10 Best Eco Resorts In Puerto Rico (2024)

Eco resorts offer the perfect mix of comfort, luxury, and beauty.   

Mountains, sandy beaches, mangrove reserves, dry forests, coral reefs, bio bays, and tropical rainforests are some of the environments that you can experience in Puerto Rico’s eco-resorts.

I grew up on the island, so I know the best places for your stay.

In this article, I will cover the 10 best eco-resorts in Puerto Rico:


1. Yuquiyú Treehouses

Located on the foothills of El Yunque National Forest, Yuquiyú Treehouses permits guests to live out their childhood dreams of dwelling high in a rainforest’s canopy.

image of Yuquiyú Treehouse
Yuquiyú Treehouse is a rustic retreat in the hills of Río Grande that offers visitors the chance to connect with nature.

This resort is quintessential for couples who want to connect with the Taino ways of life and seek a more indigenous, spiritual getaway.

image of Yuquiyú Treehouse
Yuquiyú is the Taino god of life and light, whom the property owners named this resort after in the foothills of El Yunque National Forest.

Due to its location, guests can enjoy great natural excursions, including visiting Luquillo, El Yunque, and La Cordillera, and activities like snorkeling, hiking, and petroglyph sighting. 

Yuquiyú Treehouses is a fantastic option for couples seeking a quiet, simple romantic getaway. 

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2. Finca Victoria Vieques

Finca Victoria prioritizes holistic and sustainable modes of living.

image of Finca Victoria Vieques
Scattered throughout Finca Victoria’s lush surroundings are a variety of distinctive structures available to call home for your vacation.

Each room is crafted and decorated with local artwork.

The resort counts two-and-a-half acres of greenery filled with fruits, vegetables, and cacti. 

This eco-resort offers an all-inclusive experience. Guests can enjoy an am complimentary yoga class and farm-to-table vegan breakfast.

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In addition, spend the day at the natural water pool, visit the communal pavilion, explore the edible garden, and shop for local products at the boutique store, gallery, and apothecary.

It is perfect for those seeking a holistic retreat. 

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3. Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The epitome of eco-resorts, Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, prioritizes symbiotic living between guests and the surrounding nature.

image of Dorado Beach Resort, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
The Dorado Beach Resort offers an eco-inclusive resort option for travelers looking to splurge on their stay in Puerto Rico.

This award-winning reserve provides its guests with 50 acres of untarnished wilderness, featuring unforgettable sea and land experiences, lecture and nature exploration for the whole family, a golf course, and a botanical spa. 

For those seeking a culinary experience, this eco-resort has one of the largest wine lists in the Caribbean, a Taino and Spanish fusion restaurant, and culinary centers where you can put your taste and skills to the test. 

This resort is perfect for those seeking a secluded, elegant experience. 

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4. Hacienda Verde Tahití

Beautiful during the day and night, Hacienda Verde Tahití is located on a dragon fruit, palm tree, and hay farm.

Hacienda Verde Tahiti offers glampers a unique stay on their dragon fruit farm with views of the ocean.

During the day, guests can enjoy strolling through the fields, touring the farm, and visiting Cabo Rojo’s eco-attractions: beaches, mountains, bio bay, and dry forest.

At night, enjoy the phenomenal stargazing. 

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Hacienda Verde Tahití offers two charming rooming options; guests can choose between a rustic cottage or a glamping site. 

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This resort is perfect for friends or family to enjoy together.

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5. Mont Carpe Diem

As the name entails, Mont Carpe Diem is designed for guests to escape monotony and “seize the day.”

Monte Carpe Diem is an eco-resort with a pool located in the forest outside of San Juan.

This eco-resort in Bayamón values casual luxury. You can explore the vast forest grounds and still feel at home.

With a kitchen on-site, you can enjoy your day without ever having to leave this eco-resort.

