Is Vieques Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know

Vieques is a small island located off the east coast of Puerto Rico’s main island. 

It is home to the brightest bio bay in the world, Mosquito Bay, but is it safe to visit? 

I have been visiting Puerto Rico every summer with my family for years, and safety is important to us.

In this article, I will walk you through everything that you need to know about safety in Vieques, Puerto Rico:

What is Vieques?
Is Vieques Puerto Rico safe for tourists?
Is Vieques safe at night?
Is Vieques safe for solo travelers?
Is Vieques safe to walk around?
Is Vieques disability accessible?


What is Vieques? 

Vieques is a small island located off the east coast of Puerto Rico’s main island.

The island is famous for being home to the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay and Black Sand Beach

image of black sand beach
Black Sand Beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

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Is Vieques Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Vieques is exceptionally safe for tourists to visit.

image of tourists paddleboarding in Vieques
Paddle boarding in Vieques is a unique way to explore the island’s many coves.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but if you take some reasonable precautions during your stay you shouldn’t worry! 

Be mindful of your valuable belongings like cellphones, Apple watches, and expensive jewelry because petty crimes like theft are the most common crime committed on Vieques.


Is Vieques safe at night?

There are some parts of Vieques that are catered towards night owls and have nightlife like Esperanza, but it would be my recommendation not to go wandering around Vieques at night.

image of the sunset in Vieques
The best spot to watch the sunset on Vieques is from the Malecon in Esperanza, a well lit area.

If you are or need to walk at night take someone with you, have contacts, and try to stay in well-lit areas as best as you can.


Is Vieques safe for solo travelers?


Vieques is great for solo travelers because the island is so small, there is plenty to do. Hostels and work stay programs offer opportunities where you can make new friends with and meet travelers from all over the world!

It is safe during the day.

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Is Vieques safe to walk around?

If you are an experienced hiker or backpacker, you could easily walk around Vieques. 

There are plenty of hiking trails that lead right up to the beach! 

For other tourists, it would be best if you rented a car, or used the public transport available on the island to get to your destinations.

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Is Vieques disability accessible?

Vieques is relatively accessible for wheelchair users as most beaches allow you to pull your car all the way up to the beach!

When researching, I also found many vacation rentals and a few hotels that were disabled-friendly and offered accommodations. 

Image of Sun Bay Beach
Sun Bay Beach is a short distance from many vacation rentals in Esperanza.

Depending on where your stay is, there might be issues with noise levels at night. 

If you get a vacation rental near a residential neighborhood, there might be issues with sounds, like loud music and roosters. 

If you or someone you are traveling with is prone to overstimulation, then it might be worthwhile to choose a hotel or a more remote stay. 



FAQ section

Does Vieques have snakes?

According to the Vieques National Wildlife website, there are 11 types of snakes on Vieques, including the rare Puerto Rican Boa.

Is Vieques safe for female travelers?

Vieques is just as safe for female travelers as the rest of Puerto Rico. Just take reasonable precautions when it comes to your valuables and talking to strangers.

Is Vieques safe for families to stay?

Vieques is a great option for families because of how safe it is. The beaches are very safe and easily accessible. And there are plenty of hotels that offer 24-hour security.

Is Vieques safe for LGBTQA+ travelers?

Yes! The chance of harassment based on sexual orientation or gender expression is very low on Vieques.


Final thoughts

If you plan to visit Puerto Rico, then you should definitely spend a few days in Vieques.  

There are minimal safety concerns on the island, with the main one being minor-theft of valuable possessions.

You can learn more about general safety in Puerto Rico with our article Is Puerto Rico Safe? – All You Need To Know.

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Is Vieques Safe For Tourists In 2024? – All You Need To Know
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