17 Best Beaches In Vieques (2024) – All You Need To Know

Vieques is a small island located off the east-coast of Puerto Rico’s main island.

It’s known for having the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, Mosquito Bay, and for its gorgeous beaches.

I’ve been living in Puerto Rico for 14 years and Vieques is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer.

In this article, I will cover the 17 best beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico:


1. Navio Beach

Playa Navio’s calm, foamy waves with their hidden caverns are what make it special. 

image of Navio Beach
Playa Navio is perfect for an adventure and beach day rolled into one.

The beach is vast and long, and the hypnotic sounds of the ocean provide the perfect setting for curling up with your favorite book. 

At either end of Navio are cliffs that are bordered by a lush line of native flora, sea grape plants, and palm palms.

Check out Navio Beach in the following video:

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2. Caracas Beach

Caracas Beach, also known as “Red Beach” is a family-friendly beach that is popular among locals for spending fun days in the sun. 

image of Caracas Beach
You can find some shaded areas at Caracas, which is the most visited beach in the Vieques Wildlife Refuge.

Playa Caracas is the first beach access point on the National Wildlife Refuge on the south side of Vieques along the Caribbean Sea.

Fun Fact: Caracas Beach was used for a Victoria Secret Swim Special, it’s known as being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Check out Caracas Beach in the following video:

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3. El Gallito Beach

The north end of Vieques has a golden sand beach that is conveniently close by and ideal for a quick beach stop. 

Playa El Gallito, also known as Gringo Beach, has excellent seas and reefs for snorkeling whereas most people travel straight to the south beaches. 

image of El Gallito Beach
Sea glass can be found on Gallito Beach alongside great snorkeling opportunities.

The tide is often quiet, and despite being rocky, you may take a small dip.

Check out El Gallito Beach in the following video:

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4. Grande Beach

Playa Grande is just as large and spectacular as the name would imply. 

image of Grande Beach
Walking Playa Grande is an amazing and usually isolated experience on your way to Black Sand Beach.

It is a breathtaking sight and a good starting point for a long walk all the way to Playa Negra, despite not being a good beach for swimming.

Check out Grande Beach in the following video:

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5. Media Luna Beach

Media Luna Beach is a fantastic beach that is popular with families and ideal for kids. 

image of Media Luna Beach
Media Luna is the perfect beach for families with small children looking to avoid waves.

The waters are shallows and perfect for snorkeling as you can discover schools of tropical fishes that swarm around you as you swim. 

Check out Media Luna Beach in the following video:

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6. Escondida Beach

Escondida Beach may be the tiniest beach on earth. 

This beach is the perfect location to pretend that you’re on your own private beach. 

image of Escondida Beach
Escondida Beach is isolated and perfect for snorkeling, but there is not much shade.

There’s so much to explore in the beautiful waters of Escondida Beach so don’t forget to take your snorkeling gear with you.

Check out Escondida Beach in the following video:


7. Playuela

Playuela is one of Vieques most isolated beaches.

This beach offers crystal-clear turquoise waters, and amazing terrain and comes with a little island only a few feet away from the coast.

There’s also a great hiking trail called Cerro Playuela that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding beaches

Here’s a video of the Playuela Trail & Beach:


8. La Plata Beach

The name Plata, which means “silver” is ideal for this beach’s sparkling brilliant white sand. 

image of La Plata Beach
La Plata is perfect for those seeking to get away from the crowds.

The beach is very smooth, and the waters glitter in dazzling clarity. 

Since few people go to the island’s farthest east end, the atmosphere is ideal for relaxing. 

Playa Plata is one of the most popular beaches for honeymooners, and every time we visit, we share the sand with one or two couples.

Check out La Plata Beach in the following video:


9. Esperanza Beach

This beach is situated in the heart of Vieques’s popular La Esperanza community. 

As a result, it is one of the few beaches in town that is conveniently located near a wide variety of dining options, retail establishments, lodging options, and tour operators. 

You’ll also get a view of The Esperanza Pier, a major tourist attraction in Vieques.