This resort is ideal for those seeking a private, quiet outdoor experience just an hour outside of San Juan

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6. St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort 

The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort offers a spacious, minimalist approach to luxury.

image of St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort
Offering unrivaled eco-luxury, the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort is the sole Caribbean destination to be recognized as a Gold Signature Sanctuary by Audubon International.

Located between El Yunque Natural Forest and Espíritu Santo River State Reserve, this resort offers 485 acres of exploration, relaxation, and splendor. 

This resort prioritizes human connection with oneself, nature, and others. That’s why they offer an array of communal and lone activities, like nature trails, aquatic excursions, and golfing to award-winning spa treatments.  

This resort is ideal for those seeking a more modern, glamorous experience. 

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7. Royal Isabela 

Royal Isabela connects guests with the best of Caribbean living; fantastic farm-to-table service, villas with private pools and terraces, and aquatic and terrestrial sports, activities, and excursions.

image of Royal Isabela's pool side
From your private Casita, you can take in the natural beauty of Isabela.

Royal Isabela also has an 18-hole world-class tournament golf course.

This eco-resort covers 500 acres of Isabela, a town known as the “Garden of the Northwest” for its array of wildflowers. Besides lush greenery, Isabela is a famous surfing town. 

This resort is best for those seeking a perfect balance between fun and leisure.

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8. Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa

Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa offers half a mile of private sandy white beaches, tranquil crystalline waters, and 20 acres of land to discover.

image of Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa
If you are looking to escape the crowds of San Juan, Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa tucked away in the islands southwest corner could be the perfect place to stay.

This resort provides beachside massages, watersports, private beachside dinners, private sunset cruises, world-class dining, and nightly campfires. 

Tranquility is sacred in this resort, followed by enjoyment. Perfect for families seeking a lovely getaway!

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9. HIX Island House

HIX Island House is a mindful, architecturally creative, and environmentally conscious 13-acre eco-resort.

image of HIX Island House
HIX Island House, located on Vieques, was home to the islands first fully solar-powered hotel.

Inspired by nature, each lodging building is inspired by a geometric shape; casa redonda (circle), casa triangular (triangle), and casa rectangular (rectangle). 

Inspired by the simplicity of nature, HIX Island House values minimalism and powers its facilities with renewable energy. Their crown jewel of sustainability? That would be Casa Solaris, the first fully solar-powered hotel on the island. 

This place is ideal for those seeking to go off the grid.

Below is a short video of HIX Island House:

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HIX Island House is located on the island of Vieques, a short ferry ride off the coast of Puerto Rico. The island is home to the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, which you can read about in our article Mosquito Bay – All You Need To Know.


10. El Conquistador Resort

The iconic El Conquistador Resort is one of the most celebrated resorts on the island.

Its fame lies in the resort’s magnificent facilities and amenities, such as the Coqui Waterpark, golf course, international restaurants, and their private Palomino Island.

image of El Conquistador Resort
Some of the notable eco-friendly practices implemented by the resort include locally sourced ingredients for their dining outlets, on-site greenhouse and herb garden, and the esteemed Blue Flag award for their private 100-acre Palomino Island.

Besides their in-house offerings, El Conquistador can help guests book tours to enjoy the nearby attractions: bio bay tours, El Yunque National Forest, and Hacienda Carabalí, among others.

This resort is perfect for those seeking a fun, ecological, luxurious stay. 

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FAQ section

What makes a resort an eco-resort?

Eco resorts focus on being environmentally friendly, and nature-inclusive, and offer sustainable lodging. Eco resorts preserve and promote the stunning ecosystems they inhabit.

Are there eco resorts close to San Juan?

The best eco-resort near the capitol is Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve (approximately 30 min drive), followed by St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Wyndham Grand Río Grande, El Conquistador, and the Yuquiyú Treehouses at about an hour drive.


Final thoughts 

Eco resorts provide sustainable luxury and an unforgettable way to experience nature. 

Puerto Rico has an eco-resort for every budget, style, and need. Regardless of where you go, remember to take in your surroundings, partake in activities and relax.

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10 Best Eco Resorts In Puerto Rico (2024)
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