Demographics Shaped by Spanish and Amerindian Cultures

Over the centuries Puerto Rico has become an island populated by many different ethnic groups who all have their own languages, cultures, religions and so on. As a whole Puerto Rico is comprised mainly of people from a Creole or Spanish descent, as well as other European countries, with small groups of African and Asian people.

Statistics taken from the 2006 census shows that 80.5% of islanders have Spanish or white origin, 8% are black, 0.4% are Amerindian (a group of people who nearly became extinct), 0.2% are Asian and the other 10.9% comes from mixed or other origins. The last couple of years have seen an increase in immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Venezuela making up 5% of the Puerto Rican population.

Interestingly it was found that genetically 62% of all female Puerto Ricans have Amerindian ancestors, 27% of the female population has African ancestors and 12% come from a European background. On the other hand it was shown that the vast majority of Puerto Ricans, 75%, have a European male ancestor, 20% come from a male African ancestor and just under 5% have surprisingly a male Amerindian ancestor.

The majorities of the Puerto Ricans speak Spanish and use English as their second language. The main religions practiced are 85% Roman Catholic and the other 15% are made up of Protestants and other religious practices. Puerto Rico has about seven and a half thousand people living with HIV or AIDS. Out of the whole population 94.1% can read and write of which 94.4% are females and 93.9% are males.

Puerto Rico Island has a population of 3,958,128 (July 2008 est.). For every 1,000 people there are approximately 12.61% births taking place and out of every 1,000 there are 7.88% deaths. Approximately 1.76 children are born to every woman. Out of every thousand babies born 8.65% die after birth of which 9.15% are male babies and 8.13% are female babies. When it comes to life expectancy of the whole Puerto Rican population it is estimated at 78.58 years of which males are expected to live to a 74.64 years and females 82.73 years.

Last updated: November 1, 2018

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