12 Best Tours & Excursions In Culebra, Puerto Rico (2024)

Culebra is a small island in Puerto Rico.

There are many exciting tours in Culebra that you must experience. 

Some of my best memories from childhood are from going on excursions with my family around the island, and Culebra is one of our favorite places.

In this article, I will cover the 12 best tours & excursions in Culebra, Puerto Rico:


1. Fishing tour

Take a boat out to the deeper waters surrounding Culebra island and see what you catch!

image of fishes on the water
Culebra is a beautiful destination for fishing.

There is a good chance you might score something big like Bonefish (Macaco), Permit (Pompano), Tarpon (Sabalo), or King Mackerel.

You can book this tour with Culebra Bluewater Charters.

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2. Charter tours

Take an all-inclusive day trip with your family on the island of Culebra, or even jet off to the surrounding islands and cays!

When I say all-inclusive, I mean it!

image of Isla de Culebra Puerto Rico
Take the opportunity to charter a boat and explore all the Culebra’s lesser known beaches.

These types of tours are typically reserved for one party at a time, but they do have group charter tours.

You can expect a lunch, stops at Culebrita and the surrounding islands, tours of those areas with a guide, and other fun things like water sports or snorkeling.

You can book this tour with Sail Getaways.

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3. Snorkeling excursions

Get on your gear and check out the coral reefs and all the fish that live on Culebra.

image of a man snorkling
Snorkeling in Culebra offers the chance to see a diverse variety of wildlife, including exotic fish and sea turtles.

Culebra is home to some of the most vibrant tropical fish in the world!

You will see fish like stoplight parrotfish, butterfly fish, and queen angelfish.

If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of a manatee or a manta ray!

You can book this tour with East Island Excursions.

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4. Scuba diving excursions

image of scuba divers
Scuba diving off Culebra offers the chance to see turtles and take a boat ride to remote areas.

Make sure to get certified, and you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the fish on a scuba diving tour!

Scuba diving allows you to wear an oxygen tank on your back and go into deeper waters and explore caves with a guide. 

You might see fish like barracudas or crustaceans like lobsters and mollusks.

You can book this tour with Aquatic Adventures.


5. Speedboat tours

You can take a super fast boat out on the waters by Culebra and enjoy many water sports and even lunch!

image of speedboat
Speedboating can be a great way to see the hidden cays that surround Culebra.

Most speed boat tours are reserved for single families, but there are group tours too.

You can expect to have a great boat driver who will give you an amazing tour of the island and its surrounding area.

You can book this tour with Escape to Paradise.


6. Kayaking tours

Go with a group and you’ll get to see the beautiful coast of Culebra.

image of kayak
Kayaking Culebra offers a serene, one on one moment with nature.

This sort of boating is very peaceful and rewarding.

Being very close to the water you can reach out and feel it with your hands and see things up close like coral reefs.

You can book this tour with Kayaking Puerto Rico.


7. Catamaran tours

Think sailing, but bigger!

image of a sailboat
Catamarans offer a unique way to see Culebra’s coastline.

Most catamaran tours include lunch and a tour guide/boat driver.

It’s usually just a nice boat ride with a tour of the area, but sometimes they also offer snorkeling with certain packages.

You can book this tour with Sea Ventures.


8. Yacht tours 

Experience luxury with a yacht tour that you can book out for just your family or go with a group.

image of yacht
A yacht tour is the most luxurious way to experience Culebra and the surrounding islands.

This is a very large boat that has amenities like a kitchen, refrigerator, and even a bathroom.

You can also expect comfortable seating and a beautiful place to take photos.

You can book this tour with Palomino Yacht Charters.


9. Paddle boarding excursions

image of Man Paddle Boarding
Paddle boarding uses a board that it is thicker and wider than a surfboard, and you use a paddle to move through the water.

Here is another really fun way to experience Culebra and it’s also very beautiful.

This is a beginner-friendly water sport, which is surprisingly easy to get the hang of.

When you pay for this tour, all equipment is included like life vests, boards, and paddles.

The guides are also well-equipped to help in an emergency and teach people of all skill levels!

You can book this tour with Bright Paddle.


10. Beach & island tours

Have a guide walk you through famous beaches like Flamenco Beach, the other nature reserves and sanctuaries, and have them explain to you its rich history.

image of Flamenco Beach
Flamenco Beach is the most popular beach in Culebra. 

You can book this tour with Culebra Bluewater Charters.


11. Bioluminescent bay tour

Culebra doesn’t have a bioluminescent bay, but close by, in the island of Vieques, there is the brightest bio bay in the world.

If you are visiting Culebra, then I recommend that you also visit Vieques and see the bio bay at night. Check out our article to learn how to get to Vieques from Puerto Rico & San Juan.

image of two people in a kayak in the water with bioluminescence glowing around them
Image of two people kayaking in a bioluminescent bay.

You will see millions of bright sparkles as you kayak through the bay.

To learn more, read our article about Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays.


12. Tour Culebrita 

Take a charter or boat out to a small island off the coast of Culebra and experience the beauty it has to offer!

image of Culebrita Island by Culebra
Culebrita is an even smaller island off the coast of Culebra, only accessible by boat.

You can book this sort of tour with Cayo Water Taxi.



What is the best tour in Culebra Puerto Rico?

Snorkeling is the best type of tour you can take in Culebra. It allows you to experience what Culebra is famous for — its tropical fish!

What is the best tour in Culebra for families with kids?

Snorkeling is very family friendly, but my vote would be for paddle boarding. You won’t need to rent gear, and this is perfect for beginners as they teach you everything you need to know.


Final thoughts

Culebra is a small island in Puerto Rico that you must visit.

The most popular tours are snorkeling and boating.

You should also visit Flamenco Beach in Culebra. This is one of the best beaches in the world!

Finally, if you are visiting Culebra, you should also visit the neighboring island of Vieques. Here, you can experience the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay

12 Best Tours & Excursions In Culebra, Puerto Rico (2024)
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