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The beautiful Toro Negro Forest Reserve is situated between Adjuntas and Jayuya, along the renowned Ruta Panoramica. Encompassing some 2 834 hectares in the Central Cordillera, Toro Negro Forest Reserve (or Black Bull Forest Reserve) takes in Puerto Rico’s highest peak, Cerro La Punta (1 338 m). Boasting exquisite views and fascinating wildlife, Toro Negro is a must for visitors to the island of Puerto Rico.

This vital forest serves an important role in soil and water conservation. Annual precipitation is between 2 031 and 2919 mm, whilst annual temperatures range from 19.4 to 25 degrees Celsius. The area is known for its rich plant life including the Sierra Palm, which swathes the majority of the Toro Negro forest. The land was originally used for coffee plantations until the 1930s when a program of reforestation was commenced. The Toro Negro Forest Reserve is home to some 30 bird species (6 of which are endemic), as well as a variety of frogs and reptiles.

The Toro Negro Forest Reserve contains 5 marked walking trails. These trails vary in length, with the longest taking trekkers some 2 hours. One trail leads to the beautiful Dona Juana Falls, whilst another leads to a remarkable look-out point. Camping is also a popular activity in the reserve. Camping facilities include bathrooms and waste disposal. Kayaking is permitted on the lakes of Matrullas and Guineo. So be sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes, your camping equipment and a swimming costume when you visit the remarkable Toro Negro Forest Reserve.


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peter - 2010-08-09 14:06:53

Dear morgan in the west cost of pr the town of isabela has such houses for rent right on jobos beach. Also in aguadilla you can vacation rental near the beach look us up on face book "crash boat 107"

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Morgan Kenney - 2010-01-01 15:31:49

In the early sixties I lived in Puerto Rico while in the US Coast Guard. For a while I lived at the CG base in San Juan below El Morro and near La Marina. After that I moved to Isla Verde to live in classic beach house that had no tradition windows, just openings that had bars for security and shutters for privacy and protection from ambient weather especially severe weather like that of storms during the hurricane season. I would like to know about such places as Toro Negro and other areas of interest especially those types of areas that are unique to Puerto Rico. Best regards, Morgan

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