting memories of your vacation while seeing the sights.

You can visit Fortaleza Street, San Cristobal Castle, El Morro Fort, and many other enriching sites while stopping to take photos.

Get in touch with local photographer Carmen Salas to book this tour.


7. Private driving tour 

Enjoy a tour in a private luxury vehicle with a knowledgeable local guide.

image of narrow street in old san juan with tall trees
Enjoy the beautiful streets of Old San Juan without worrying about driving and parking.

You will explore stunning landmarks like the San Juan Bautista Cathedral and the narrowest houses in the Western hemisphere while learning the history behind them.

Below is a video showing a private driving tour:

You can book this tour with Bespoke Lifestyle Management.


8. El Morro tour

image of Castillo San Felipe del Morro's aerial view
Construction on this historic fort began in 1539 and finished in the 1700’s.

Enjoy this extensive tour of El Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

In this tour, you will discover the history of this iconic fortification guided by an expert local guide.

You will visit the famous Castillo San Felipe and take pictures in one of the “garitas,” or guard stations, while learning all about this 500-plus-year-old fort. 

Check out El Morro in the following video:

You can book this tour with Spoon.


9. Murder and mystery tours 

This Mystery Tour is no ordinary excursion.

image of a girl holding a Murder and Mystery Tour book guide

This self-guided tour is filled with challenging clues that will lead you around Old San Juan. 

Form a team to solve the mystery while experiencing the astonishing landmarks of the city.

Below is a video showing the Clue Murder Mystery Tour:

You can book this tour with Mariott Bonvoys Tours & Activities.


10. Old San Juan & Loiza African town excursion

image of a statue
Loíza is known as the “Capital of Tradition,” for its folk art, bomba music and delicious traditional foods.

First, you will visit Old San Juan historical sites and landmarks guided by an expert guide.

Enjoy El Morro and La Puerta de San Juan, then you’ll be taken to the small city of Loíza where you will learn all about the influence of our African and Taino heritage.

You can book this tour with Puerto Rico as a Local.


11. Sailing tour

image showing the sunset during a San Juan Harbor / Day Time and Sunset Tour
Sunset and daytime options are available for sailing tours.

On this tour, you will enjoy Old San Juan’s architecture from the water.

Sail through Old San Juan’s bay.

Experience its amazing landmarks and history while enjoying refreshing drinks.

Here is a video showing the tour aboard the Amazing Grace:

You can book this tour with East Island Excursions.



FAQ section

What is the best tour for families in Old San Juan? 

The best family tour for families is the Old San Juan Free Walking Tour. There is no age limit for this tour and the individualism of it makes it perfect for the whole family!

What is the best excursion in Old San Juan for cruise ship passengers?

The Old San Juan Free Walking Tour only lasts two hours, which makes it comfortable for cruise passengers who may have limited time before returning to the ship.


Final thoughts

Old San Juan is the historical center of Puerto Rico. 

In my opinion, the walking tour and touring El Morro should be on your list.

If you are looking for other fun tours & excursions in Puerto Rico, then check out our article where we cover the 25 best tours in Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan is only a couple hours from some of Puerto Rico’s famous bioluminescent bays. Learn more by reading our article about Puerto Rico’s bio bays

11 Best Tours & Excursions In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (2024)
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