Check out Esperanza Beach in the following video:


10. Pata Prieta Beach

Pata Prieta offers white sand, calm waters, and an abundance of marine life for you to explore while snorkeling.

Since this beach is part of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, the path to this beach can be difficult to reach.

Upon arriving you’ll have to hike a small path downhill, but once you arrive you’ll see it was worth the hike.

Check out Pata Prieta Beach in the following video:


11. Punta Arenas Beach

Punta Arenas, also known as Green Beach, is a beautiful paradise beach waiting for you to enjoy.

image of Punta Arenas Beach
Punta Arenas Beach is a popular beach to go snorkeling among locals.

The path to Punta Arenas is a bit difficult, with the bumpy dirt road on its path, it’s best to get there in a rental jeep.

If you love snorkeling, you’ll find this beach to be an excellent beach where you’ll find manta rays, sea turtles, tropical fishes, and more.

Check out Punta Arenas Beach in the following video:


12. Black Sand Beach

One of the most fascinating sites to visit in Vieques is Black Sand Beach (Playa Negra).

image of black sand beach
Black Sand Beach gets its color from volcanic runoff from Monte Pirata.

The journey begins with a short, beautiful walk that leads to an incredible, magazine-worthy sight. 

Vieques has one of the most stunning black sand beaches in the world, so there’s no need to go all the way to Hawaii to view it.

Check out Black Sand Beach in the following video:


13. Cofi Beach

Cofi Beach offers gentle waves, and soft golden sands and provides a great view of a historic pier.

image of Sea Glass Beach
Sea Glass Beach is the perfect spot to find a souvenir to remember your time on Vieques.

Cofi Beach also known as Sea Glass Beach is perfect for collectors as it’s full of lovely crystals.

Check out Cofi Beach in the following video:


14. Sun Bay Beach 

Sun Bay is the ideal beach in Vieques for families because of its convenient access, amenities, and stunning surroundings. 

image of Sun Bay beach
Sun Bay is the most accessible beach to Esperanza and offers seemingly limitless areas for walking.

You’ll also enjoy the beauty, the plush sand, and the horses that graze freely along the beach.

Check out Sun Bay Beach in the following video:


15. La Chiva Beach

La Chiva Beach is a flat beach with quiet waves. 

La Chiva Beach is a large beach with several access points that is less crowded than Caracas Beach and is ideal for resting while enjoying a gorgeous view.

image of La Chiva Beach
Park at spots #8-10 at La Chiva to experience the best snorkeling.

It’s also considered a popular snorkeling location as mentioned in our Best Snorkel Spots in Puerto Rico article.

Check out La Chiva Beach in the following video:


16. Mosquito (Bay)

Mosquito Bay is a magical place to visit in Vieques.

This is one of three bioluminescent bays found in Puerto Rico, located in the south of Vieques.

The glowing water will have you amazed.

image of 2 girls swimming in La Parguera Bioluminescence Bay
Image of two women swimming in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico.

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17. Blaydin Beach

Blaydin Beach is great for snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and overall swimming. 

image of Blaydin Beach
Blaydin Beach is located right next to Mosquito Pier, a very popular snorkeling destination.

Upon snorkeling, you’ll see an abundance of marine life like fishes, rays, and the most popular starfishes!


FAQ section

Which side of Vieques has the best beaches?

You'll find that the south side of Vieques offers the best beaches to visit.

How are the beaches in Vieques?

The beaches in Vieques are isolated and protected within the Vieques Wildlife Refuge. It's great for snorkeling are enjoying alone time by yourself or with your family.


Final thoughts

Vieques is a beautiful island in Puerto Rico.

My favourite beaches in Vieques are Black Sand Beach, Navio Beach and Esperanza Beach.

You should also visit Mosquito Bay in Vieques, which is the brightest bio bay in the world.

Next, read our guide that explains how to get to Vieques from the main island in Puerto Rico.

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17 Best Beaches In Vieques (2024) – All You Need To Know
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