11 Best Beaches In Dorado (2024) – All You Need To Know

Dorado is an area in Puerto Rico that has some of the best beaches on the island.

You can even see leatherback sea turtles from one of these beaches!

I’m from Puerto Rico and have been to Dorado many times, and I can say that the beaches here are worth the hype.

In this article, I will cover the 11 best beaches in Dorado, Puerto Rico:


1. Balneario Manuel “Nolo” Morales

Balneario Manuel “Nolo” Morales is a popular beach in Dorado.

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It has amenities like lifeguards, showers, and on-site parking. The tide is usually calm and the sand is soft. Getting there from San Juan takes about 50 minutes. 

Check out Balneario Manuel Morales in the following video:

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2. El Unico Beach

El Unico Beach is a great destination to see leatherback sea turtles.

Every year, for a few months, turtles nest and hatch on this beach, and locals visit to see the spectacle. 

image of El Unico Beach
Visit El Unico Beach in Dorado from March to July for the chance to see the sea turtles nesting.

During the winter months, El Unico Beach is also a buzzing surfing destination. 

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3. Kikita Beach

Kikita Beach is a surfer’s dream beach in Dorado. 

image of Kikita Beach
Kikita Beach is a popular location to surf during the winter season in Puerto Rico.

During the winter, it’s common to see surfers catching high waves. Kikita is so famous, that it’s home to frequent surfing contests.

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4. Mameyal Beach

Mameyal Beach is one of the hidden gems of Dorado. 

It is a natural tidal pool on Dorado’s coast, surrounded by large rock formations.

Although the bottom is rocky, the natural barriers allow swimmers to bathe in a calm tide.

There are also a few gazebos on site.

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5. Playa Parchola

You’ll encounter Playa Parchola on PR 165 from Toa Baja to Dorado.

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Although it doesn’t have any amenities, this beach is a famous sunset-watching spot.

It’s also home to the El Velero monument.

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6. La Pocita de Kikita

La Pocita de Kikita is part of Kikita Beach.

But, this tidal pool offers a space for bathing safely from Kikita Beach’s large waves. 

Still, there might be strong currents during the winter so swim with precaution. 

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7. El Ojo del Buey Dorado

El Ojo del Buey is one of the most visited sites in Dorado.

image of El Ojo del Buey Dorado
El Ojo del Buey is a local favorite for camping and exploring the nature in Dorado.

This waterfront area is great for hiking, photography, and camping.

The place gets its name after a rock formation with the form of an ox. 

Because the tide on the bay is usually rough, visitors like to bathe in a hidden small cove on the east side of the bay.

Check out Ojo del Buey in the following video:


8. Sardinera Beach

Sardinera Beach and Balneario Manuel “Nolo” Morales could be considered the same beach.

image of Sardinera Beach
Sardinera Beach is in close proximity to all of the food and entertainment options in Dorado.

The difference is that Balneario Manuel “Nolo” Morales has amenities, and man-made barriers to make it optimal for swimming.

Playa Sardinera is located on the west side of this beach. It doesn’t have facilities and the tide is strong, perfect for windsurfing and surfing.

Still, Playa Sardinera must be reached through Balneario Manuel “Nolo” Morales.

Check out Playa Sardinera in the following video:


9. West Beach

West Beach, also known as La Guetto Beach, is one of the tourist’s favorite beaches in Dorado.

This bright turquoise and golden sand beach is located right next to Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

image of West Beach
West Beach is located near the Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

If you’re not staying at the resort, you can access this beach through the coast, but it isn’t an easy hike and hotel personnel might get fuzzy. 

Still, Puerto Rico beaches are public, so feel free to visit.


10. Costa Dorada Beach

Costa Dorada is a man-made tidal pool in Dorado.

image of Costa Dorada Beach
Costa Dorada offers a beach with calm waters for swimming.

The man-made barrier makes the beach perfect for kids and the elderly who want to enjoy the coasts of Puerto Rico.

It’s located right next to the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dorado del Mar Beach Resort.

Access to this beach is hard if you’re not staying in the nearby resorts, but adventurers can hike during the low tide season from Villa Pesquera or Playa Mameyal.

Check out Costa Dorada Beach in the following video:


11. Cerro Gordo Beach

Cerro Gordo Beach is outside of Dorado, but it’s worth a visit.

image of Cerro Gordo Beach
Cerro Gordo Beach is a popular beach that is only a short ride from Dorado.

This beach has facilities for beachgoers, and it’s popular for snorkeling, hiking, and biking. 

Cerro Gordo Beach is a 15-minute car ride away from Dorado.

Check out Cerro Gordo Beach in the following video:


FAQ section

What is the best beach in Dorado, Puerto Rico?

The best beach in Dorado is Playa Sardinera. This beach has an east side with all the necessary amenities for a beach day and a west side with a more relaxing and natural atmosphere.

Are all beaches in Dorado open to the public?

Yes, all beaches in Dorado are open to the public, as Puerto Rico beaches are public by law. But, some beaches are difficult to access due to construction on the coast.


Final thoughts

If you’re visiting Dorado, you can’t miss its breathtaking beaches. 

Out of all of them, Balneario Manuel Morales is the best for families. But, Kikita Beach and El Unico Beach are great surfing and turtle-watching destinations.

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11 Best Beaches In Dorado (2024) – All You Need To Know
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