6 Best Beaches In Isabela (2024) – All You Need To Know

Isabela is a popular destination on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico.

This area is known for its surfing and beautiful beaches.

I have lived in this part of Puerto Rico my entire life, so I am happy to share my knowledge about Isabela with you.

In this article, I will cover the 6 best beaches in Isabela:


1. Jobos Beach

Jobos Beach is the most famous beach in Isabela.

Several surf schools use Jobos as their “classroom.”

image of Jobos Beach
Jobos Beach is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

In Jobos, you can see hawksbill turtles and a wide array of fish.

Jacinto’s Well (a famous blowhole) and Isabela’s coastal boardwalk are in Jobos.

Jobos is a safe beach frequented by families, but no lifeguards are on duty.

Check out Jobos Beach in the following video:

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2. Shacks Beach

Shacks Beach is home to the blue hole.

There are over 300 yards of reefs on this beach.

The reef ends with a 30 feet drop leading to underwater caves, schools of fish, spiny lobsters, and lots of coral.

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You can surf, sunbathe, windsurf, or walk on the sand at Shacks Beach.

The best activities you can do at Shacks are snorkeling and scuba diving.

The marine life you will see and the tranquility you will experience are unsurpassed.

Check out Shacks Beach in the following video:

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3. Montones Beach

With more than a mile of sandy beach, clear turquoise waters, and the most prominent natural pool in Isabela, Montones is the best beach for families.

image of Montones Beach
Montones Beach is rarley visited by tourists, making it a great destination for families and friends looking to have some privacy.

Montones Beach is almost unknown to tourists — most people you see are locals or people staying in nearby short-term rentals and hotels.

Stay within the natural pool! Rock formations will protect you from solid marine currents beyond the rocks.

Check out Montones Beach in the following video:

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4. Pastillo Beach and Cueva de las Golondrinas

El Pastillo Beach is one of the best beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico. 

image of Pastillo Beach
Pastillo Beach offers plenty of space to walk around and explore.

Clear turquoise waters and a stretch of sand that you can walk on for over half an hour make El Pastillo Beach a must-go.

image of Cueva de las Golondrinas
Cueva de las Golondrinas, or the Swallows cave, is a place that should only be visited when the tide is low during summer months.

A fifteen-to twenty minutes walk west on El Pastillo Beach will take you to The Swallows Cave.

Be on the lookout for a rock formation that resembles the face of Taino Chief Mabodomaca. Legend says The Great Spirit Yocahu was carved into the side of the mountain to honor his bravery.

You can enter the cave in the summer months when the tide is low.

If the waves are high, please don’t attempt to go in the cave; currents are strong, and you could get hurt.

Check out Cueva de las Golondrinas in the following video:


5. Middles Beach

Home of the Corona Xtra Pro Surf Circuit Competition, Middles Beach is a favorite among surfing enthusiasts.

image of Middles Beach
If you want to surf or are interested in watching, check out the popular Middles Beach in Isabela.

Middles Beach has strong waves and rocky shores making it not the best beach for swimming in Isabela.

But Middles is excellent for taking pictures, walking on the dunes, and watching surfers.

Check out Middles Beach in the following video:

Parking is free, but you must park in the designated area away from the dunes.


6. Sardineras Beach

We Puerto Ricans call natural pools formed by rocks on the beach “poza”.

image of Sardineras Beach
Poza Sardinera is one of Puerto Rico’s most famous poza.

The most beautiful poza in Isabela and probably in Puerto Rico is Poza Sardinera or Sardeen’s pool.

In Sardineras Beach, you will see and feel great contrasts.

The rocks make the pool shallow, warm and calm, while the waves hit the rocks with tremendous strength bringing cool water into the natural pool.

The water from the waves retreats after hitting the rock, forming dozens of little cascades.

Poza las Sardineras is safe for children and the elderly, but please be careful if you walk on the rocks to enjoy the view.

Check out Sardineras Beach in the following video:

Parking is limited, and the beach gets crowded on weekends.


FAQ section

What are the beaches of Isabela known for?

The beaches of Isabela are known for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and for long walks on them. Middles is famous for the Corona Xtra Pro Surging Circuit competition.

What is the nicest beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico?

Shacks for scuba diving, Middles for surfing, Pocita Sardinera for the family, and El Pastillo for walking. In Jobos Beach, you can do all these activities in one place.


Final thoughts 

If you like beaches, you should definitely visit Isabela.

My favourite beaches in Isabela are Jobos Beach and Shacks Beach.

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6 Best Beaches In Isabela (2024) – All You Need To Know
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