9 Best Snorkel Spots In Culebra (2024) – All You Need To Know

Culebra is an island in Puerto Rico with many great snorkel spots.

Culebra is located off the east coast of Puerto Rico’s main island and is definitely worth the visit.

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for 14 years, and I have snorkeled in all of the best spots in Culebra.

In this article, I will cover the 9 best snorkel spots in Culebra:


1. Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is an award-winning beach perfect for snorkeling in Culebra.

image of Flamenco Beach
Flamenco Beach is the best-known beach in Culebra if not all of Puerto Rico.

This beach is famous for its white sand, gorgeous clear blue waters, and abundant marine life when snorkeling there.

Below is a video showing snorkeling at Flamenco Beach:

I recommend snorkeling to the far right of Flamenco Beach, where you’ll see a beautiful and healthy reef with all sorts of sea life. 

Below is a Google Map of where Flamenco Beach is located:

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2. Carlos Rosario Beach

This secluded beach in Culebra is perfect for snorkeling.

image of Carlos Rosario Beach
Carlos Rosario Beach is a secluded beach with calm, clear waters.

This allows for a more peaceful and intimate experience with the marine life.

With crystal clear waters, you’ll see various marine life, such as starfishes, seahorses, turtles, and more!

Here is a video of snorkeling at Carlos Rosario Beach:

This beach, since it’s more remote than others; you’ll need to take a small 15-20 minute hike to get there. 

Below is a Google Map showing how to get to Carlos Rosario Beach:

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3. Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is where you’ll see sea turtles and stingrays when snorkeling!

image of Tamarindo Beach
Tamarindo Beach, located on the west side of Culebra, is a great spot for swimming in addition to being one of the preferred snorkeling spots on the island.

This beach, along with Carlos Rosario Beach, is perfect to snorkel because of its calm waters protected by the Cayo Luis Pena. 

Below is a video of someone snorkeling at Tamarindo Beach:

The calm waters make this snorkeling spot perfect for beginners and families to enjoy the day. 

Below is a Google Map of how to get to Tamarindo Beach:


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4. Culebrita

Culebrita is an uninhabited island known as “Little Culebra.”

image of Culebrita
Getting to Culebrita requires another boat ride from Culebra, but most visitors would agree the extra effort is well worth it.

You’ll see abundant marine life, most commonly the manta rays and sea turtles. 

Check out Culebrita in the following video:

It’s more challenging to get there; you’ll need to take a boat or a water taxi. However, this tiny piece of paradise makes the trip worth every second. 

Below is a Google Map of where Culebrita is located:

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5. Melones Beach

Melones Beach is another Luis Pena Natural Reserve located in Culebra. 

image of Melones Beach
If you are looking for a secluded snorkeling experience on Culebra, Melones Beach is where you will find it.

Crystal clear waters and calm waters are what you’ll experience, with lots of colorful corals, turtles, tropical fishes, and much more marine life. 

This secret gem is rarely busy, making it the perfect snorkel spot to enjoy all day.

Below is a video of Melones Beach:

Below is a Google Map of where Melones Beach is located:


6. Punta Soldado

This beach offers calm and clear waters, making it a perfect beginner-friendly snorkeling spot.

image of Punta Soldado
Located on Culebra’s southern shores, Punta Soldado is a beginner-friendly snorkeling destination.

People have reported seeing abundant marine life, such as octopuses, lobsters, turtles, and more!

Below is a video of someone snorkeling at Punta Soldado:

Punta Soldado is a beach found on the south coast of Culebra.

Below is a Google Maps of where Punta Soldado is located:


7. Tamarindo Grande

Tamarindo Grande (or Tamarindo II) is full of sea life and protected colorful corals.

People have reported seeing octopuses, jellyfish, turtles, and more.

image of Tamarindo Grande
Tamarindo Grande is located within walking distance of Flamenco Beach.

Make sure to distinguish Tamarindo Grande from Tamarindo Beach because they are two different places.

The beach is in the South, while Tamarind Grande is in the North.

Check out Tamarindo Grande in the following video:

It’s close walking distance from Flamenco Beach, so you can plan on snorkeling in different spots in one day!

Below is a Google Maps of where Tamarindo Grande is located:


8. Zoni Beach

Zoni Beach is a beautifully calm beach perfect for snorkeling and enjoying a relaxing beach day. 

image of Zoni Beach
Zoni Beach is a great spot for groups who want to enjoy a day at the beach alongside snorkeling.

Zoni is a long beach perfect for long walks and long snorkel adventures. It offers crystal clear waters, calm waves, and gorgeous coral reefs. 

Not only will you enjoy snorkeling, but you’ll also enjoy the breathtaking views the beach offers.

Below is a video showing snorkeling at Zoni Beach:

Below is a Google Maps of where Zoni Beach is located:


9. Experiencing the bio bay in Vieques

Last but not least, you should experience bio bay kayaking near Culebra.

Although it’s not a snorkel spot, you can kayak and enjoy the sparkling waters up close.

image of two people in a kayak in the water with bioluminescence glowing around them
Visit the nearby island of Vieques for a once-in-a-lifetime experience kayaking the bio bay.

The nearest bio bay you can visit is the Mosquito Bio Bay in Vieques.

You can take the ferry from Culebra for a 30-minute trip to Vieques during certain times of the month, find the schedule and tickets on the official ferry website.

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FAQ section

Does Culebra have good snorkeling?

Yes! Culebra has fantastic snorkeling spots for you to swim and enjoy.

Where can I see sea turtles in Culebra?

You most likely will see sea turtles in Culebrita and Tamarindo Beach.


Final thoughts

Culebra is a beautiful island off the east coast of Puerto Rico’s main island.

My favorite snorkel spots in Culebra are Flamenco Beach and Tamarindo Beach.

Flamenco Beach is a great beach to snorkel for beginners. Tamarindo Beach has slightly more marine life to see. 

If you have an extra budget, I recommend taking a private boat/water taxi to Culebrita and snorkeling there.

If you are looking for more snorkel spots, then check out our article 25 Best Snorkel Spots In Puerto Rico.

For more information on what to do in Culebra, read our article 25 Best Things To Do In Culebra.

9 Best Snorkel Spots In Culebra (2024) – All You Need To Know
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