The Lovely Humacao Natural Reserve

The Humacao Nature Reserve is located on the southeastern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. This is just one of the many nature reserves in Puerto Rico that is know for its diverse and spectacular collection of approximately ninety bird species that have made their homes in this protected area. There are also a few families of monkeys that roam the reserve; contact with them is discouraged as they are wild and very unpredictable.

A great deal of funds have been injected into the conservation
project and in the establishment of safe facilities within the reserve with the goal of attracting tourists and local visitors. The eco-tourism project has in turn generated employment opportunities and is therefore a great advantage for the local population that live in the area. Campers need to request permits from authorities or discuss accommodation options with the staff. Various activities, such as mountain biking trails, safe hiking trails, bird watching, kayaking and fishing have been expanded or provided. The Humacao Natural Reserve also has a few historical sites, rest areas and exhibits. All the buildings and structures have been constructed from building materials that are environmentally friendly and that won’t contrast with the beauty of the reserve.

The protection of the landscape is just as important as the preservation of the birds and animals that live here because without the correct vegetation the present animal populations won’t survive. What adds to the diversity and makes the Humacao Reserve one of the more unique nature reserves in Puerto Rico is the fact that the landscape consists of forests, lagoons, beaches and a coconut plantation. There is also a sugarcane plantation that was closed down in 1970 and a World War II Roosevelt Roads Naval base bunker. As well as an unforgettable turtle population that frequents the beaches of the reserve.

Environmental organizations have also conducted studies on the snook and tarpon populations of the Humacao Reserve’s lagoons in an effort to determine what effect they have on local fisheries. This reserve is an absolute gem and the efforts to conserve and protect this land have definitely been a success which will be enjoyed by future generations.

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